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28 Mar 2024 - 6 min read

Embrace the Magic of Autumn: 13 Best Things to Do in Sydney

As the sweltering heat of summer gives way to the crisp coolness of autumn, Sydney undergoes a remarkable transformation. With the vibrant foliage painting the city in hues of gold and red, there's no better time to explore the beauty and charm that Sydney has to offer. From scenic nature walks to cultural experiences, Traveloka has compiled 13 best enchanting things to do in Sydney this autumn with your beloved ones.

1. Picnic in the Royal Botanic Garden

Embrace the cooler weather by packing a picnic basket and heading to the Royal Botanic Garden. With its sprawling lawns, tranquil ponds, and panoramic views of the Sydney Harbour, it's the perfect spot to unwind amidst nature's beauty. As the leaves change color, the gardens become even more picturesque, providing a stunning backdrop for a leisurely afternoon.

Mystery Picnic in Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

2. Explore the Blue Mountains

Just a short drive from Sydney lies the majestic Blue Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage-listed region known for its dramatic landscapes and breathtaking vistas. In autumn, the mountains come alive with a kaleidoscope of colors as the leaves change, creating a truly magical sight. Spend the day hiking through scenic trails, exploring hidden waterfalls, or riding the iconic Scenic Railway for an unforgettable adventure.

3. Visit the Sydney Opera House


Autumn in Sydney also marks the start of the cultural season, with a plethora of performances and events taking place at the iconic Sydney Opera House. From world-class concerts to cutting-edge theater productions, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Be sure to check the schedule and book tickets in advance to experience the magic of live performance against the backdrop of Sydney Harbour.

Sydney Opera House Guided Tour


USD 29.45

4. Indulge in Autumn Flavors at the Farmers Markets

Sample the season's bounty by visiting one of Sydney's many farmers markets, where local producers showcase the best of autumn produce. From crisp apples and juicy pears to earthy mushrooms and sweet pumpkins, you'll find an array of fresh ingredients to inspire your culinary creations. Stock up on artisanal cheeses, freshly baked bread, and gourmet treats for a delicious autumn feast.

5. Take a Coastal Walk

With its stunning coastline and scenic walking trails, Sydney offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors in autumn. Lace up your hiking boots and embark on a coastal walk along the Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk or the Manly to Spit Bridge Walk. As you meander along the rugged cliffs and sandy beaches, you'll be treated to sweeping ocean views and invigorating sea breezes.

6. Attend the Sculpture by the Sea Exhibition

Every autumn, the coastal walk between Bondi and Tamarama Beach transforms into an open-air gallery showcasing captivating sculptures from artists around the world. Stroll along the cliff-top path and admire the striking artworks set against the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean. With sculptures ranging from whimsical to thought-provoking, it's a must-see event for art lovers and nature enthusiasts alike.

7. Savor Wine Tasting in the Hunter Valley


Escape the city and indulge in a day of wine tasting in the picturesque Hunter Valley wine region. With its rolling vineyards and boutique wineries, it's the perfect destination for wine enthusiasts and foodies alike. Sample a variety of wines, from crisp whites to full-bodied reds, and savor gourmet delights at one of the region's acclaimed restaurants. Don't forget to stock up on your favorite bottles to enjoy at home.

Hunter Valley Wildlife Park

8. Experience Vivid Sydney

Although traditionally held in winter, Vivid Sydney, the city's annual festival of light, music, and ideas, has expanded to include autumn installations in recent years. Marvel at dazzling light projections, immersive art installations, and electrifying performances as the city is transformed into a vibrant outdoor gallery. From illuminated landmarks to interactive exhibits, Vivid Sydney promises an unforgettable sensory experience for all ages.

9. Discover Aboriginal Culture at Barangaroo Reserve

Immerse yourself in Sydney's rich indigenous heritage with a visit to Barangaroo Reserve, a reclaimed waterfront park that celebrates Aboriginal culture and history. Join a guided tour to learn about the traditional custodians of the land, explore ancient rock engravings, and discover the significance of native plants and wildlife. With its stunning views of the Sydney Harbour and cultural landmarks, Barangaroo Reserve offers a unique opportunity to connect with Australia's First Nations people.

10. Attend the Sydney Writers' Festival

Celebrate the written word at the Sydney Writers' Festival, Australia's largest gathering of writers, thinkers, and readers. Held annually in autumn, the festival features an eclectic lineup of author talks, panel discussions, workshops, and literary events. Whether you're a seasoned bookworm or just passionate about storytelling, you'll find plenty of inspiration and insight at this literary extravaganza.

11. Take a Sunset Cruise on Sydney Harbour

As the days grow shorter and the evenings cooler, there's no better way to soak up the autumnal beauty of Sydney Harbour than with a sunset cruise. Board a yacht or catamaran and set sail on the shimmering waters of the harbor as the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky in shades of pink and gold. With iconic landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge as your backdrop, Sydney Harbour Sunset Cruise is an experience you'll never forget.

Captain Cook Cruises - Sydney Harbour Dining Experience Sightseeing Cruise

12. Visit Cockatoo Island


Step back in time with a visit to Cockatoo Island, a UNESCO World Heritage-listed site steeped in history and heritage. Explore the island's convict-era buildings, industrial remnants, and maritime artifacts as you uncover its fascinating past. With guided tours, art installations, and scenic picnic spots, Cockatoo Island offers a unique blend of culture, creativity, and natural beauty against the backdrop of Sydney Harbour.

13. Enjoy Autumn Festivals and Events

From food and wine festivals to cultural celebrations, autumn in Sydney is alive with a diverse array of events and activities. Whether you're a music lover, foodie, or art aficionado, there's always something happening in the city. Keep an eye out for festivals such as the Good Food Month, the Sydney Fringe Festival, and the Sydney Film Festival for a taste of Sydney's vibrant cultural scene.

Autumn in Sydney is a magical time of year, with a myriad of experiences waiting to be discovered. From scenic nature walks and cultural festivals to wine tasting and outdoor adventures, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Also don’t forget to experience the local taste in autumn, keep scrolling to find out more.

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Taste of Autumn: Must-Try Local Restaurants in Sydney

As the vibrant hues of autumn paint the landscape, Sydney comes alive with a culinary scene that celebrates the season's bounty. From cozy bistros serving hearty comfort food to chic eateries showcasing innovative seasonal dishes, the city offers a plethora of dining experiences to tantalize your taste buds. Whether you're a local foodie or a visitor craving authentic flavors, here are ten must-try local restaurants in Sydney for an unforgettable autumn dining experience.

1. Quay

Nestled on the picturesque waterfront of Circular Quay, Quay is an iconic Sydney restaurant renowned for its inventive cuisine and breathtaking views of the Sydney Opera House. Led by acclaimed chef Peter Gilmore, the menu celebrates the best of Australian produce, with dishes inspired by the flavors of autumn. Indulge in signature dishes like the Snow Egg or opt for the tasting menu for a culinary journey through the season's finest offerings.

2. Bennelong

Located within the sails of the Sydney Opera House, Bennelong offers a sophisticated dining experience with a focus on modern Australian cuisine. Helmed by chef Peter Gilmore, the restaurant showcases the diversity of local ingredients through its innovative menu. From wood-fired meats to freshly caught seafood, every dish at Bennelong reflects the essence of autumn in Sydney.

3. Sixpenny

Tucked away in the suburb of Stanmore, Sixpenny is a hidden gem known for its intimate dining experience and creative tasting menus. Helmed by chefs Daniel Puskas and Aaron Ward, the restaurant sources seasonal ingredients from local producers to create dishes that capture the essence of autumn. With its cozy ambiance and exquisite food, Sixpenny offers a truly memorable dining experience.

4. Ester

Situated in the vibrant neighborhood of Chippendale, Ester is a contemporary restaurant known for its wood-fired cooking and inventive dishes. The menu features an array of share plates highlighting the flavors of autumn, from roasted vegetables to slow-cooked meats. With its warm and inviting atmosphere, Ester is the perfect spot to enjoy a relaxed meal with friends or family.

5. The Apollo

Inspired by the vibrant culinary traditions of Greece, The Apollo offers a modern take on Mediterranean cuisine in the heart of Potts Point. With its rustic-chic decor and lively ambiance, the restaurant provides the perfect setting for a memorable dining experience. Feast on dishes like slow-roasted lamb shoulder and grilled octopus, paired with a selection of Greek wines to complement the flavors of autumn.

6. Bodega

Located in Surry Hills, Bodega is a vibrant eatery known for its creative Latin-inspired cuisine and eclectic wine list. With its lively atmosphere and innovative dishes, the restaurant offers a dining experience that is both fun and flavorful. Indulge in dishes like braised beef cheek empanadas and roasted pumpkin with chimichurri, paired with a selection of wines from Australia and beyond.

Sydney's culinary scene comes alive in autumn, with a myriad of restaurants offering seasonal menus that showcase the best of local produce and flavors. With a lot of exciting activities as well as local culinary delights, you can make the best of your holiday in Sydney. Book your flight ticket to Sydney along with hotel reservations in Traveloka with exclusive deals for more affordable autumn vacay!

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