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Let’s Go! Travel Tips to Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, offers many unique attractions for tourists. You can experience new things in Bangkok, like visiting grand temples or trying local cuisine found nowhere else.

Known as an affordable vacation destination, Bangkok has cheap clothes and accessories at low prices in shopping centers. Also, like other major Asian cities, Bangkok is a city that never sleeps, and the nightlife in Bangkok is lively and fun.

Not only that, there are many choices of tourist destinations, ranging from nature tourism and religion to places with exciting attractions. Authentic Thai cuisines are also a must-try! Dare to taste extreme foods, such as scorpions or living shrimps? You will find them in the night markets or traditional markets around Bangkok.

For those of you who have plans for a vacation in Bangkok, there are some travel tips to Bangkok that you must know. Here's a series of tips.

Bangkok Travel Tips

1. Wear Appropriate Clothes


Popular tourist destinations in Bangkok include temples. Bangkok has many magnificent temples, such as Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Arun, and Wat Pho. Since temples are places of worship, visitors must wear modest and appropriate attire.

If you plan to vacation in Bangkok, Thailand, remember to pack appropriate clothing, especially if you intend to visit temples. However, you can wear different outfits when seeing other attractions like the Bangkok night market.

2. Prepare Cash


In Thailand, it is still rare for local people to provide non-cash payment instruments. Therefore, tourists must prepare cash when on vacation in Thailand for easier transactions. You can exchange money into Baht currency at a money changer service before leaving for vacation.

Apart from that, there are other ways to get Thai money when you arrive in Thailand. There are several options to exchange currency in Thailand. You can exchange money at ATM cash machines such as Siam Paragon shopping mall, Bangkok. While at the Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport, there is an SCB currency exchange to choose from. Lastly, at the station, there is a SuperRich currency exchange. Remember to check the exchange rate and fees before using any service.

3. Install the Translation App on Your Smartphone


Most Thai people aren’t proficient in English, so you should have a translation app with voice features. Thailand has its alphabet, the Thai axon, and the writing system of the Thai language is different from the standard Latin alphabet. Several free translation apps exist for English-Thai translation focuses, like Google Translate, English - Thai Translator, VoiceTra, and Bing Translator.

Google Translate is a free translation app popular for translating speech, text, and photos. However, the translation can sometimes be better. There is also English - Thai Translator, a free translator app that only focuses on translating text and speech between English and Thai. This app is simple to use and more accurate than Google Translate.

VoiceTra is another free translation app for quickly translating speech between English and Thai. It can help with basic conversation but needs an internet connection. Lastly, Bing Translator is a free translation app that is as simple and accurate as Google Translate.

4. Buy a SIM Card or Rent a Portable WiFi


You will need an internet connection while on vacation, whether to find tourist spots, use a translator, or communicate with friends. When you get to the airport, buy a SIM card and internet plan typically available at the airport stores.

Another alternative when you always want internet access is renting a portable WiFi. You can bring it from home or look for portable WiFi rentals in Thailand. That way, you can still be connected to the internet.

5. Prepare Sunscreen


Thailand has strong heat and high temperatures. If you plan to spend a lot of time in the sun, bring sunscreen with an SPF of at least 40 and at least 50. For water-based activities, choose a sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays and is water resistant. It's best to bring extra sunscreen.

6. Create an Itinerary


You can summarize your vacation time and visit more places by making an itinerary in Bangkok. An itinerary can make your vacation more affordable. You can list which places to see, ticket costs, when they're open, and how to get there.

For example, suppose you are visiting Chiang Mai for 3D2N during the weekend (Friday to Sunday). In that case, you can choose some highly-rated hotels recommendation through Traveloka, including Rachamankha Hotel, Na Nirand Hotel, or De Lanna Hotel. To explore the city, you can visit the Old City, shop at the Night Bazaar, make a day trip to the scenic Doi Suthep temple, or take an elephant sanctuary tour.

7. Choose Stay-in Accommodation Close to the City Center


It is best to book a hotel near the city center or the attractions you want to see. Hotels in the city center are usually close to public transportation and restaurants. Staying near the city center also means you will only have to spend a little on transportation.

Those are some vacation tips for Bangkok to ease your trip! You can buy flight tickets and book hotels and famous places. Download the Traveloka app right now!

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