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Event: Istanbul Biennial in Turkey

For those bored with the same vacation activities while in Turkey, the Istanbul Biennial art exhibition can be a fresh start to enjoy. This is a famous exhibition of visual arts, contemporary art, and architecture in Turkey. The Istanbul Biennial art exhibition has been organized by the Istanbul Culture and Arts Foundation (IKSV) since 1987, and the event happens every two years.

What is the Istanbul Biennial?

Istanbul Biennial

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As a place where curators, artists, and audiences with a shared interest in art come together, this event has become one of the major international art events attended by activists from diverse backgrounds around the world.

The Istanbul Biennial promotes contemporary art not only from Turkey but also from other countries. The event features many activities like workshops, discussions, exhibits, and conferences.

Istanbul Biennial Time and Location

Istanbul Biennial

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The schedule for the next Istanbul Biennial event has yet to be finalized. However, the Istanbul Biennial has been established as a premier event, and its impact on the art world will only grow in the years to come.

The 17th Istanbul Biennial was held in 2022 from September 17 to 22. During these six days, over 60 galleries showed art from 22 countries by artists gathered in Tersane, Istanbul. The event has been held in various locations across this historic landmark.

The visitors could attend the exhibition for free as it was open to the public. Each gallery featured different artists and projects by talented artists around the world. Some galleries showcased paintings, while others presented photographs, sculptures, and multimedia installations.

How to Get to the Istanbul Biennial Festival

Istanbul Biennial

For the preparation of the Istanbul Biennial next year, you need to know about the transportation you can use to visit the exhibition and venue. Getting to the Istanbul Biennial is simple, especially as transportation in Turkey offers excellent quality and diverse options.

Turkey offers affordable public transit for exploring the city. Especially in Istanbul, the access and the system are quite simple. To save more money, consider buying an Istanbul Card.

This transportation card can be used for all of Istanbul’s transportation. It’s valid on buses, trams, cable cars, subways, suburban trains, and even ferries. You can buy the card at ticket offices and kiosks at bus stations, airports, and the major hubs around the city.

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