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13 Feb 2023 - 4 min read

10 Traditions on How Valentine’s Day is Celebrated Around the World

Heart-shaped sweets, stuffed animals, balloons, and chocolates are classic items that are hugely popular as Valentine’s Day approaches.

In India and a few other countries, stores will be filled with red balloons and gift-giving is common on Valentine’s Day. In Bulgaria, lovers raise a glass of excellent local wine. While in Wales, lovers trade intricately crafted wooden spoons. Romanian lovers head into the woods to pick flowers and wash their faces in the snow for good luck. More or less, culture has its power to shape how people around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day.

How Valentine’s Day is Celebrated Around the World

Let’s begin to explore international Valentine’s Day celebrations. This day isn’t just about flowers and chocolates worldwide, many countries commemorate it differently. Here are lists of countries that have their own traditions for celebrating Valentine’s Day!

France, the Center of Romance

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From his jail cell in 1415, Charles, Duke of Orleans, is widely credited in creating the first Valentine’s Day card. Additionally, from February 12th and 14th, the French hamlet of Valentine becomes the world center of love.

Beautiful homes, trees, and yards are adorned with cards, flowers, and marriage proposals. As far as Valentine’s Day customs go, it’s up there with the most heartwarming you’ll find anywhere.

Argentina, Valentine’s Day is Celebrated the Whole Week

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Instead of Valentine’s Day in February, Argentinians celebrate “the week of sweetness” in July. Sweets and smooches are shared between partners during this month. Though it has since been ingrained in American culture, Valentine’s Day originated as a commercial holiday.

South Korea, Filled with Roses

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Every month on the 14th, South Korean couples commemorate the day of love. It’s just how you’ve read it! In April, “the black day” is celebrated by singles by eating black noodles. May is “the day of roses," meaning the streets and pretty much everywhere around the country are brightened up by the color of roses. Meanwhile, June is “the day of kisses." Also, December is their “day of embraces."

The Philippines, Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Gala Event

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Many young couples get married on February 14 in the Philippines, which the government celebrates by sponsoring the ceremony as a form of public service.

This is a national gala event and a special day for young people. It is considered to be one of the unique ways to observe Valentine’s Day all over the world.

Ghana, Celebrated as Chocolate Day

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The 14th of February in Ghana is recognized as “National Chocolate Day” in the country. In 2007, the government of Ghana enacted this measure to boost the number of tourists visiting the nation.

Ghana is one of the top countries in the world in terms of the amount of cocoa it produces. On February 14, people can go to plays, music events, and restaurants celebrating the holiday with special menus and decorations.

Wales, Valentine’s Day is Celebrated as the Day of San Dwynwen

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Valentine’s Day is marked in Wales in a manner that is entirely one of a kind. The 25th of January is known as “Day of San Dwynwen” in this nation and is celebrated as a day dedicated to love. On a particular day, couples give one another one-of-a-kind wooden spoons that have been skillfully carved by hand. Since the 16th century, people have adhered to this long-standing custom.

Spain, Festival of Saint Dionysius

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The ninth of October is celebrated as the Day of Love in Valencia, which is located in Spain. The celebration on this day is called the Feast of Saint Dionysius. Making a marzipan figurine called a “mocadora” is a traditional activity during the event, which is observed throughout most of Spain.

Male companions handcraft the figurines to show their affection for their female partners. Parades full of color can also be seen making their way through the streets of the Spanish villages.

South West China, It’s the Sisters’ Meal Festival

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The “Sisters’ Meal” celebration is held annually on March 15 in the Miao region of southwest China. Most likely, the most beautiful Valentine’s Day traditions in the world involve women donning silver jewelry and stunning outfits for a festival.

They prepare bowls of colored rice, which are then presented on silk fabric and handed out to young guys as they stroll through highways. What will happen to the lovely things discovered in the selected rice? A pair of chopsticks symbolizes love, but a clove of garlic ends things before they even start.

Denmark, Celebration of Love

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Valentine’s Day is one of Denmark's relatively recent celebrations, yet Danes have their own unique spin to express their love on that day. Unlike many other countries that opt for roses and chocolate, white snowdrops are far more popular among Danes. White snowdrop flowers are often pressed and used as the centerpieces of homemade greeting cards given as gifts or exchanged between loved ones.

England, Put Five Bay Leaves Below The Pillow

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In England, there are several ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. One of them, which is quite popular, is to put five bay leaves below the pillow. This is usually done by women hoping to dream about their future husbands. Besides, kids in England also sing a song, and they will get candy or chocolates in return.

You may find something to appreciate in these centuries-old Valentine’s Day traditions in other countries. It’s exciting to learn about the various unique traditions of Valentine's Day around the world. Now is the time to gather your belongings and prepare for your trip abroad!

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