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05 Jul 2024 - 6 min read

Recommendation Themed Cafes in Tokyo, Really Adorable!

Visiting Japan during cherry blossom season, or sakura, is a special moment for many people, including myself. Especially since Japan is renowned for the beauty of Mount Fuji and its deeply ingrained culture of respect towards others. The themed café is also one of the must-visit destinations when in Tokyo, Japan.

I recall a story about an Indonesian YouTuber living in Japan who accidentally greeted a passing Japanese resident in front of his house. Suddenly, not long after, two police officers knocked on his door. Instantly, he was startled and confused, wondering what was happening. It turned out that the Japanese resident he greeted had become suspicious of him and reported him to the police as a criminal. He was truly shocked and puzzled. Eventually, he was asked to come to the nearby police station. He was very grateful that he was not charged with any crime and could return home.

What is there in Japan?

When thinking about Japan, I always remember its delicious ramen and sushi that perfectly suits my palate. The fresh fish commonly used as a complement in sushi adds flavor and enjoyment. Plus, it's usually accompanied by a cup of ocha, the typical Japanese tea. Nigiri-Zushi is currently one of the famous sushi types in Japan. It tastes delicious and fresh because it's served immediately and very convenient. Nigiri-Zushi is highly renowned in Tokyo, especially since Tokyo is known for its culinary scene. Not only sushi, but tempura is also widely enjoyed by many people to this day.

Traditional Japanese sweet delicacies are also highly famous in Tokyo, including ningyoyaki, small cakes filled with red bean paste, dorayaki, pancakes, mochi, and more. It reminds me of Doraemon, who loves dorayaki so much that I sometimes want to try it again when I visit Japan. Oh, and let's not forget about Japan's famous culture of discipline and education. Their discipline in following rules, maintaining cleanliness, and respecting time greatly contributes to the success of the Japanese population. Japan has long been a developed and rapidly advancing country in various aspects. Tokyo is a metropolis city located in Japan. The city of Tokyo is famous for its shopping centers like Harajuku and Shibuya. Moreover, there are many themed cafes or hangout spots offering delicious food and delightful tea.

Coffee Shop in Tokyo

Coffee culture, sipping coffee in the morning before work, is a nearly universal practice. In Japan, there are several recommended coffee shops that can be visited and serve as beautiful hangout spots. Moreover, the quality, taste, and affordable prices are additional advantages of the following coffee shops:

Moriva Coffee: Renowned for its coffee, various sweet drinks, and tasty snacks. Interestingly, at this café, customers serve themselves. The prices are very reasonable, and the atmosphere is cool. Located a bit far from Shibuya Station, the café isn't too crowded, allowing you to still enjoy the beautiful city of Tokyo. Moriva Coffee's autumn menu features pumpkin pie, a dessert with a natural sweetness from pumpkin that pairs perfectly with coffee.
Doutor: This coffee shop is indeed very famous in Japan. Their first coffee shop is located in Harajuku. The menu offered includes various types of coffee, assorted drinks, snacks, and more. Taking a moment to grab a coffee before heading to the office seems just right, as coffee injects energy, boosting productivity. The aroma of coffee can be sensed in every corner. During leisure time, when visiting Tokyo, Doutor can be a choice to replenish energy by enjoying pastries there. It feels cozy and definitely radiates positive vibes, reinvigorating one's spirit for days ahead, be it for holidays, shopping, or work the next day. Doutor itself has opened nearly 1000 branches in Japan, leaving no doubt about how beloved this coffee shop is by both Japanese locals and tourists.
Tully’s Coffee: The name is already familiar, isn't it? It's one of the favorite hangout spots in Japan. Its menu is complete, ranging from coffee, ice cream, other sweet drinks, various snacks to heavy meals. Pasta or sandwiches can fill the hungry stomachs of friends after shopping. An interesting fact about this coffee shop is that Tully’s Coffee offers 10 types of coffee beans daily, which will be served as the "Coffee of the Day". Moreover, many recommend the cafe latte for its fantastic taste. Cafe latte is a drink made from espresso combined with milk and a little foam on top. Just imagining it boosts energy, especially if you can enjoy it before heading to work.
Ginza Renoir: This coffee shop with a more modern ambiance is presented by Ginza Renoir. Its atmosphere is undoubtedly impressive, and its facilities are very complete. There are various menus such as coffee, tea, and other drinks. There are around 119 branches of this Ginza Renoir. Since the Japanese highly value time, having breakfast at Ginza Renoir can be an alternative to make the atmosphere more enjoyable in starting the day. However, this coffee shop makes me more relaxed and sometimes forget to make better use of time.
Kohikan: A café that prides itself on serving excellent quality coffee with delicious flavors, hence its somewhat high prices. Located near Kyoto Station, this café is easy to find. Its pancakes and sandwiches are also incredibly tasty. The ambiance is pleasant, comfortable, and appealing. Savoring coffee in this setting enhances the experience, allowing the body to relax.
Ueshima Coffee House: It's the perfect spot for lunch. Indulge in thick, delicious sandwiches or treat yourself to shaved ice with matcha, a personal favorite of mine when it comes to matcha treats. Ueshima Coffee House has been renowned for its legendary coffee since 1933. They serve the finest coffee beans, processing them with utmost care to create a coffee with an extraordinary flavor.

Themed Cafe in Tokyo

The following cafes with unique themed in Tokyo can be great references for friends when visiting Japan. Enjoying delicious coffee and cuisine there in a different atmosphere from other cafes can be a delightful addition to your shopping experience.

1. Milky Way Cafe

This cafe revolves around the themed cafe of stars. Gaze at the galaxy's stars while enjoying ice cream, pancakes, waffles, or other treats. Additionally, the cafe's large windows allow visitors to enjoy the view outside.

2. Peter Rabbit Cafe

Inspired by the character Peter Rabbit, this cafe is easily recognizable to the Japanese population due to Peter's popularity. The cozy and warm atmosphere of the cafe, reminiscent of ancient English countryside decor, adds to its charm. Theme cafes are truly fascinating, aren't they?

3. Pokemon Cafe

As the name suggests, this theme cafe is inspired by Pokemon. It offers a unique experience with food and drinks named after various Pokemon. Pokemon enthusiasts must gather here. The cafe's spacious interior and numerous tables make it inviting. Moreover, the Pokemon Cafe is connected to the Pokemon Center Tokyo, allowing visitors to see various exclusive items sold at the cafe.

4. Pompompurin Cafe

Pompompurin's adorable and lovable character is widely recognized worldwide, making this cafe easy to find. The menu consists of many cute and delightful dishes, such as the recommended butter chicken, with Pompompurin's cute smile adorning the plates. The other menu items offered will also leave friends bewildered due to their adorable and cute names. I totally get it, I'm smitten with this theme cafe too.

5. Cinnamoroll Cafe

This cafe is located near a store that sells a plethora of Cinnamoroll-themed items, allowing friends to wait while shopping. Its strategic location near two stations in Japan, Shinjuku-sanchome Station and JR Shinjuku Station, makes it easily accessible. Recommended menu items include the special cinnamon shortcake, salad, oyasumi omurice, and many more. This theme cafe is incredibly cute and adorable!

6. Peanuts Cafe Snoopy Museum

The cafe theme is so closely associated with Snoopy.

Its proximity to the Snoopy Museum makes this cafe easy to find. Interestingly, the cafe adopts a picnic style to serve its dishes. Served in picnic baskets, the various menu items include pizza, salad, and picnic-style dishes. The cafe's atmosphere encourages friends to enjoy a picnic-like experience, making them feel like they're sitting outdoors. Don't forget to purchase Snoopy-themed souvenirs to look cool while strolling in the mountains or elsewhere.

Those are some unique and themed cafe recommendations in Tokyo that are worth trying out. If there are any other recommendations, feel free to share them in the comments section! Visit Traveloka to find cheap accommodation in Tokyo.

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