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Chungcheongnam-do Dangjin Suburb Charter Tour | South Korea

South Korea, Seoul, 성수동2가 348-2번지 성동구 서울특별시 KR
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South Korea
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What You'll Experience

Experience the allure of Chungcheongnam-do Day Tour, a gem recommended by BTS' Suga. This coastal paradise boasts Instagram-worthy spots like Ami Museum of Art, Agroland Taesin Ranch, Sinri Shrine, Cafe Piera, Sapgyoho Tourist Site, and Waemok Village. Experience sunrise and sunset over the sea, a unique privilege, and embark on a rejuvenating journey. Conveniently close to Asan, Cheonan, Gongju, Buyeo, Taean, Boryeong, and Daecheon in Chungcheongnam-do.

Embark on a journey to Danjin, Chungcheongnam-do, where you'll rediscover yourself at a leisurely pace
Witness the marvel of Dangjin, nestled by the sea and a mere hop from Seoul, where you can experience Korea's exclusive trifecta of sunrise, sunset, and moonrise
Indulge in a therapeutic escape at a nature-immersed café
Explore a trip where every step unveils a photo-worthy memory while gifting you with unforgettable experiences

– What You Can Expect – 

Book your Chungcheongnam-do adventure and explore the captivating tourist gems of Dangjin. Immerse yourself in its rich art and culture, uncover enchanting event venues, and even stroll through breathtaking destinations. Revel in the captivating vistas that this tour offers.

Set off from either Seoul or the airport, relish the flexibility of self-guided exploration, or opt for the convenience of a guided tour at your own pace.

-Introduction to Tourist Attractions in Dangjin-

Dangjin Ami Art Museum
Discover an unconventional art museum hidden in the forest, where overthinking is unnecessary. As you meander through, every corner transforms into a photo-worthy spot, offering unique healing and lasting memories. It's not a concrete jungle; here, art mingles with nature's lush greenery. Originally an elementary school, the Ami Art Museum was meticulously renovated over a decade by its artist founders. Its name, "Ami," holds dual meanings, inspired by Mount Amisan and the French word for friend, symbolizing its seamless blend with nature. Renowned for both exhibitions and its fusion with the natural landscape, the museum, cocooned by towering trees and vibrant foliage, provides a picturesque haven for body and soul. Venture beyond to find a café straight from a fairy tale.
Agroland Taeshin Ranch
Is this a drama filming location? A wedding venue, perhaps? As you explore the expansive ranch, you'll encounter a variety of landscapes. This place is ideal for families with children, couples, and friends, and it greets you with an array of flowers and doors. The wide field along the cherry blossom path is adorned with vibrant blue cornflowers, and the solitary yellow door nestled among the lush trees, alongside the twinkling lanterns, brings joy to your eyes and warmth to your heart. Taesin Mokjang boasts doors of various colors, not just yellow. What awaits you when you open these doors and step inside? Could it be a life as enchanting as your happy flower-lined path? Stay excited to find out.
Dangjin Sinri Shrine
Shinri Holy Land, a renowned hotspot in Dangjin, is an Instagram-worthy gem celebrated for its exotic beauty. This significant Catholic site in Korea, situated in Sinri, Dangjin, offers ideal photo opportunities with its outdoor green grass and the majestic Shinri Shrine building in the backdrop. For a breathtaking perspective, make sure to visit the observatory, where you can relish yet another stunning view.
Dangjin Café Bloom
Korea boasts an abundance of cafes, and I've got one prepared for you—the trendiest spot in Dangjin, Bloom Cafe! Imagine savoring a cup of coffee here after a meal, gazing through the expansive glass windows at the outdoor scenery. 
Sapgyoho Tourist Attractions
This place offers a delightful blend of a retro amusement park ambiance and scenic sea views, complete with a rice field outside the park. Depending on the season, you can relish the ever-changing natural scenery, and when the sun sets, it conjures up a truly remarkable spectacle—an absolute must for capturing memorable moments!
Waemok Village
Dangjin is the sole location in Korea where you can witness the sunrise, sunset, and even moonrise. You have the flexibility to create a tour itinerary that begins your day with a sunrise spectacle or concludes it with a stunning sunset. What type of travel experience would you prefer to have in Dangjin?

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