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Welcome to Bogor

Bogor is a people-favorite weekend destination in the capital of Jakarta. Well-known with the nickname Rain City, Bogor has the quieter, greener, and breezier vibe. So, it’s perfect for a quick getaway from the hectic and suffocating-routine in Jakarta.

This cold city is part of West Java Province, located about 59 kilometers in the south side of Jakarta. Since the past, Bogor has been looked-up as a peaceful and refreshing city, so the Dutch named it "Buitenzorg" which means "safe and peace" or no worries.

Bogor is geographically perched on the height of 190 – 330 meters above the sea level. The condition causes Bogor has a cool climate with an average temperature of 26 degrees Celsius. Its position on the hillside of Salak Mount and Gede Mount also blesses Bogor with lush and beautiful sceneries.

Popular Destinations in Bogor

The beauty of highland is the major attractiveness of this city tourism. Thousands of people from various regions in this country love to visit Bogor to enjoy vacation amidst a very tranquil, cool, and refreshing environment. You can experience it by asking the rent car driver in Bogor, to drive you towards one or all of these popular destinations:

Bogor Botanical Garden

The botanical garden located close to the train station is the pride of Bogor. This open green field spans over 87 hectares as the conservatory area for more than 15.000 specimens of plants. One of the top collections that call most tourists to visit Bogor Botanical Gardens is the Amorphophallus titanum (Bunga Bangkai) and South East Asia's oldest Palm Tree. On surrounding, there are other destinations worth to visit, such as Orchid House, Seeds Bank of Bogor Botanical Garden, and Bogor Zoology Museum.

Bogor Palace

Among six presidential palaces in Indonesia, Bogor Palace treasures distinctive historical, cultural, and fauna features. Native deers from Nepal run happily in this 28,86-hectare greenery field. Every weekend, the palace in central Bogor always crowded with local society desires to enjoy a fun trail around the tranquil park. Visitors can take a morning or afternoon walk while feeding deers. If you are lucky enough, you probably meet President Jokowi, who occasionally loves to stroll here too. For those who want to experience a tour inside the palace, they can come in a group. Make sure to ask for formal permission from the State Secretary, at least from five days in advance.

Bogor Safari Park

Open its doors since 1990, one of Indonesia's legendary zoos house a collection of 2.500 animals from all around the world. Taman Safari Indonesia located in Cibereum Village-Cisarua. This is a destination for family recreation amidst the wild nature. Visitors can enjoy car safari throughout the zoo while feeding the roaming animals outside. Nowadays, Taman Safari Bogor covers 168-hectare land, which is not just function as the animal conservatory area. There are also animal show theater, children's playground, water rides, water park, mini train, art show stage, and culinary center.

Gunung Pancar Tourism Park

This natural destination is popular as camping ground in Karang Tengah Village, Babakan Madang District, Bogor Regency. Settled about 800 meters above the sea level, Gunung Pancar Tourism Park shows the forest beauty with towering pine trees. Its main parking area is the youth favorite spot. Because, there are staging hammocks between trees as a perfect spot for lounging and taking pictures, as well as the eateries overlooking open sceneries. Going inside, visitors can enjoy the hot spring. Other activities to enjoy here are mountain biking, outbond, and visit to a cemetery of religious figures.

Jungleland Adventure Theme Park

Jungleland settled in the strategic Sentul City. If you travel to Bogor with family, enjoy the super fun recreation in this theme park. The 35-hectare park offers over 30 exciting arcades, both relaxing and challenging. Some of its favorite rides comprise Hydrolift, Boat Blaster, Snake Coaster, Mega Drop, Bumper Car, Ferris Wheel, Discovery, Texan Train, Safari Dino, and Animal Corner. Take your family to lounge and savor delicacies at the Foodyard, shortly after you've pleased by the whole rides here.

Traveloka Car Rental-Official Partners

Trip in Bogor never felt this easy. The existence of Traveloka makes the process of selecting, comparing, and booking a travel car, altogether within the palm of your hand. Additionally, Traveloka offers carter car service from reliable and verified official partners. Your trip in Bogor undoubtedly feels more enjoyable with benefit from the best car, driven by an honest and experienced driver. Traveloka car rental fare is, indeed, very affordable and fixed from the beginning. If you still hesitate with the quality of Traveloka online car rental, see the ratings from the real users who satisfied with our service.

Best Time to Visit Bogor

Deciding the best time to travel to Bogor may be quite challenging due to its weather. Because clearly, this place is long-known as Rain City.

  1. Rain falls almost every single day along the year in Bogor. It’s hard to estimate when the city is totally dry. Hence, anticipate your trip by using the closest rental car so you can travel easier, even when the rain comes suddenly.
  2. The least rainfall in Bogor usually happens from June to September. You can come during these months if you want to explore open sceneries.
  3. Avoid Bogor on the weekend or holiday since this city is the main recreational destination for people from surrounding big cities.
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