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23 May 2023 - 3 min read

Getting Around Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland is New Zealand's largest city, and it has many good public transportation options to help you get around. If you visit Auckland and want to explore the city without a car, here are some transportation options around the city.

Travel Card in Auckland, New Zealand

To save more budget while in Auckland, use an AT HOP Card. Similar to transportation cards used in other countries, the AT HOP Card in New Zealand requires users to top up their balance before use. Residents highly value this card due to its convenience, and the card was introduced to the public in 2012.

AT HOP Card is a kind of smart card to buy ticket transportation in Auckland, such as ferries, trains, and buses. You can buy it at the nearest station counter or even in every mini-market you find in Auckland.

Public Transports in Auckland, New Zealand

If you are planning to go to Auckland, you can use several transportation options below:


General information: Buses are one of the public transport options you can find anywhere in Auckland. Many locals also use buses for their daily public transportation in the city. Buses operate for long hours, from 6 AM to 11:30 PM, and they also run night services from midnight to 3 AM. Buses provide an accessible and convenient way to get around Auckland without a car.
Bus type: In Auckland, there are several bus options, each code having different routes.

Bus Name

Bus Code




From Waynard to Karangahape



Lopp Britomart



Wellesley Loop Street



From Britomart to Glen Innes



From Manukai to Puhini to Auckland Airport

Fares: You need to pay around NZD 2 to NZD 10, based on the zone area you want to visit.
Tips: Know exactly which bus stop you need before you get on the bus.


General information: There are two train options in Auckland: commuter trains and intercity trains. Commuter trains operate from 6 am to 11:30 pm, arriving every 10-15 minutes.

They offer four route options: yellow line (travels east), red line (travels south), green line (travels west), and blue line (travels to Onehunga). These commuter trains are ideal for traveling within Auckland.

For longer trips from Auckland, intercity trains are available. Intercity trains provide service between Auckland and other North Island destinations like Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, and Napier. Trip durations range from 1 to 11 hours, depending on the destination.

Fares: Commuter trains in Auckland cost around NZD 2 to NZD 10.
Tips: Always check the schedule and arrive at least 10 minutes before the scheduled train arrives.


General information: A taxi can be a great option if you need more personal space during your holiday trip in Auckland. Traveling by taxi can help you be more effective and efficient during travel. However, fares are typically higher than other public transit.
Fares: Taxi fares in Auckland are calculated based on the distance traveled. Typically, fares for every 15 minutes traveling by taxi meter start from NZD 42.
Tips: To save money but enjoy your holiday, only use taxis at certain times.


General information: Besides traveling by land, you can also find public transportation on the water. Ferries are a great option to get from place to place. Ferries in Auckland consist of several port center options, including:


The Route

The North Beach

Devonport, Bayswater, Northcote Point, Birkenhead, Beach Haven, dan Gulf Harbor

West Auckland

Half Moon Bay and Pine Harbour


West Harbour and Hobsonville

Fares: You must spend around NZD 5 to NZD 10 for each ride.
Tips: Double check the route and ferry terminal to ensure you purchase the correct ticket.


General information: Auckland dohas fewer bike rental options thanther cities. However, you can rent electric scooters. This can be a great choice if you want to save money but still get around Auckland easily. Auckland also has many spots to pick up and drop off scooters. The scooters are electric, so they're an eco-friendly way to travel in Auckland.
Fares: E-scooter in Auckland will cost around NZD 5 to NZD 10, depending on the duration.
Tips: Always wear safety gear when using an e-scooter.

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