Disney On Ice Presents 100 Years of Wonder

Hit the road to adventure when Disney On Ice presents 100 Years of Wonder skates into Jakarta! Exciting twists and turns await as Mickey Mouse and his Disney friends embark on a wild ride to your favorite Disney destinations. Travel with Moana to the sun soaked Motunui, set off on a safari to the Pride Lands with Simba. Discover a whole new world as you’re swept up in Aladdin’s princely parade. Play at a larger-than-life carnival with Woody and Forky. Join us for a fun-filled getaway, jam-packed with unexpected hijinks and magic at every turn at Disney On Ice presents 100 Years of Wonder.

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Event Information

Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE BSD) - Hall 10

1 - 5 May 2024

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More About Disney On Ice "100 Years of Wonder"

Disney On Ice returns to Indonesia with the captivating spectacle titled Disney On Ice '100 Years of Wonder'. Fans of Disney tales should seize the opportunity not to miss this event, as Disney On Ice has evolved into a globally renowned show that mesmerizes enthusiasts of Walt Disney's characters. Combining a unique narrative and delightful choreography on ice, Disney On Ice presents an irresistible attraction. For those of you who are fans of Disney and the performing arts, attending Disney On Ice Jakarta 2024 is a must. Traveloka has summarized information about Disney On Ice Indonesia 2024 starting from the location, schedule, excitement, and Disney On Ice Jakarta 2024 ticket prices below.

Location & Disney On Ice Jakarta 2024 Schedule

Mark your calendars! Disney On Ice Jakarta 2024 is set to take place from May 1-5 2024 at ICE BSD. This year's theme, '100 Years of Wonder', promises a journey through a century of Disney tales. Prepare to be dazzled by the performances of beloved characters such as Mickey, Elsa, and Moana in the captivating show 'A Whole New World'. With enchanting choreography, stunning costumes, and timeless stories, the event guarantees an unforgettable experience.

About Disney On Ice 2024 '100 Years of Wonder'

Disney On Ice 2024 presents the world-class show '100 Years of Wonder', inviting audiences on a magical adventure through new and classic stories. Suitable for all generations, the show begins with an interactive tale featuring Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy, as they journey through iconic Disney destinations. Witness the breathtaking views of London from the heights with Mary Poppins and Jack, join Moana on her quest to aid Te Fiti in Motunui, and embark on a thrilling safari adventure with Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa. Enjoy the dazzling parade of Aladdin, Genie, and Jasmine performing 'Speechless', and be entertained by the antics of Mosey, Woody, Bo Peep, and Forky.

Tips for Going to Disney on Ice 2024

Here are some suggestions for enhancing your experience at Disney On Ice Jakarta 2024:

1. Purchase tickets in advance

Ensure you secure your Disney On Ice 2024 tickets ahead of time. You can conveniently reserve them through Traveloka, offering various ticket options to suit your preferences and budget. Benefit from diverse payment methods and attractive promotions.

2. Show Up Early

To fully enjoy the enchanting tales of Disney On Ice 2024, arrive on time by calculating the distance and travel duration required. Arriving early allows you to relax and engage in activities such as finding parking, exploring photo spots, and queuing for entry.

3. Wear comfortable attire

Choosing comfortable clothing enables you to move freely throughout the event. While dressing as your favorite Disney character is delightful, ensure it does not inconvenience other attendees.

4. Consider children's bedtime and meal time

For parents attending Disney On Ice 2024 with children, consider their sleep and meal schedules. The show lasts approximately 1.5-2 hours during the evening, so ensure your child has rested beforehand to prevent fatigue. Also, ensure they have eaten and hydrated adequately before the performance.

Embrace the magic of Disney On Ice Indonesia 2024 by securing your tickets through Traveloka and don't miss this world-class spectacle show!