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Getting Around Liverpool, United Kingdom

One of the cultural centers recognized by UNESCO is a legendary city in the United Kingdom, called Liverpool. When visiting, you'll find many museums, historic sites, and exciting places that you'd regret missing.

You don’t need to be confused about what transportation you will use in this European New York. You can easily find lots of public transportation to take you around the city. Check out the following review to find out the types of transportation and how to use them.

Oyster, Travel Card in the UK

In the UK, a local authority is responsible for managing all public transportation called Merseytravel. If you want to take public transportation in cash, you must buy tickets on automatic machines.

You can also transact more efficiently using a particular travel card called the Oyster Card. You can get this Oyster Card at the subway station and minimarket on every city corner. Before using it, make sure you have created an account here.

The filling process is also relatively easy because you can fill out many places without a minimum balance requirement. You can withdraw if you only go on vacation for a short time but still have money left over. This card can even be used by all transportation systems in the UK.

You can use this card efficiently since ticket prices are lower. You can buy travel tickets for one week to 1 year. You can also combine this card with other European railcards for easy travel with one card in the UK or Europe.


Information & Routes: You not only can use Liverpool's buses to get around the city, but also for trips into the countryside.
You must wait at the National Express stop at the Liverpool One Bus Terminal.

If you want to go around in the city, choose between 2 paths (the north and south route of the city). The northern route of its central terminal town is at the Queen Square bus station close to the Lime Street train station. While the southern lane bus is at the Liverpool One bus station, the location is close to Albert Dock.

You can still wait for this public bus or get off at other stops near tourist destinations. That’s widespread and reaches the city center close to many exciting places.

Rates: To be able to ride this public bus, you only need to pay around 4-5 pounds one way.
Operational Hours: Walk around with satisfaction because the bus operates 24 hours with an arrival frequency around 15-30 minutes.
Tip: Ensure you wait or get off the bus at the provided bus stop. Don't forget to bring the Oyster card filled with the balance or credit card to pay to make it more practical.

Liverpool Tourism Bus

Information and Strengths: If you want to see the beauty of Liverpool, you can use a special tour bus. Like the tour buses elsewhere, in Liverpool, there is also a 2 -level tourist bus with an open roof. Please sit on the top deck for Liverpool's best and most unforgettable views. Two types of tour buses are available in the city center, namely City Sight and City Explorer. This bus is available daily from morning to night for about 1.5 hours.
Rates: To get around and enjoy the view with this bus, you must pay about 30-50 pounds per person.
Tip: Come to the city center in the morning, especially on weekends.


Information: In Liverpool, you can use a super fast subway network called Merseyrail. This transportation is quite popular and is used by many people because it connects many places in Liverpool.
Route: When using this train, there are three paths that you must choose, North, South, and Northern-Wirral. The northern-Wirral pathway is slightly different because it uses the electricity network and includes the busiest train.
Rates: For adults, you only need to pay around 4-5 pounds one way.
Operating hours: You can freely use this train for 24 hours to enjoy exploring. The frequency of trains during rush hour in the morning and evening is every 15 minutes.
Tips: Ensure you follow the route and stop station before going up and avoid rush hour.

Rent a Bicycle or Scooter

Information and Strengths: Besides using fast vehicles, you can tour Liverpool more casually for close range. Namely, you can use bicycles and scooters on the side of the road from north to south. There are three routes of bicycles, namely routes 56, 62, and 810, which are close to exciting destinations. The scooter path in Liverpool is the same as the bicycle path.
Rates: You must pay around 5-10 pounds daily to rent a scooter or bicycle.
Tips: Use safety tools and obey traffic, including the path, especially when exploring the city with bicycles or scooters.


Information and Strengths: Besides enjoying the beauty of Liverpool by land, you can also try the water vehicle, the ferry. By riding this ship, you can view the city from a new perspective and find many exciting things. You can also go to other cities around Liverpool by ferry for a unique experience.
Rates: To get this exciting and unforgettable experience, you must pay around 20-50 pounds, depending on the distance.
Tips: First, check the route and pier of the stop. Make sure it matches your destination, yes.


Information and Strengths: If you want to be practical, use a taxi, and you can explore the city, but surely the price is higher.
Rates: Like most other taxis, rates in Liverpool are also based on mileage, for 30 pounds for close range. You can ask the driver to wait, but you have to pay an additional fee for the waiting time.
Tips: We recommend using an official taxi so that the price is proportional to the distance. Make sure you pay correctly because later it can be difficult when transacting if necessary change.

Thus a complete review of public transportation that you can use when visiting Liverpool. Each vehicle has various advantages and tariffs that you can adjust to your needs. Let’s plan your vacation to Liverpool using Traveloka services to make it easier and more enjoyable!

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