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Cheongdam-dong Beauty Salon VOID by PARK CHUL: Hair & Makeup Experience | Gangnam, South Korea

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Get a haircut, color your hair, or style it the Korean way! Enjoy a K-beauty hair and makeup experience like no other.

VOID by PARK CHUL is located in Cheongdam-dong–the center of fashion in Seoul
Get your hair and makeup done at a beauty salon where Korean stars do
Get there easily, just a 10-minute walk from Apgujeong Rodeo Station
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YONING Hair Salon, a beauty salon specializing in hair/makeup/wedding dress, is one of the famous beauty salons in Korea located in Cheongdam-dong, with talented designers responsible for handsome hairstyles for celebrities in TV dramas, variety shows, and commercials.

Through advanced hairstyling technology and services, we provide perfect hairdos for visiting guests, and provide hairstyling/makeup that suits the face shape of tourists who care about K-Beauty.


Taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of the face, in order to show your own beauty, perform a detailed haircut, protect the hair, and ensure long-lasting hair dyeing!


The best makeup techniques from professional makeup/wedding directors have become popular among Korean blogs. If you want to have a special day, make a reservation as soon as possible!


Please choose from layered hairstyles, perms, hair dyeing and other styles to display your image! For days when you want to look beautiful, look perfect from head to face.

Through hair and makeup PKG, you can get excellent services at a cheaper price.

Professional hair and makeup designers from famous programs to artists appearing in YouTube and drama CF are at your service.

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