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Event: Istanbul Tulip Festival in Turkey

Did you know that different varieties of tulips are grown throughout the world, not just in the Netherlands? There is still another country, Turkey! Yes, you are not reading it wrong. Besides being one of the most popular tourist destinations, Turkey is also known as the biggest producer of tulips on Earth. Not to mention, tulips actually come from Anatolia, Turkey.

What's more remarkable is that Turkey has its own event to celebrate the blooming of tulips, known as the Istanbul Tulip Festival. There will be a variety of gorgeous tulips at this festival.

The History of Tulip Festival in Turkey

Istanbul Tulip Festival

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The Istanbul Tulip Festival was first introduced in 2006. The government planted millions of tulips in a variety of colors throughout the city. During the spring, there will be a lot of tulips blooming around the city, such as in the park and on the sidewalks, making the city smell like tulips.

Each year, the Istanbul Tulip Festival lasts about a month, usually in April. Before the celebration, around 30 million tulip seeds will be planted. The sight of vibrant tulips will take your breath away!

Istanbul Tulip Festival Time and Location

Istanbul Tulip Festival

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In 2023, dozens of tulip species will be planted at Sultanahmet, which is almost 1,734 square meters wide. The tulip festival in 2023 will be held from April 1 to 30, and the flowers typically bloom from March to the end of May.

Apart from Sultanahmet Square, some of the best spots to see the tulips are Emirgan Park, Yıldız Park, and Gülhane Park, all located on the European side of Istanbul.

To sum up, the whole city becomes the location of the Istanbul Tulip Festival!

Traveling to Turkey During the Istanbul Tulip Festival

Istanbul Tulip Festival

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If you are interested in traveling to Turkey for the Istanbul Tulip Festival, the first or second week of April will be the best time to visit this beautiful country.

The easiest way to reach Istanbul is by air. Istanbul has two international airports: Istanbul Airport and Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport. You can book a flight to Istanbul from your nearest airport.

To get easy access to the tulips, consider staying in a hotel close to the parks mentioned above. You can book your flights and accommodations through Traveloka.

Are you ready to have a wonderful moment in Turkey? Let’s plan your trip with Traveloka now and have a great holiday!

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