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06 May 2024 - 6 min read

Explore Popular Beijing Attractions: Journey Through Time and Modernity

Beijing, a city where ancient history and rapid modernization converge, offers a unique tableau for visitors and residents alike. As China's capital, it is a city of both political importance and cultural depth, characterized by its ancient relics and burgeoning urban advancements. Follow this complete guide by Traveloka in exploring the city and popular attractions for tourists.

The Heart of Heritage: Beijing's Imperial Past


At the core of Beijing's historical narrative is the Forbidden City, a palatial expanse that served as the imperial palace from the Ming dynasty to the end of the Qing dynasty. This UNESCO World Heritage site is not just a museum but a gateway to the past. Its vast complex of 980 buildings, adorned with traditional Chinese architectural elements, tells the story of a bygone era of emperors and court life.

Moving beyond the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven offers another glimpse into China's architectural and spiritual heritage. Here, emperors would perform rites and make offerings to Heaven for good harvests and divine favor, surrounded by an expanse of serene parkland often filled with locals practicing tai chi.

The Vibrancy of Modern Beijing

Contrasting these ancient sites is Beijing’s modern skyline, punctuated by the CCTV Tower, an architectural marvel with its looped structure that challenges traditional skylines. This building not only represents China's rapid economic growth but also its bold aspirations in contemporary design and technology.

Beijing's commitment to modernity is also evident in its transportation system. The city's subway, one of the busiest in the world, reflects the efficiency and scale of urban planning in a metropolis that continues to grow at an astonishing pace.

Cultural Tapestry: Art, Cuisine, and Life

Art thrives in Beijing, with districts like 798 Art Zone offering a stark contrast to the ancient art forms preserved in the city’s museums. In 798, old factory buildings were transformed into galleries, cafes, and shops showcasing contemporary art, providing a space for new voices and international dialogues.

Culinary exploration is another layer of Beijing’s identity. From sizzling street food stalls offering Jianbing (a kind of Chinese crepe) to upscale restaurants serving Peking duck, a dish synonymous with Beijing, the city offers flavors that narrate its history and its global connections.

Beijing, a vibrant metropolis steeped in history and tradition, is a treasure trove of cultural, historical, and modern attractions. From iconic ancient landmarks to stunning modern architecture, Beijing offers a diverse range of experiences that cater to all types of travelers. Here's your ultimate guide to navigating the must-see attractions of China's illustrious capital.

1. The Majestic Forbidden City

No visit to Beijing is complete without a trip to the Forbidden City, the world's largest palace complex and a symbol of China's imperial grandeur. Home to two dynasties—the Ming and the Qing—it boasts almost 1,000 buildings and has been impeccably preserved. As you wander through its expansive courtyards and gaze at the intricate designs, you'll be transported back in time to when emperors ruled the land.

2. The Great Wall of China: Badaling and Mutianyu


A visit to the Great Wall, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, is a profound highlight. While several sections of the Wall are accessible from Beijing, Badaling and Mutianyu are the most popular among tourists. Badaling is the most visited section due to its proximity to Beijing and restoration efforts, but for a slightly less crowded experience, Mutianyu offers equally breathtaking views and a more intact structure, making it ideal for memorable photos.

Great Wall of China at Badaling and Ming Tombs Day Tour from Beijing

3. The Serene Summer Palace

Explore the Summer Palace, an imperial garden renowned for its beautiful landscapes and architectural wonders. The Palace is a masterpiece of Chinese garden design and a pleasant escape from the city's hustle. The vast Kunming Lake, with its tranquil waters and traditional boats, invites visitors to experience a gentle pace of life, starkly contrasting with the urban energy of central Beijing.

4. Temple of Heaven: An Architectural Marvel


The Temple of Heaven is not only a stunning example of Ming dynasty architecture but also a spiritual haven where emperors would pray for good harvests. This circular structure, symbolizing the connection between heaven and earth, sits amidst a park where locals engage in morning exercises, dances, and social activities—offering a glimpse into the daily life of Beijingers.

Summer Palace and Temple Of Heaven Private Tour

5. Modern Wonders: The CCTV Headquarters

For those interested in modern architecture, the CCTV Headquarters is a must-see. This skyscraper, with its unique and futuristic 'Z' shape, symbolizes China's rapid modernization and its burgeoning role in global media. A tour around this building provides insights into China's advances in technology and architecture.

6. The Vibrant 798 Art Zone

Art lovers will revel in the 798 Art Zone, Beijing’s contemporary art district. Once a complex of military factories, it now hosts a thriving community of artists, galleries, cafes, and boutiques. The area's industrial architecture provides a dramatic backdrop for innovative art exhibitions and installations, making it a dynamic spot for those seeking inspiration and creativity.

7. Culinary Delights: Wangfujing Snack Street

For a taste of local flavors, Wangfujing Snack Street is an exciting culinary destination. Here, adventurous eaters can sample everything from scorpions on a stick to Beijing’s famous Peking duck wraps. It's a lively spot to experience the buzz of Beijing's street food scene and mingle with both locals and tourists.

8. Beijing's Hutongs: A Glimpse into Traditional Life

Finally, a leisurely stroll through Beijing’s historic hutongs (narrow lanes) reveals the charm of old Beijing. These neighborhoods, characterized by traditional courtyard residences, offer a peek into the city's centuries-old lifestyle and are a stark contrast to the high rises that dominate the city's skyline.

Beijing is a city where every corner holds a story, offering an endless array of attractions to explore. Whether you're a history buff, art enthusiast, or simply in search of a new cultural adventure, Beijing promises an unforgettable journey through the very heart of Chinese heritage and innovation. Find more Beijing tourist recommendations in Traveloka that you can book at the best price!

Exclusive Beijing Tour Experience Through History and Majesty

For those looking to maximize their experience in a limited time, here is a specially curated guide to exploring Beijing's historical highlights: the Mutianyu Great Wall, the Temple of Heaven, the Summer Palace, and the Forbidden City.

1. Morning Ascent: Mutianyu Great Wall


Start your day with an early morning visit to the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall. Less crowded than its counterpart Badaling, Mutianyu offers breathtaking views amidst a backdrop of lush forests. This section is well-preserved and features fully restored watchtowers and parapets, ideal for those seeking both adventure and history.

A private tour guide in Traveloka provides historical context and stories, making the ancient wall come alive. Consider taking the cable car up and toboggan down for an added thrill that combines scenic beauty with a touch of excitement.

Beijing Day Tour to Mutianyu Great Wall (Cable Car Up & Speed Slide Down)

2. Midday Exploration: Temple of Heaven

Take a guided tour to Temple of Heaven, an architectural marvel and a symbol of the Ming and Qing dynasties' ceremonial brilliance. Here, emperors would pray for good harvests and seek divine clearance. The circular, tiered roofs and blue tiles of the temple stand against the square base, symbolizing the ancient Chinese belief of heaven as round and earth as square.

This site is not just a feast for the eyes but also a peaceful retreat from the city's hustle. A private tour through this complex offers insights into its spiritual and architectural significance, providing a serene midday break.

Private Beijing Highlights Tour: Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace

3. Afternoon Delight: Summer Palace

Continuing the journey, visit the Summer Palace, an imperial garden known for its exquisite landscapes and opulent structures. The Summer Palace is a masterpiece of Chinese garden design and has been a retreat for royalty seeking respite and solitude. Roam around ancient pavilions, bridges, corridors, and the vast Kunming Lake. A private guide will help you appreciate the lore and intricate craftsmanship of each site, including the famous Long Corridor with its painted scenes from Chinese legends and history.

All Inclusive Private Day Tour to Mutianyu Great Wall and Summer Palace

4. Evening Walk: Forbidden City

Conclude your day with a private walking tour of the Forbidden City, the largest and best-preserved collection of ancient buildings in China. As the sun begins to set, casting golden hues over the vast complex, your guide will lead you through its main gates and into the heart of imperial China. Explore the ceremonial halls, grand residences, and beautifully maintained gardens, each a chapter in the story of dynastic China.

This tour not only provides a comprehensive overview of the Forbidden City’s architecture and functions but also introduces you to the little-known stories of the people who lived and ruled from within its walls.

4-Hour Private Beijing Walking Tour of the Forbidden City

This action-packed day tour of Beijing offers a deep dive into China’s rich imperial history with the convenience and expertise of private guides to enhance your understanding and appreciation of each site. It is a unique experience that is perfect for those who wish to grasp the historical essence of Beijing in just one day.

Beijing is not just a city but a phenomenon that blends the ancient with the modern, the tranquil with the dynamic. Beijing promises a journey of discovery and a deeper understanding of the intricate tapestry that makes up China’s capital. So, book your flight to Beijing now with Traveloka, find hotel options at the best rate, and enjoy your holiday!

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