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Studio City Water Park
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The long-awaited all-weather Studio City Water Park makes the perfect destination 365 days a year for extraordinary splashtivities.
With a new indoor park designed by industry legend WhiteWater Canada and perfectly integrated with new hotel development, Studio City Water Park has it all for visitors of all ages – from one-of-a-kind must-rides to indoor water slides that blast you outside like a rocket into orbit! Come and join us for unforgettable water fun like never before.
You can also enjoy a quick bite at restaurant to replenish your energy supplies before continuing your adventure in the water park.

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— What You Can Expect —

Dive into year-round excitement at Studio City Water Park, Macau's only indoor water haven with a constant 30-degree temperature, offering a splashing good time whenever you desire!

Crafted by Whitewater, Canada's premier water park company, this phenomenal indoor aquatic paradise seamlessly blends the hotel's theme with thrilling slides, providing a unique and expansive space for a captivating aquatic adventure that enchants visitors every day of the year. All ages can revel in relaxation, splashes, and the creation of unforgettable memories.

After an exhilarating swim, recharge at Luna Table with a delightful meal, preparing you for more wet and wild fun.

*The outdoor area is closed from November 1, 2023, to May 1, 2024

— Package Info —

1. Studio City Water Park Ticket (indoor and outdoor areas) 

Studio City Water Park Ticket (indoor and outdoor areas) (original price starts at MO$520/person)
Standard Ticket/Child Ticket (between 1 meters and 1.19 meters in height)

2. Studio City “Water Park Indoor Area“ Standard Ticket with MOP100 Dining Credit Package

Studio City Water Park Ticket (original price starts at MO$620/person)
MOP100 dining credit is only applicable in Luna Table which is located in Water Park Indoor Area

— Water Park Info —

Address: Third Floor, West Wing, Cotai Road, Macau
Service hours: 12:00 pm–8:00 pm (Please refer to official site for daily operation hours)
Ticket Office:
- Public entrance to the indoor park (on the Times Square escalator)
Transportation: Shuttle bus from Border Gate, Hengqin Port, and City of Dreams

— Park Introduction —

[Macau’s largest water park] Studio City Macau

Take a thrilling ride at Australia's largest water park. 

Have fun at the only indoor water park in Australia. The indoor park has a constant temperature of 30 degrees all year round to enjoy the fun!

The indoor water park project that attracts attention in the city is planned and designed by Canadian White Water Company, a leader in the water park industry. In line with the new hotel theme and integrated attractions into the architecture, it is unique and extends the water slide to the outdoors to create a larger sense of space, presenting extraordinary water play facilities 365 days a year. Players of all ages can enjoy fun and unforgettable water activities.
Enjoy delicious food at Manyue Kitchen, replenish your energy, and continue your exciting swim.
*The outdoor area of ​​the water park will be closed from November 1, 2023, and will reopen on May 1, 2024.

— Important Notice —

Space Surfer Rules and Regulations:

Children under sixteen (16) must be accompanied and actively supervised by one (1) adult on this ride. Parents/guardians are responsible for their children's safety on this attraction
Outside food or drinks are not permitted in the water park, except for special dietary and allergy requirements, or for infants and children under 12 years of age
Some facilities have restrictions on clothing, accessories, or physical conditions. Guests must avoid any behavior that may affect their own safety or the safety of others, and comply with all safety requirements and instructions provided by our staff
Pets are not allowed in the water park, with the exception of service dogs
Videos and audio recordings taken in the water park may not be used for commercial purposes without the written consent of Studio City. Photography or recording without the guest's consent is strictly prohibited. Video recording devices are not allowed in the locker room or bathroom facilities
Please refer to the official website for complete admission terms

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