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26 Apr 2024 - 5 min read

Explore Langkawi’s Most Popular Tours 

A beautiful island which is known for its stunning natural beauty, and their diverse activity, this place that is also called as the “Jewel of Kedah” is located northwest coast of malaysia which houses over 99 smaller islands which makes it pretty massive archipelago as well as a popular tourist attraction not only for the locals, but also from visitors all over the world.

This place which is rich in nature such as rainforest, mangroves, beaches and limestone makes the place become a paradise not only for nature lovers, but also people who are looking for a relaxing and calming experience while looking at the serene beauty of the mother of nature. The most famous activity that people are looking for on this archipelago is their exciting snorkeling experience where you can go around under the water looking at the coral reefs and the lively marine life.

Because there are a number of activities that people could try and explore in Langkawi, there is of course a wide variety of tours that people can consider participating to save their time in getting a more thorough experience. Here Traveloka has listed down some of the most popular tours in Langkawi that you might want to add to your trip plan.

1. Island Hopping Tours

As what have already said above, Langkawi is an archipelago that houses numerous smaller islands that are waiting to be explored. This gives you more choices on when and what kind of Island that you would like to explore with your friends and family in Langkawi island. From taking a relaxing break under the sun, or doing various water activities such as surfing, diving and snorkeling where you could witness the lively sea creatures swimming around under the crystal-clear water with your own eyes.

A lot of the Island hopping tours offer a guidance to visits some of the most popular spots such as Dayang Bunting, where a freshwater lake surrounded by the majestic limestone formations, or Tanjung Rhu which is well-known for housing a beach with a beautiful white sand and crystal clear waters which is perfect for water activities like snorkeling and diving.

Langkawi Island Hopping Tour by Speedboat

2. Private Boat Tours

One of the options to get around the beautiful island in Langkawi is by renting a private boat where you would be able to experience luxurious and personalized ways to discover the island's hidden gems and numerous popular destinations at your own pace. Different from the usual group tours, this kind of tours would allow you to customize your own itinerary based on your needs and interests.

There is one specific recommendation where you could rent the boat and enjoy the biodiversity of the UNESCO’s Kilim Nature Park where you get to go around the mangrove forest while witnessing modern fish farming techniques at a floating fish farm, or venture into the ancient caves inhabited by bats and immersing into the majestic limestone formation of the crocodile cave and more.

Kilim Nature Park Langkawi Private Boat Mangrove Tour


USD 52.27

3. Jet Skiing Tours

An exciting and adrenaline-pumping way to get around the archipelago of Langkawi island is by riding the high speed jet ski where you could zip across the crystal-clear waters while discovering hidden coves, stunning limestone formation and beautiful beaches at a high speed.

One of the example that you can find is in Pantai Cenang Beach which is one of the most popular beaches in Langkawi that offer a jet ski tour by a company named ‘Saff Watersport Langkawi’ where you will be guided by the professionals while you get to enjoy the stunning views and thrilling rides on top of the vast ocean. This one hour tour would leave you with unforgettable memories where you get a chance to see some of the island’s most popular landmarks including the Telaga Tujuh waterfalls, Pulau Dayang Bunting, and Pulau Singa Besar.

Saff Watersport Langkawi - Jet Ski Tours

4. Mangrove Tours

Another thing that comes to mind if people talk about the paradise island of Langkawi is, it’s rich in Mangrove lush forest that is full with lively exotic wildlife and unique flora. It is one of the must-try tours especially among nature lovers from around the world. Inside you will be able to witness various wild bids from eagles to hornbills and find a number of unique plants that have adapted to survive in saltwater conditions.

There are several ways to take visitors around the mangrove forest, either by renting a private boat, or jet skiing as what have been mentioned above and cruise where you get to experience luxurious moments while getting around the area. Take the example of Tanjung Rhu Mangrove Tour by Traveloka where you will be provided with lunch and travel service from one island to another in Langkawi. Participating on this trip would allow you to explore the famous mangrove forest as well visiting other famous attractions such as Crocodile Cave, Bat Cave and many other more.

Tanjung Rhu Mangrove Tour with Lunch and Transfers in Langkawi

5. Diving or Snorkeling Tours

Snorkeling tours are another fantastic option that you might need to consider in participating in Langkawi. Again, Langkawi houses various islands and beaches that people could explore, all of that including the variety of beautiful coral reefs and marine animals that people can witness through their own eye, which allow them to make some unforgettable memories under the vast ocean.

Being one of the most popular destinations for beginner and even professional divers and snorkelers around the world, Langkawi houses a number of well-known diving and snorkeling spots from Pulau Kentut Island, Pulau Payar, Langkawi Coral and many other options are provided based on your interest.

Pulau Kentut Private Snorkeling Experience in Langkawi

Here are all the most recommended and most popular tours that you can find in the paradise Island of Langkawi that is well-known for its rich biodiversity of wild animals, marine life and plantation that visitors can explore and immerse themself on their panoramic beauty. If you would like to visit Langkawi soon, Traveloka would gladly help you in booking the flights, hotels, and numerous tourist attractions and activities mentioned above with the best price! Now, what are you waiting for? Grab yours fast where various entertainment locations are waiting to be explored!

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