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Driver’s Accommodation fee will be charged to cover driver’s overnight stay during out-of-town trips.

Welcome to Tangerang

Tangerang is located within Banten Province. We can reach the city about 25 kilometers away on the west side of Jakarta. This satellite city is the province’s biggest city as well as the third biggest city inside Jabodetabek, after Jakarta and Bekasi.

Similar to Jakarta, Tangerang is also crowded and busy. South Tangerang area has been rapidly developing as the industrial, business, entertainment, and high-class residential district. Tangerang itself has been long-known as one of the biggest industrial cities in Java Island, with more than 1.000 manufacturers spread within one city.

Another notable thing in Tangerang is its Tionghoa (Indonesian Chinese) community that has been rapidly growing since the Dutch colonial era. The Tionghoa Tangerang Community is widely called as “Tionghoa Benteng” of “Cina Benteng”. Pecinan in Tangerang is very well-preserved and spreads across several legendary neighborhoods, such as Pasar Lama, Kapling, Karawaci, Poris, and Benteng Makassar.

Popular Destinations in Tangerang

With Soekarno Hatta International Airport in the area, Tangerang automatically becomes the main gate of Indonesia. From that central capital airport, tourists commonly rent a cheap travel car to reach Tangerang city center and continue traveling to its popular destinations. Major destinations appear as the shopping districts, culinary centers, historical sites, and natural objects.

Benteng Heritage Museum

The over-300-year-old museum is embraced as a historical house of Tionghoa Tangerang. Tourists can tour around this Chinese-style old building to witness various ancient items used by the Indonesian Chinese people in the past. A local guide will tell the historical story to make visitors deeply understand the local culture philosophy. Hide amidst the Pasar Lama Tangerang, this museum is more popular as “Museum Tionghoa Tengah Pasar” (Tionghoa Museum Amidst the Market).

Tanjung Pasir Beach

Every weekend and holiday, the most popular beach in Tangerang will be very crowded. Local people and tourists from various places visit this beach to play in the water or just simply sightseeing the marine scenery that is, generally speaking, quite rare in Jabodetabek. Not too far from the beach, there is Tanjung Pasir Crocodile Park nurtures over 500 crocodiles, yet sells various accessories and snacks made from crocodile.

Telaga Biru Cisoka

This natural object gets more attention since a bunch of people shows off its beauty on their social media. Referring to the name, this former mining site filled with bright blue water. Sometimes, the color turns green, yet still stunning to be seen. Situated at Cigaru Village, Cisoka-Tangerang, Telaga Biru Cisoka has numbers of pretty photo spots and coffee stalls as the lounge for the visitors.

Cisadane River

The 126-kilometer-long river turns as a top global destination in Tangerang. Thanks to the annual event of Cisadane Festival. Included on Seven Wonders of Banten, Cisadane River will take visitors to enjoy a river cruise on a ferry boat. Also, the surrounding scenery of Cisadane Village is now more colorful, which remind us of the beauty of Malaka in Malaysia.

Pasar Lama

This China Town is long-known as Tangerang's most popular eatery. People fill this traditional market to hunt a bounty of affordable yet delicious food. Several most legendary names in Pasar Lama are Bubur Ayam Spesial Ko Iyo, Bubur Bakmi Kepiting Hokie, Bakmi Ayam Pasar Lama, Sate Ayam H. Ishak, Es Bun Tin, Siomay Benteng, and Asinan Lan Jin. Most people love its nuance at night since the more local food hawkers excite the place.

Traveloka Car Rental-Official Partners

For the sake of total convenience, you need to put more attention when choosing the affordable car rental service in Tangerang. Be sure to carter only a daily travel car from reliable providers. Find the most comprehensive options only in Traveloka, who guarantee the quality of its official partners through specific verification. Traveloka online car rental offers packages that already included honest and experienced drivers from its official partners. Moreover, Traveloka also gives you a guaranteed fixed price. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the hidden fare trap at the end of the transaction.

Best Time to Visit Tangerang

The excitement while traveling in Tangerang surely perfect if you visit it at the right time. That’s why you have to note this important information as consideration.

  1. To see true beauty and fun in Cisadane River, come to Tangerang during Cisadane Festival. Each year, the annual festival will take place for eight days, starting from the end of July or August.
  2. If you have specific days-off, it’s better to travel to Tangerang on working days, so the major destinations are not fully packed.
  3. The dry season in Tangerang commonly occurs in August, September, and mid-October. Those are the best time to visit if you plan to enjoy more outdoor activities.
  4. Visit Tangerang is also interesting during the Chinese New Year because the Pecinan will be more lively with art and culture celebration.
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