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City of Kingston upon Hull



United Kingdom


City of Kingston upon Hull

Explore the uniqueness of the City of Kingston upon Hull, a captivating city along the Humber River. Known for its maritime history and cultural richness, Hull invites visitors to delve into intriguing stories hidden among its cobblestone streets and modern landscapes. 

Familiarly known as Hull, the city successfully blends its historical charm with contemporary vibes. Iconic destinations such as The Deep, an amazing aquarium showcasing the beauty of the underwater world, and the carefully restored Hull Maritime Museum, contribute to the city's allure. Meanwhile, Hull Old Town with its narrow streets filled with unique shops, cafes, and historic pubs adds to the charm of this city.

Not only that, but Hull Marina also becomes a charming hub of nightlife. With an ambiance that changes as dusk arrives, the riverside becomes an ideal place to enjoy the city's nightlife. Whether you choose to stroll along the beautiful Victoria Dock or immerse yourself in the evening atmosphere of Hull, the city always offers a special experience that makes you want to come back again.

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Getting Around City of Kingston upon Hull

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Trains and Buses

If you bring a car to Hull, there are many parking options available. The city council has several parking facilities around the city, and there are also private parking lots, including at the Princes Quay shopping center, Prospect Centre, and St Stephen’s. There are also on-street parking spaces throughout the city, although sometimes you may need a parking permit. Check the Hull City Council website to make sure you're parking in the right place.

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What are the must-visit attractions in Kingston upon Hull?

Explore the maritime history at Hull Maritime Museum, enjoy the ancient charm of Hull Old Town, and witness the spectacular views from the Humber Bridge. Explore the lively nightlife at Victoria Dock, appreciate art at the Ferens Art Gallery, and experience the creative atmosphere at Hull Old Fruit Market. Attend the Streetlife Museum of Transport to see a collection of historic transportation that takes you on an impressive journey through time in the City of Kingston upon Hull.

How can I get to Hull from the nearest major city or airport?

With Manchester Airport as the primary choice, Hull is globally connected via train and bus. From the airport, the train journey to Hull takes 2 hours and 30 minutes, with the option to change at Leeds. Hull Paragon Interchange station serves as the central hub for trains and buses in the city center, providing direct services to London, Manchester, Sheffield, and York. Bus services are also available, including the National Express, connecting to King George Dock for ferries to the continent. Easy access is also found through the road network, especially the M62 and Humber Bridge.

What is the best time to visit Kingston upon Hull?

The best time to visit Kingston upon Hull is during the spring and summer seasons, from April to September. The weather is generally warmer and drier, allowing tourists to enjoy outdoor attractions such as Victoria Dock and city parks to the fullest. Cultural events and festivals are often held during this time, adding excitement to your journey in the City of Kingston upon Hull.

What are some interesting historical sites in Kingston upon Hull?

Explore the history of Kingston upon Hull through captivating historical sites. From Hull Maritime Museum, which holds maritime secrets, to Hull Old Town that transports you to ancient times with its cobbled streets. Don't miss the majestic Humber Bridge and the Streetlife Museum of Transport, which triggers nostalgia for past travels. Each of these places provides a beautiful window into the city's history that is worth exploring.

Can you recommend some family-friendly activities in Hull?

Hull offers a variety of entertaining family activities. Start by visiting The Deep, a magnificent aquarium that captivates both children and adults. Explore Hull Maritime Museum for an educational experience, or enjoy time together at the delightful Victoria Dock. The Ferens Art Gallery also captivates family artists. You can also visit the Sea Life Scarborough Aquarium, which is not far from the Hull area.

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