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23 May 2023 - 4 min read

Getting Around Moscow, Russia

As a popular city and the capital of Russia, Moscow offers complete facilities and a safe transportation system that makes it easy for visitors to travel here on vacation. Are you planning a trip to this interesting city? Here are some ways to get around Moscow.

When talking about transportation in Moscow, it's crucial to know the available payment options. There are two ways of paying for transportation in Moscow: a paper ticket and a Troika card.

Paper tickets are designed for single use and are sold at each station for convenience. While you can purchase tickets individually, using a Troika card for practicality is recommended. The Troika card is a special travel pass in Moscow that enables payment for all public transportation within the city.

This card costs 50 RUB, and any remaining balance can be refunded and withdrawn. You can get this card at station counters or minimarkets in Moscow. By using a Troika card, you can save money and get discounts. Normally, the transportation fee for a 90-minute trip is 55 RUB, but with the Troika card, you only need to pay 38 RUB.

Besides saving more, you can also get daily bonuses. You can earn a bonus of 230 RUB for using the service for one day, and a bonus of 438 RUB for using it for three consecutive days.

Moscow Metro

Advantages, information, route: The public transportation in Moscow with the most users is the metro. The Metro in Moscow has 182 stations across six lines. The total length of the metro lines in this city is 301 km, and it is one of the longest in the world. One of the unique things about this transportation is each station has a unique and luxurious design.
Fares: Starts from 30-50 RUB.
Tips: Check the departure schedule and the route before boarding.


Advantages, information, route: Trams have operated in Moscow since 1899 and still run today. Currently, 900 trams serve Moscow. The tram network has 57 lines connecting stations across the city, and Trams arrive about every 30 minutes.
Fares: starts from 50 RUB for a long or short distance.
Tips: Check the tram line and route before boarding. Make sure to come early so you don't have to wait too long.


Advantages and information: Monorail has been operated since 2005. The monorail tracks span about 4.7 km. This train only serves departures and stops from VDNKh and Timiryazevskaya stations. The central station of this monorail is in Okrug City. Meanwhile, the route starts from Timiryazevskaya all the way to Sergei Eisenstein Street.
Fares: starts from 19 RUB for one way.
Tips: Pay with exact money or more practically using a Troika card.


Advantages, information, route: Moscow also has regular and electric buses. Each bus can carry 65 to 130 passengers. Currently, 5,000 buses are still operating daily. These buses run on 725 lines with thousands of stops, and buses arrive every 15 to 30 minutes.
Fares: Starts from 300-400 RUB for a one-way route.
Tips: Make sure you wait at the available bus stop. Check the route and bus lines before boarding.

Trolley Bus

Advantages, information, route: Trolley buses are electric buses in Moscow that run on special lanes. Each bus can hold up to 65 passengers. There are currently 1,200 trolley buses operating on 75 different routes across Moscow and surrounding areas.
Fares: Starts from 20-30 RUB for a one-way route.
Tips: Make sure to pay with exact money. Wait at the bus stop where this bus line is available.

Little Bus

Advantages, information, route: Little buses are microbuses in Moscow with a capacity of only 22 people. They are privately operated by a private company, not including government transportation. You can use a small bus as a feeder to the location after getting off the metro.
Fares: Starts from 300 RUB for a one-way route.
Tips: Pay with exact money and wait at the nearest bus stop based on your destination.


Advantages and information: You can also use taxis to explore Moscow. There are official taxis and private taxis, and authorized taxis are easy to find all over the city. Official taxis and private taxis differ in the color of the car, and private taxis use regular cars with taxi signs.
Fares: The meter calculates the fare for official Moscow taxis and usually costs between 100-200 RUB for short distances.
Tips: It is highly recommended to use official taxis. Be sure to ask the fare for your destination in advance.

Bicycle Rent

Advantages and information: You can rent bicycles to explore Moscow. Bicycle rentals are affordable and plentiful in the city center. Riding a bike is a great way to get around Moscow or visit nearby attractions. Moscow's streets are very bike-friendly, with designated lanes for cyclists.
Fares: The rental fee for the bike is 50-100 RUB per day, and a deposit of about 500 RUB is required each day. You will receive the deposit back upon returning the bike.
Tips: wear protective gear when biking to feel more relaxed and secure.

This article provides a list and explanation of transportation options in Moscow to help you feel more confident and secure during your vacation in the city. Be sure to choose the most convenient option to make your trip even more enjoyable.

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