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Who We Are
Technology Company
Industry obstacles and infrastructure limitation do not stop us from developing and transforming the region through ubiquitous and highly usable products, services, platforms, and technological breakthroughs.
Talent Melting Pot
We hail from ITB, UI, NTU, NUS, CMU, MIT, Stanford, Harvard, and other top universities globally. Our backgrounds range from science olympiad, multinational tech, consulting, academia to entrepreneurship.
Place for Growth
Be part of a startup experience in cross-functional teams supported by resources of a firmly established company. Grow with the company into the role you want to have.
What We Believe
We Embrace
We Embrace Challenges
Prepare to challenge and be challenged on a daily basis. Aim for extensive growth and self-actualization opportunities. Take risks, dive into new technologies, boldly attempt to excel at what you do.
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We Celebrate
We Celebrate Openness
We believe that talents thrive in an open, accommodating, equal-standing, fun and creative environment. They thrive when they feel safe to take risks, knowing that the best ideas win, no matter where it comes from.
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We Value
We Value Autonomy
We believe that everyone performs their best when given ownership of domains and given the autonomy to unleash one's ingenuity and creativity. We believe in freedom that comes with responsibilities that impact others greatly.
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We are bringing the Silicon Valley dream to Indonesia.
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Development HQ

Wisma 77 Tower 2, 20-22nd floor
Jl. S. Parman Kav. 77
Jakarta, Indonesia

Operation & Customer Care

Wisma 77 Tower 1, 7th floor
Jl. S. Parman Kav. 77
Jakarta, Indonesia