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Savor Tasty Meals in Flight

Whether your flight is in the morning, noon, evening, or somewhere in between, make sure you don’t fly hungry. Go through the menu and choose some main course, snack, or something to drink for your flight when you book via Traveloka.

*In-flight meal selection is currently only available for Citilink flights.

Choosing Your In-flight Meal

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Search your flight

Start your search by filling in the flight details. Click Search Flights and find the best flight for you.

Fill in passenger details

Once you have chosen your flight, fill in your passenger details and continue.

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Select in-flight meal

See the In-flight Meal section to check the menu. Continue by selecting your preferred meal(s).

Proceed with payment

Select your preferred payment method and complete your payment within the time limit.

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See meal on the e-ticket

Once payment is confirmed, your e-ticket will be issued. Open the e-ticket to see your in-flight meal details.

Questions & Answers

About In-flight Meal
Now you can order your in-flight meal as you book your flight at Traveloka! By ordering your in-flight food and beverage in advance, you won't need to worry about running out of food and beverages during your flight.
Maximum Number of Meals
The maximum number of meals you can select is shown on the meal selection page and depends on the airline’s policy.
Getting Your Meal
You can get your meal simply by showing your boarding pass to the cabin crew.
Refund for Your Meal
Unfortunately, refund is not available for in-flight meals. Please also keep in mind that when you cancel or reschedule your flight, your meal will not be added to your new flight and a refund will not be issued for the meal.

Order In-flight Meal to Enjoy a Delightful Dining Experience

Food can be one of the last things on our checklist when preparing for a flight. When in fact, a full stomach can make your flight feels more pleasant.

Fortunately, popular airlines have now provided an additional in-flight meal service for their passengers. Premium airlines with a full service, such as Garuda Indonesia and Batik Air, typically provide one free meal service on flights lasting more than 1.5 hours. However, the menu is usually already pre-selected by the airlines.

Catering to the diverse palates of passengers, many domestic and international airlines now provide this additional service with a certain fee. This service gives passengers the freedom to choose their own preferred meal from the menu.

These in-flight meals usually can be pre-ordered before the flight’s departure. For example, when checking in on the airline's website, passengers can choose their preferred meal from the menu provided by the airline. This service is also available at Traveloka, where passengers can order their in-flight meal at the same time with booking their flight tickets.

On average, Indonesian travelers mention Garuda Indonesia and AirAsia as the airlines with the best in-flight meal service. Garuda Indonesia’s in-flight meal is said to resemble the quality of 5-star restaurants, especially in their First Class and Business Class flights.

Meanwhile, AirAsia's menu has been said to be the most comprehensive among low-cost airlines. They offer Nasi Padang (Padang-style Rice), Nasi Kuning Manado (Manado Yellow Rice), Nasi Ayam Paman Chin (Uncle Chin’s Chicken Rice), and Nasi Lemak Pak Nasser (Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak) to name a few. The price itself is fairly affordable, consistent with the airline’s budget-friendly approach.

Aside from Garuda Indonesia and AirAsia, Citilink is also one of the airlines offering an in-flight meal service with a diverse menu. Not only offering traditional Indonesian cuisines such as Nasi Kapau Bukittinggi (Bukittinggi’s Kapau Rice), Sate Ayam (Chicken Satay), and Nasi Ulam Jawa (Javanese Herbed Rice), Citilink also offers western-style menus such as Spaghetti Bolognese and Garden Salad. Citilink passengers can even order their in-flight meal easily at Traveloka, together with their flight tickets.