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30 Jun 2024 - 4 min read

Best Historic Hotel in Japan Which Must Be A Place To Stay

Japan is not only known as the land of cherry blossoms, but Japan is also a country with more advanced future technology.

Japan has natural wealth and the oldest civilization that is interesting to glance at, apart from having the Fuji mountains which are known for their sacredness. It's no wonder Japan has become a tourist destination for tourists from various countries.

Why should Japan be visited? Because Japan has a strong cultural heritage and traditional beauty. For example, the ritual of drinking tea, the tradition of ikebana (flower arranging), the elegance of the Geisha world, and so on. Especially if you are a lover of tradition and like local festivals.

Japan also offers a variety of interesting and unique cuisines. For example, sushi, even though it feels strange, sushi is a very popular food. Not to mention ramen, okonomiyaki, tempura, udon, and so on, all of which are very tempting to the tongue.

Don't forget to enjoy the hot springs in Japan, specifically the onsen with their extraordinary natural beauty. Not only will you get a travel experience, you will also get relaxation and rejuvenation so that your body will be fresh.

Of course, after being tired of enjoying all the hustle and bustle that Japan has to offer, it's time to enjoy a comfortable rest at the hotel. If you want a different hotel, not just the same. So, you can try a new experience by staying at the following Historic Hotel in Japan.

5 historic hotels in Japan that can be used as a place to stay

1. The Tokyo Station Hotel

The Tokyo Station Hotel

The Tokyo Station Hotel is one of the best historic hotels in Japan, located at 1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Chiyoda, Kanto, Japan, 100-0005. Strategically, The Tokyo Station Hotel is close to Tokyo International Airport (HND), Oshiage Station, and also Yokohama Marine Tower.

Just look at the building with classic European decoration which is truly magnificent, ancient, but elegant with a dome on top. This reflects the legacy of wealth left behind. There are 150 rooms and suites that can be used as a place to stay and these rooms are located along the Cupola dome. Guaranteed if you stay here it will be an unforgettable experience, the hotel is modeled after a station.

The Tokyo Station Hotel


1-9-1 Marunouchi,Chiyoda-ku

USD 761.11

USD 694.09

2. Nikko Kanaya Hotel

Nikko Kanaya Hotel

Nikko kanaya Hotel

Nikko Kanaya Hotel is a very homely historic hotel in Japan. Just look at the rooms on offer, and fill in the rooms. Just like old Japanese-style rooms. Not only that, just take a peek at the window, you can open the curtains and see what a beautiful and cool view radiates.

The location of Nikko Kanaya Hotel is at 1300 Kamihatsuishi-machi, Nikko-shi, Tochigi, Kanto, Japan, 321-1401. Around Nikko Kanaya Hoel itself, there are Nikko Temple, Rinno-ji Temple, Shinkyo, and Toshogu Shrine.

Meanwhile, the Nikko Kanaya Hotel facilities include a swimming pool, which can be used as a place to swim with the family. The restaurant and cafe also serve typical Japanese food, and there is a park where you can take a walk.

Nikko Kanaya Hotel

1300 Kamihatsuishi-machi

USD 159.26

USD 130.30

3. Arima Onsen Tocen Goshobo

Arima Onsen Tocen Goshobo

Arima Onsen Tocen Goshobo is a hotel that is full of ancient Japanese decorations. Not only is the building, but it is also supported from all angles, and the rooms are full of a strong Japanese feel.

Arima Onsen Tocen Goshobo's accommodation is very strategic with several public facilities, such as Mount Rokko, Stamp Museum, Kobe University, and Tanigami.

If your body is feeling unwell or tired, you can really pamper yourself in the sauna provided. After pampering yourself in the sauna, you can also enjoy the restaurant with a special menu.

The location of Arima Onsen Tocen Goshobo is at Kita-ku Arima-cho 858, Hyogo, Nishinomiya-shi, Kansai, Japan, 651-1401

Arima Onsen Tocen Goshobo

Kita-ku Arima-cho 858

USD 424.21

USD 318.16

4. Fujiya Hotel

Fujiya Hotel

Fujiya Hotel is a hotel with good prices, therefore take advantage of it when you have the opportunity to stay at the hotel which is located at 359 Miyanoshita, Kanagawa, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanto, Japan, 250-0404.

Around the Fujiya Hotel, there is the Hakone Open Air Museum and the Hakone Toan Railway. The accommodation is also close to Odriba and Kaminagaya. For service, you will really get super service with superior facilities. Anyone who stays is guaranteed to have a memorable and unforgettable experience.

For those of you who like sports, don't worry, Fujiya Hotel has fitness facilities, so you can exercise here with your partner. A swimming pool is also available for those of you who want to relax with your family.

So, those who like to pamper themselves with spas, especially women, can maximize the spa facilities here and enjoy the best service. The receptionist is 24 hours on standby and will ensure you get what you want, as well as your check-in and check-out needs.

Don't ask about the food menu, Fujiya Hotel provides a delicious Fujiya Hotel-style menu with a top chef. The dining room is also beautifully and attractively arranged. By facing the window which has a cool garden view, those of you who are eating can enjoy your food in a relaxed and hearty manner.

Fujiya Hotel

359 Miyanoshita

USD 347.96

USD 312.57

5. Japanese Inn Yoshimizu

Japanesse Inn Yoshimizu

This ancient Japan is owned by Japanese Inn Yoshimizu, which is located at Bentendo Ue, Maruyama Koen, Higashiyama-ku, Higashiyama, Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto, Japan, 605-0071. It is appropriate that this hotel is labeled as a historic hotel in Japan.

Around Japanese Inn Yoshimizu there are public facilities that can be visited, such as Gion Corner, Marruama Park, and Kyoto University, and for those who need public transportation, you can come to Kwaramachi Station and Higashiyama Station.

Multilingual staff is ready to help visitors staying at Japanese Inn Yoshimizu, so you don't need to worry about missing communication. WiFi is provided free of charge, as one of the service facilities, so that visitors stay connected with family and work.

Having food and drinks here, it is definitely safe, Japanesse Inn Yoshimizu specialties are available which can be ordered and served as breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

In the lobby of the Japanese Inn Yoshimizu Hotel, there are newspapers that can be read so that visitors can still read, and will not miss out on information.

Japanese Inn Yoshimizu

Bentendo Ue, Maruyama Koen,Higashiyama-ku

USD 5,104

How Then? Historic Hotel in Japan above? Is there one that is your favorite? Choose The Tokyo Station Hotel or Fujiya Hotel. Nikko Kanaya hotel is also good. Right, so confused. So why not stay overnight at all the locations above? As long as you have a budget, it doesn't matter, right?

You can visit www.traveloka.com to book the historic Hotel in Japan as you like. You also can book the plane ticket as well. So enjoy your holiday with traveloka!

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