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Getting Around Las Vegas, USA

When you think of Las Vegas, you may imagine a lively and luxurious city portrayed in movies and on TV. However, Las Vegas has much more to offer than just glamour. The city boasts world-class dining, entertainment, and outdoor activities.

To fully enjoy your vacation in Las Vegas, it's important to learn about the city's location and transportation options. Traveloka provides practical tips to help you make the most of your trip in this vibrant city!

Transportation Recommendations in Las Vegas

1. Downtown Loop

Transportation in Las Vegas

Source: Instagram @cityoflasvegas

General information: The Downtown Loop is the first public transportation option in Las Vegas, providing a free shuttle bus service.
Route: The shuttle bus stops at 13 locations, from the Bonneville Transit Center to the Arts District South.
Fares: Free of charge.
Tips: To track the shuttle bus in real-time, download the GoVegas App. The shuttle operates every day from 11 Am to 6 PM.

2. Tram

General information: Las Vegas provides free shuttle buses and trams for transportation. The trams connect various casino hotels and well-known buildings.
Routes: The trams in Las Vegas are made up of three popular options, with the following routes:



Mandala Bay Tram

Hotel Excalibur, Hotel Luxir, Mandala Bay Resort

Aria Express Tram

Hotel Bellagio, City Center, MGM Park

Mirage-Treasure Island Tram

Hotel The Mirage, Treasure Island

Fares: Free of charge.
Tips: Before getting on a tram, decide where you want to go. Each tram goes to different places, so knowing your destination ahead of time will help you choose the right one.

3. Monorail

Transportation in Las Vegas

Source: Las Vegas Monorail official website

General information: Monorail is a popular choice due to its affordability, high capacity, and convenient location near major attractions such as the Las Vegas resort and beach.
Routes: The route consists of seven stations that go from MGM Grand Station to SLS Station.
Fares: A single ride costs USD 5. There are also other ticket options available. For unlimited rides within 24 hours, the fare is USD 13.
Tips: If you plan to stay in Las Vegas for more than a day, consider getting an unlimited ride pass to save money.

4. Bus

Transportation in Las Vegas

Source: Instagram @rtcsnv

General information: The city of Las Vegas offers a tourist bus service called The Deuce and SDX (Strip & Downtown Express). These buses share a common payment system, so passengers can use one ticket for either option.
Routes: The Deuce bus stops at most major hotels on the Strip and goes to the Fremont Street Experience. The SDX bus makes fewer stops on the Strip and also goes to the Fremont Street Experience.
Fares: Fares are around USD 6 for a 2-hour pass and USD 8 for a 24-hour pass.
Tips: To choose the best bus, plan your itinerary in advance. The 24-hour pass is often more flexible than purchasing individual tickets with set times.

5. Taxi

Transportation in Las Vegas

Source: Unsplash @jannerboy62

General information: To safely get a taxi in Las Vegas, use a taxi stand at a hotel or shopping center instead of hailing one on the street. Yellow taxis can fit up to 5 people, including the driver.
Fares: The fares start from USD 20.
Tips: It is highly recommended to pay in cash rather than using credit cards.

6. Ride-Hailing Service

Transportation in Las Vegas

Source: Pexels @cottonbro

General information: Ride-hailing services offer a private and comfortable mode of transportation by car. Fares are usually less expensive than taxis, but may be higher during peak hours.
Fares: The fare starts from USD 9.
Tips: Keep in mind that the cost of ride-hailing services may be higher than expected, especially during peak hours or certain events.

7. Limousine

Transportation in Las Vegas

Sourcer: Pexels @introspectivedsgn

General information: In Las Vegas, using a limousine signifies a luxurious lifestyle. Limousines are large, spacious cars with luxurious amenities. You can enjoy the luxury of Las Vegas hotels and rent a limousine to complete the experience.
Fares: The fare starts from USD 45 per hour.
Tips: If you're looking for luxurious transportation in Las Vegas, renting a limousine can be an excellent option.

8. Car Rental

Transportation in Las Vegas

Source: Unsplash @stpxn

General information: Renting a car in Las Vegas is a great way to explore the city and its surroundings, as well as to get from the airport to the city center.
Fares: The fare starts from USD 26.
Tips: Consider renting a car if you have lots of luggage or need to get to your destination quickly.

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