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Bangkok or Krung Thep "the city built by angels," as called by Thais, is forever vibrant and lively with its bright skyscrapers that contrast with the gleaming temples of the Rattanakosin era. Well-loved by solo backpackers looking for an urban adventure and families exploring culture and history, this city is always one of the hottest destinations in the world (literally).

Whether you want to pay respects to the Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho, marvel at the extravagant Grand Palace full of long murals, or stroll along the streets of the Train Night Market to taste endless delectable dishes, Bangkok has it all. Satisfy your local and high-end shopping needs at various open markets bustling with noise, or shopping malls that offer you a premium experience.

Do not forget an opportunity to see the beauty of the Chao Phraya River at night and join the nightlife crowd for shows and entertainment that will get your heart pumping!

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Locals commonly use the bus to commute to work and go around the city. However, for visitors, it is less ideal as the lines follow major road arteries that are often clogged with traffic. The routes aren’t laid out in English, so find a Thai speaker to help you get from here to there by bus. For information in English, check Bangkok Mass Transit Authority's website to find bus numbers that reach popular tourist attractions: www.bmta.co.th

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What basic phrases should I learn?

It's worth noting that there are differences in the use of words according to the gender of the speaker. Male speakers use the suffix "kab/krab", while women use "kaa" at the end of the sentence. Say "sawwadi kab/kaa" for hello, "arunsawat kha/krab" for good morning, "suwatdi ton bay kha/krab" for good afternoon, and "ratrisuwat kha/krab" for good evening. To say thank you, you can say "khob khun kab/kaa". If you want to shop, you can ask the price with the phrase "rakha thou rai kha". Finally, to say sorry or excuse me, you can say "kho thod kab/kaa".

How to reply to "Sawadee ka"?

The expression "sawadee kab" or "sawadee kha" in Thai means "hello" or greeting when you meet someone. The difference between the two versions of the expression lies in the gender of the speaker. "Sawadee kab" is used if the speaker is a male, while "sawadee kha" is for a female. So, if someone greets you with one of these expressions, you can reply with the same expression but according to your gender.

What are the dos & don'ts we should pay attention to?

Some of the things you shouldn't do in Thailand include wearing immodest clothes to temples, touching people's heads, stepping on or folding Baht bills, stepping on ritual offerings, insulting the royal family, sitting or talking next to monks, and sitting down when the national anthem is being played.

How to dress appropriately when in Bangkok?

Generally, there is no dress code in Bangkok. However, you should not wear revealing clothes to religious establishments. Make sure to cover your shoulders and knees when visiting temples.

How much tip should I give?

The amount of tip given depends on the type of establishment. If you want to tip at a restaurant, you can give 10% of your total bill. For hotel services, such as bellboys, cleaning services, and others, 20 baht is generally a good tip. Meanwhile, when riding a taxi, you can round the fare to the nearest baht.

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