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24 May 2023 - 2 min read

Getting Around Manado, Indonesia

Manado, the second largest city in North Sulawesi, is widely recognized for its natural beauty and charming local inhabitants. The city boasts stunning mountain landscapes, picturesque sea views, and mesmerizing underwater scenery.

Despite its relatively small size of 162.5 km2, there are various transportation options available to explore the city. Here are some recommendations:

Transportation Choices in Manado

1. Becak Motor (Bentor)

General information: The first option for public transportation in Manado is Becak Motor, the same as a tricycle in Vietnam. You can find Bentor almost in every corner of the city. One Bentor usually can pick up two passengers.
Fares: Bentor has no specific routes, as it depends on the passenger’s destination. For shorter routes, it costs around IDR 15,000 - IDR 20,000.
Tips: Before using Bentor, ask the driver first about the price. Negotiation skills can come in handy to get lower prices!

2. Bendi

Bendi, traditional transportation in Manado
General information: Manado also has traditional transportation similar to Andong in Yogyakarta. It’s called Bendi, which uses a horse to pull a carriage that can fit up to four passengers. Bendi can be easily found in every city corner, especially around public spaces or tourist destinations. Many people and tourists enjoy trying Bendi as a unique way to experience the city.
Fares: The cost of Bendi fares varies depending on the distance traveled and your negotiation skills with the driver. Each passenger costs around IDR 10,000. However, if you use Bendi to visit tourist destinations, the cost may be higher. The driver may charge around IDR 50,000 to explore your tourists' destination choices.
Tips: Negotiate with drivers to reduce fares if it seems excessive.

3. Mikrolet

Mikrolet in Manado
General information: Mikrolet is another name for Angkot (angkutan kota, or urban transportation in English). You can find Mikrolet in many cities in Indonesia, including Jakarta, Balikpapan, Yogyakarta, and more. However, what makes Manado’s Mikrolet different, they all have the same colors.
Routes: At least there are 11 route codes in Manado, including:




Downtown - Malalayang


Downtown - Malalayang via Kampus


Malalayang Terminal - Karombasan Terminal


Downtown - Karombasan via Samrat


Downtown - Karombasan via Kembang


Downtown - Winangun


Downtown - Korambas via 17 Agustus


Downtown - Karombasan via 17 Agustus


Downtown - Karombasan via Teling


Downtown - Paal Dua


Downtown - Perkamil

Fares: Mikrolet in Manado typically charges around IDR 5,000 per passenger. However, it will be more affordable for students, around IDR 3,000.
Tips: If you plan to use Mikrolet as your mode of transportation while exploring Manado, be sure to have the exact amount to pay the driver. Familiarize yourself with the routes beforehand to avoid getting lost during your trip.

4. DAMRI Bus

General information: DAMRI is an excellent option for public transportation to and from the airport in Manado. With dozens of routes available, there are at least five DAMRI bus routes in the city. Below, you can find the details of each route:



Operational Hour

Travel Time


Sam Ratulangi Airport to Boulevard or downtown

From the airport: 07.00 am & 12.00 pm and 05.00 & 11.00 pm. From Boulevard: 04.00 & 09.00 am and 03.00 & 08.00 pm.

30 minutes


Sam Ratulangi Airport to Bitung

From the airport: 07.00 & 11.00 am. From Bitung 03.30 & 09.00 am.

60 minutes


Sam Ratulangi Airport to Tomohon

From the airport: 07.00 am & 02.00 pm. From Tomohon 03.00 & 09.00 am.

60 minutes


Sam Ratulangi Airport to Amurang

From the airport: 07.00 am & 03.00 pm. From Amurang 03.00 & 09.00 am.

2 hours


Sam Ratulangi Airport to Kotamobagu

From the airport: 02.00 pm. From Kotamobagu 08.00 am.

4 hours

Fares: Each route has a different fare, determined by its travel time and mileage. Route 01 costs around IDR 20,000, while Route 02, Route 03, and Route 04 cost around IDR 35,000. Finally, Route 05 costs around IDR 50,000.
Tips: Be sure to arrive at the terminal at least one hour before your travel schedule in order to choose your own seats.

5. Car Rental

General information: Renting a car can offer greater privacy and comfort than relying on public transportation when exploring Manado. You have the option to rent a car with or without a driver. If you need help deciding where to go, Traveloka provides car rental recommendations in Manado. With Traveloka, you can take advantage of lower prices and have access to a wide variety of car types all in one convenient application.
Tips: Rent a car at least one day before arriving in Manado.
How to rent a car: Rent a car easily with Traveloka! Register and use the app to enjoy the convenience and simplicity of car rental.

Get ready to have a wonderful experience in Manado by renting a car before your arrival! Rent a car now via Traveloka!

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