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30 Jun 2024 - 5 min read

Hotels Where Celebrities Stay and You Can Enjoy too

Singapore is a country famous for its cleanliness and comfort. So many tourists often choose to go to Singapore, including celebrities and public figures who have many fans.

Singapore deserves a thumbs up for its well-organized infrastructure, very efficient public transportation, and public compliance with the laws implemented.

Singapore also offers iconic landmarks such as Gardens by the Bay, Universal Studios Singapore, Marina Bay Sands, various museums and so on, including hotels for overnight stays.

The local residents also have extraordinary harmony, even though they have different ethnicities, traditions and cultures, but respect each other. Just remember the various festivals in Singapore, all celebrated together, from Chinese New Year, Halloween Horror Nights, Diwali Festival, Arden Rhapsody, Singapore Night Festival, and so on. It is not surprising that Singapore has become a tourist destination for many tourists. In fact, the accessibility is cool, from big cities you can fly directly to Singapore without needing any transit.

The question is, if you go on holiday to Singapore, where should you stay? Why not try staying where the artists stay? Who knows, it will give you the experience and impression of a lifetime, right?

Best Hotels Where Celebrities Vacation, which can be used as a place to stay in Singapore

Not all celebrities like the hustle and bustle of the city, there are also celebrities who prefer to vacation in remote hotels and away from the hustle and bustle, one of them is Taylor Swift. So, how about you, what kind of hotel do you like to stay? Who knows, maybe the hotel chosen by celebrities to stay at might be your favorite hotel. Let's find out what hotels then!

1. Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands

Who doesn't know the luxury building Marina Bay Sands? The building that looks like a big boat in the sky has become an iconic building in Singapore and even in the world.

You will have an amazing experience when you stay at this luxury hotel located at 10 Bayfront Avenue, Marina Bay, Singapore, 018956. You will be able to experience a premium standard lifestyle comfortably. From relaxing in the largest rooftop swimming pool in the world, while looking at the panoramic view of the sky that God created. You can also enjoy a different atmosphere on the top level, looking at the heart of Singapore by climbing to the 57th floor, the extraordinary Sands SkyPak Observation Deck.

Marina Bay Sands is a sustainable hotel that is everyone's favorite, because of its strategic location and close to everywhere. To enjoy exclusive culinary tourism, there are world celebrity chefs who will pamper you, with various flavors of local and international cuisine such as Tetsuya Wakuda, Gordon Ramsay, Justin Uek, and so on.

If you love art, you can visit the ArtScience Museum, or Future World which is full of great imagination. Fashion lovers will also be pampered with a variety of world-famous brands, from one of the major shopping centers in Singapore. You will get a complete package if you vacation and stay at Marina Bay Sands, from entertainment, shopping and food, there's no need to doubt it.

Marina Bay Sands


10 Bayfront Avenue

USD 772.56

USD 579.42

2. The Clan Hotel Singapore by Far East Hospitality

The Clan Hotel Singapore

Want to celebrate your wedding anniversary or a romantic holiday with your partner or extended family? The Clan Hotel Singapore by Far East Hospitality is suitable for this dream. This hotel located at 10 Cross Street, Tanjong Pagar, Central Business District, Singapore, 048417 is often used as a place for celebrities to stay.

Luxurious facilities are available at The Clan Hotel Singapore by Far East Hospitality, extraordinary excellent service and a heaven to relax amidst the hustle and bustle of the heart of the city.

The Clan Hotel Singapore by Far East Hospitality is also suitable for those of you who need a hotel that is full of support for business and colleagues. There is also a shopping center here, if you want to shop for foreign brands, they are available and complete.

Facilities such as a fitness center to relieve your muscles tense are available, indoor or outdoor swimming pools can also be an option for swimming with the family. After your activities, then you feel hungry? Don't worry, The Clan Hotel Singapore by Far East Hospitality's delicious menu will cure your tired days because it is cooked by a renowned chef with a wealth of cooking experience.

Don't ask about WiFi facilities, it's fast and reliable as a communication link with family and business partners. So are you ready to stay at The Clan Hotel Singapore by Far East Hospitality? Prepare your budget safely, okay?

The Clan Hotel Singapore by Far East Hospitality


10 Cross Street

USD 344.89

USD 327.65

3. The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore

The Fullerton Bay Hotel

The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore is one of the hotels used as a place for celebrities to stay, because it is located close to Marina Bay, precisely at 80 Collyer Quay, Marina Bay, Singapore, 049326.

From the building itself, you can see that The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore is a luxurious and magnificent hotel. Just look at the view of the hotel which is near the beach, it really is a treat for anyone who stays here.

The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore is not only close to Marina Bay, but also close to Kukup Swimming poll and Tanjung Bin Power Plant. It's very reliable, so you can go anywhere without getting stuck in traffic jams.

The decoration and architecture of the rooms at The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore are extraordinarily luxurious. The bathtub at that hotel can be used for soaking and a swimming pool overlooking Marina Bay. Whether you want to swim inside is okay, outside is also okay.

The superior facilities of The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore are a guarantee for anyone who stays here. Luxurious fitness center, culinary delights cooked by renowned chefs, and a 24-hour receptionist on standby looking after us and providing what we need.

Rooms to stay at The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore, like a king’s room which will offer and pamper tourists who stay. It had full facilities, large, and charming design. There are also some multilingual staffs who will help translate, if you are not fluent in a foreign language.

Ready to experience in the perfect vacation? Immediately book your room to stay at The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore.

The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore


80 Collyer Quay

USD 947.15

USD 710.36

4. Mandarin Oriental, Singapore

Mandarin Oriental

From any angle at Mandarin Oriental, Singapore is the perfect place to stay and pamper yourself after working hard. It's not surprising that celebrities choose this hotel as a place to stay and refresh.

This hotel is located in the area of ​​5 Raffles Ave, Marina Square, Marina Bay, Singapore, 039797. The location is strategic with tourist attractions in Singapore. Such as shopping areas, Marina Bay Sands, Bugis MRT Station, Marina Square, and so on.

Don't ask about the facilities, this luxurious and magnificent hotel is definitely super complete. All the rooms are designed beautifully and charmingly, making anyone who stays overnight will feel very comfortable staying here.

Enjoy your afternoon watching the sunset from your room's balcony while enjoying food provided by a famous chef, or you can also relax by the pool and watch the falling sunset. Moreover, accompanied by loved ones, your holiday will become even more perfect.

The choice of food and beverage facilities provided is extraordinary, do you want a la carte breakfast, buffet breakfast, continental breakfast, glutamate-free breakfast, hot breakfast, or a diet or vegetarian menu? Everything is provided. Meanwhile, you can have dinner from the menu, you can also have dinner at the restaurant or have it delivered to your room. Full 24 hour reception and 24 hour security. No need to worry, just enjoy your day and prepare your budget.

Then how? The Hotels Where Celebrities Stay above are enough to make you want to stay there too? Make your dreams come true by preparing a safe budget, okay? There are facilities and there are prices, right?

Mandarin Oriental, Singapore


5 Raffles Ave, Marina Square

USD 794.72

USD 596.04

Traveloka will also help you to find the right hotel based on your budget. Just visit www.traveloka.com and find the hotel that suits to you!

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