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06 May 2024 - 7 min read

Discover The Best Things To Do in Macau With Kids

Macau, often celebrated as a glitzy adult playground, offers a surprisingly magical escape for families too. With its rich fusion of Chinese and Portuguese cultures, Macau is not just about casinos; it's also a treasure trove of exciting activities and attractions that can keep the entire family entertained. Whether you're looking to soar through the air, explore artistic dimensions, or take a leisurely cultural dive, Macau has something special for families. Here’s your ultimate guide to a Macau holiday with kids that’s as fun as it is unforgettable.

1. Golden Reel Ferris Wheel

Located at Studio City, the Golden Reel Ferris Wheel is an iconic attraction, famously known for its unique figure-eight design. Situated between two hotel towers, it offers a thrilling ride 130 meters above the ground. As you ascend in one of the Steampunk-themed cabins, you'll enjoy spectacular views of the Cotai Strip, making it a perfect spot for unforgettable photo opportunities and a must-do for any visitor seeking a unique perspective of Macau.

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2. GoAirborne Indoor Skydiving

For thrill-seekers and adventure enthusiasts, GoAirborne offers an exhilarating indoor skydiving experience that mimics the thrill of a real skydive without jumping out of an airplane. It’s an ideal activity for families, groups, or solo adventurers looking to get their adrenaline pumping. The state-of-the-art wind tunnel facility provides a safe environment for flyers of all skill levels, and it’s a fantastic way to spend an exciting afternoon.

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3. Macau Studio City Water Park

When the heat turns up, cool down at the Macau Studio City Water Park. This aquatic playground features a range of water slides, wave pools, and a lazy river, making it a perfect escape for families and water enthusiasts. With attractions suitable for all ages, it’s a refreshing way to enjoy Macau’s sunny days.

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4. Venetian Macao Gondola Ride

Experience a slice of Venice in the heart of Macau with a serene gondola ride through the canals of the Venetian Macao. Accompanied by a singing gondolier, glide beneath bridges and beside striking Venetian architecture. It's a romantic and relaxing way to take a break from the bustling casino floors and enjoy a quieter, more picturesque side of Macau.

The Venetian Macao Gondola Ride

5. The Parisian Macao Eiffel Tower Observation Deck

Visit The Parisian Macao and ascend to the Eiffel Tower Observation Deck for breathtaking views. This half-scale replica of the Parisian landmark offers panoramic views of the Cotai Strip and beyond, particularly stunning during the evening when the tower lights up in a dazzling light show.

The Parisian Macao Eiffel Tower Observation Deck

6. TeamLab SuperNature Macao 3D Interactive Exhibition

Dive into a world of art and technology at the teamLab SuperNature Macao. This immersive 3D interactive exhibition transforms a vast space into a labyrinth of digital art that interacts with visitors' movements. It’s a place where you can wander through waves of changing light, explore jungles of glowing orbs, and even climb through artworks, making it an enthralling experience for children and adults alike.

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7. Cheongsam + Photography Experience

For those interested in cultural experiences, the Cheongsam + Photography session offers a unique opportunity to dress in traditional Chinese attire and capture the moment professionally. It’s a fantastic way to immerse yourself in Chinese culture and take home a memorable keepsake from your travels.

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8. Experience the Thrill at Macau Tower

For families with older children, the Macau Tower offers thrilling activities like the Skywalk or even a bungee jump for the truly adventurous. Younger kids can enjoy the observation decks where they can get panoramic views of the entire city. There's also a cinema and a selection of restaurants inside the tower.

Macau Tower Skywalk / Bungy / SkyJump Experience

9. Visit the Giant Panda Pavilion

Located in Seac Pai Van Park in Coloane, the Giant Panda Pavilion is a must-see for animal lovers. Home to the adorable giant pandas and several other rare animals, it provides a serene environment that’s perfect for children to learn about wildlife conservation. The park also has a small zoo where kids can see monkeys, flamingos, and other animals.

10. Enjoy the Beaches on Coloane Island

Take a break from the bustling city and head to Coloane Island where beautiful beaches like Cheoc Van and Hac Sa await. These spots are ideal for a day of sandcastle building, swimming, and picnicking. Hac Sa Beach is famous for its black sand, providing a unique backdrop for family photos.

11. Explore the Historic Centre of Macau

A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Historic Centre of Macau is a delightful mix of cobblestone streets and colonial architecture. Take a leisurely stroll with your family through the vibrant Senado Square, and let the kids marvel at the pastel-colored neo-classical buildings. Don't miss the iconic Ruins of St. Paul's, where you can teach your kids a bit of history while they enjoy the intricate stone carvings.

12. Macau Tower Observation Deck

Ascend to the Macau Tower Observation Deck for an unrivaled view of the city. Standing at 338 meters, the tower not only offers stunning views but also hosts adventure activities like bungee jumping and skywalking for the daring. It’s a spot that combines breathtaking scenery with heart-pounding thrills, ensuring that your visit will be anything but ordinary.

From high-flying adventures and refreshing dips to cultural dives and scenic rides, Macau offers a plethora of activities that go beyond the conventional. Each of these experiences provides a unique way to explore the city, making your trip to Macau as thrilling as it is unforgettable. Whether you’re traveling with family, friends, or on a solo journey, these activities ensure that every moment spent in Macau is filled with excitement and wonder.

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Learn Why Macau is A Must-Visit Destination

Known globally as the "Vegas of the East," Macau transcends its casino fame, presenting a tapestry of history, architecture, and international cuisine that makes it a unique travel destination. Learn why Macau is a must-visit for tourists of all ages and find more Macau tourist recommendations in Traveloka that will make your family holiday a moment to remember!

1. Historical Explorations in the Heart of Macau

Begin your journey at the Historic Centre of Macau, a UNESCO World Heritage site that features over 20 monuments and public squares. This area encapsulates the unique cultural heritage of Macau, with landmarks such as the Ruins of St. Paul’s, a 17th-century complex that was originally the Church of St. Paul and St. Paul's College. Nearby, the Monte Fort offers panoramic views of the city and a peek into Macau's colonial military history.

2. Culinary Delights: From Street Food to Gourmet

Macau’s culinary scene is a testament to its cultural fusion. The local cuisine, known as Macanese, is a flavorful blend of Portuguese, Cantonese, and other Southeast Asian influences. Must-try dishes include the iconic Portuguese egg tart, African chicken, and Bacalhau (dried and salted cod). For the adventurous eater, street stalls and local eateries around Senado Square offer a taste of genuine local flavors that reflect the city's multicultural makeup.

3. A Gambler's Paradise

No mention of Macau is complete without acknowledging its status as a global gaming hub. The Cotai Strip, often compared to the Las Vegas Strip, is lined with enormous casinos and luxury hotels. Each casino offers a world of its own, from the Venetian Macau, which boasts the largest casino floor in the world, to the more traditional Lisboa, known for its distinctive architectural style.

4. Cultural Celebrations and Festivals

Macau’s calendar is filled with vibrant festivals and events that reflect its East-meets-West heritage. Notable events include the Chinese New Year celebrations, the Dragon Boat Festival, and the Macau Grand Prix, one of the most thrilling street races in the world. The city also hosts the Macau International Fireworks Display Contest, which lights up the skyline in spectacular fashion.

5. Modern Attractions and Family Fun

Beyond its historic sites and casinos, Macau is packed with modern attractions. The Macau Tower, standing at 338 meters, offers adventure activities like bungee jumping and skywalking. Families will enjoy the Macao Science Center, with its interactive exhibits and planetarium. Another family favorite is the Warner Bros. Fun Zone, packed with themed play areas based on popular characters.

6. Art and Culture

Art enthusiasts should visit the Macao Museum of Art, which showcases Chinese ceramics, contemporary art, and pieces that depict the story of Macau. The city’s rich artistic scene is also evident in its numerous galleries and seasonal art shows, which often feature international artists.

7. Escape to Nature

For a change of pace, head to Coloane, where hiking trails meander through lush green hills and lead to tranquil beaches like Cheoc Van and Hac Sa. Coloane Village, with its charming colonial buildings and quiet alleys, is perfect for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Macau’s blend of cultural heritage, modern entertainment, and natural beauty makes it a diverse holiday destination that promises loads of fun for kids and adults alike. Whether you’re exploring its historical sites or enjoying its many modern attractions, a family holiday in Macau is bound to be filled with delightful experiences and cherished memories.

So, don’t miss out on the magic of Macau! Book your flight and hotel in Traveloka today to dive into a world of adventure, history, and breathtaking views. Whether it’s the adrenaline rush of indoor skydiving, the artistic allure of teamLab SuperNature, or the stunning panoramas from the Macau Tower, your perfect holiday vacation awaits!

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