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Puncak, West Java

Puncak is a mountain pass located in West Java that is considered as a popular destination especially for residents of Jakarta. Situated around 2-3 hours from Jakarta via the Jagorawi toll road, Puncak Pass is very identic for its tea plantation also the home to some villas and private resorts. Aside from that, this district will indulge you with its night vies from the altitude and tasty roasted corn along the road. After that, it is very recommended for you to visit some of exciting tourists’ attraction, like Taman Safari Indonesia or Cibodas Botanical Garden. These two attractions have different kind of experience a place could offer. In Taman Safari visitors will be able to go around by car/bus then feed some animals there. But in Cibodas Botanical Garden, you will get to see a historical park with wonderful hiking trails, some leading to waterfalls and a few to hot springs.

Top Things to Do Around Puncak

Taman Bunga Nusantara Tickets
Cianjur City Center
Take a stroll through enchanting flower gardens at Taman Bunga Nusantara. Set in the small town of Cianjur, Taman Bunga Nusantara boasts hundreds of flowering plant species from all across the globe. Find your way out of the Maze Garden with tall hedges that will make the feat even more challenging then take a leisurely walk in the beautiful themed gardens. Step into a Balinese Garden through traditional Balinese-style gates, marvel at the French Garden that imitates the geometric Renaissance garden, and feel the tranquility of the Japanese Garden that features zen gardens and a koi pond. Your trip to Taman Bunga Nusantara will not be complete without visiting the greenhouse, so make sure you take a peek into the delicate flowers inside the greenhouse.
AU$ 4.12
AU$ 3.70

TWM Park (Taman Wisata Matahari) Tickets
For fun-filled entertainment that the whole family can enjoy this upcoming weekend, look no further than Taman Wisata Matahari. Located in Puncak, Bogor, the amusement park boasts a variety of exciting and budget-friendly rides. Get free access to 5 rides with each ticket purchase or upgrade your experience with one of the packages or top-up vouchers available. You can choose from a selection of themed packages that offer a set group of rides or pick your own rides with a top-up voucher.<br />Treat the whole family to the Family Time Package that includes rides such as Mini Zoo and Kereta Safari (Safari Train) or try out the rides that will give you a huge adrenaline rush with the Challenge Yourself Package. Whichever you choose, you will be guaranteed an exciting moment here at Taman Wisata Matahari!
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AU$ 5.93

Top Attractions in Puncak


Exquisite Tours in Puncak


Most Wanted Sports in Puncak

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The beautiful place and had a lot of great time with family. It's just full of different flowers, wherever you look, you will smile. Very clean and well maintained place.

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Good place to relax and enjoy the fresh air with family

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More about Puncak

About Puncak Bogor

The diversity of tourist attractions in Puncak, literally means “peak”, makes this area is always full of visitors, especially when the holiday comes. Located in Cianjur and Bogor Regencies, this area has a cool and pleasant temperature, typical mountain air since its location is in the highlands. Most of Puncak area is part of Taman Nasional Gede Pangrango (Mount Gedhe Pangrango National Park). Puncak often becomes an “escape” destination of Jakarta residents who look for a calm atmosphere and want to release their stress. One of the most visited areas is the colonial-era tea garden which is now fully managed by PT. Perkebunan Nusantara VIII. Puncak area is at the foot of Mount Pangrango, between 700 and 1,800 meters above sea level. The temperature in this region ranges from 14 to 18 degrees Celsius, a temperature that is quite cool for people in Jakarta or others living in the lowlands. Besides Mount Pangrango, another mountain that surrounds this area is Mount Salak. The natural contour of Puncak is unique since tea plantations mostly covered the area. The contour impressed President Ir. Soekarno, who finally built a restaurant on the edge of the tea plantation and named it Riung Gunung. Until now, this restaurant is still a favourite stopover for travellers.

Top Things to Do in Puncak Bogor

Tea plantations are not the only fascinating tourist attraction in Puncak. Each side of this region looks breathtakingly beautiful, especially with the natural scenery of the mountains in the distance and the soothing weather. However, there's no harm in visiting one of the following Puncak tourist destinations

Taman Safari Indonesia

Taman Safari Indonesia is still a favourite place for visitors and their children to get to know various animals and their habitats. This destination is not much different from the zoo in general. It's just that in the zoo, the animals are confined in cages, while in Taman Safari, they roam free. You are required to go around using private vehicles and are not allowed to interact with the wildlife. However, you can also choose the tour packages offered here, such as Afternoon Safari, Night Safari, and Panda Palace. It will be exciting to walk around the Safari Park at night!

Taman Bunga Nusantara

Satisfied walking and getting to know various animals in Taman Safari, your next destination is Taman Bunga Nusantara. This park is one of the attractive places in Puncak since you can find a variety of flowers with beautiful colours in an area of ​​35 hectares. Taman Bunga Nusantara is divided into several areas. Taman Air presents you with a variety of flowers living in water; Taman Mawar will show you the beauty of the roses; Taman Prancis is designed with a renaissance concept; meanwhile, Taman Labirin is curved and full of traps.

Taman Wisata Matahari

Another tourist attraction in Puncak is Taman Wisata Matahari. This family tourism facility is very child-friendly since it is full of fun educational-based attractions. You can take the children to try challenging water rides, adrenaline-driven adventure rides, fun games, and educational attractions full of knowledge. Besides, Taman Wisata Matahari also provides other facilities to support your convenience and comfort in doing activities. There are prayer rooms, gazebos for a short break, a restaurant to fill the stomach, and a hall for holding private or business events.

Kebun Raya Cibodas (Cibodas Botanical Garden)

Now, you no longer need to go to Japan to see the beauty of cherry blossoms since Puncak has made it happen. Kebun Raya Cibodas has completed a collection of plants by planting cherry blossom trees since 1971. At least, there are 435 typical Japanese trees you can find in Kebun Raya Cibodas. The cherry trees planted in this garden are reportedly more magnificent than the cherry trees in their original country. The reason is that the cherry blossoms bloom every spring only in Japan. Meanwhile, this beautiful flower will bloom twice a year in Indonesia.

Melrimba Garden

The last recommended tourist attraction at Puncak is Melrimba Garden. Besides Taman Wisata Matahari and Taman Bunga Nusantara, this garden also becomes a favourite tourist destination. With a unique and instagramable concept, you can take as many pictures as you wish. Being built in an area of ​​five hectares, Melrimba Garden offers various types of tours, ranging from garden tours, moon orchid attractions, a playground complete with a variety of exciting and challenging adrenaline rides, to Melrimba Kitchen with a favourite menu, pisang kipas.

Top Culinary in Puncak Bogor

If you feel hungry and your throat feels dry after visited various tourist attractions in Puncak, get some rest for a while. Pull over and find a culinary place to spoil your appetite. Don't worry, Puncak has a series of culinary specialities that you should try

Ubi Cilembu (Cilembu Sweet Potato)

Enjoying warm culinary is perfect in cold weather. Ubi Cilembu is one of them. This mild culinary has a sweet taste with a soft texture, usually processed by boiling or baking.

Keripik Talas (Taro Chips)

It is still about snacks; keripik talas is another snack you can find easily at Puncak. This snack is a home-made by utilising the abundance of plantation products. It's sweet and savoury.

Satai Maranggi

Have you ever tasted satai maranggi? If you have not, do try it when you visit Puncak. This satay is somewhat unique since it is made from beef with sweet soy sauce added before grilled. You can eat satai maranggi with oncom chilli sauce and ketan bakar (grilled sticky rice). 

Where to Stay in Puncak Bogor

A vacation in Puncak is delightful. So, better to spend more time enjoying the mountainous region longer. Besides its diverse and exciting tourist attractions, the lodgings in Puncak also comes with all the uniqueness and amenities. Don't make the wrong choice; use Traveloka Application to get complete rates and information. Here are several recommendations to stay in Puncak

Grand Ussu Hotel & Convention

Do you want to get an unforgettable vacation experience in Puncak? Grand Ussu Hotel & Convention can be the option. This four-star property offers luxurious and beautiful views of Puncak landscape, especially at night. Taman Safari and Taman Wisata Matahari are not far from here, too.

Le Eminence Hotel Convention & Resort

There is also Le Eminence Hotel in Puncak. This five-star accommodation offering a magnificent panorama of the mountains. You don’t have to drive too far to get to Kebun Cibodas and Little Venice.

Royal Safari Garden Resort & Convention

Another recommended place to stay is Royal Safari Garden Resort & Convention. Located on Jalan Raya Puncak, this four-star property offers some conveniences for those who want to visit tourist attractions in Puncak, such as Taman Safari Indonesia, Kebun Cibodas, and Cilember Waterfall.

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