Price Alert

A way for you to secure cheap flight tickets at the moment when prices are down!

Available on Traveloka App Version 3.72+

How it Works

Essentially, Price Alert is a tool that monitors the price changes of a flight ticket. Therefore, once you set up a Price Alert, let’s say for Jakarta to Japan next month, you will receive notifications and emails when the price has changed from the day you set up the Price Alert.

Our Price Alert Benefits

Detailed & Transparent

Once you set an alert, we’ll show immediately what the price fluctuation was like for the past month. Furthermore, using our extensive data, we can tell you whether the price you’re seeing is categorized as low, average, or high.

Smart Notifications

We’ll notify you only when it matters. We won’t disturb you with notifications if a price only changes by a small fraction. On the contrary, we’ll just notify you when the prices change significantly.

How do I make a Price Alert?

Open the Price Alert Page

Open Flights on your Traveloka App, and tap on the bell icon located at the top right of the page. Alternatively, you can also search for your flight first and tap on the bell icon in the next page.

Tap Create Price Alert

You will be directed to the Price Alert page, where you can see any existing Price Alerts that you have set before. To create a new Price Alert, tap the Create Price Alert button.

Fill in the details of your Price Alert

Enter the flight details (route, date, number of passengers, etc) that you would like to receive an alert on. If you have any preferences for your flight, such as the departure or arrival time, you can fill those too and your alert will be customized based on your preference.

Create your Price Alert

After you fill in your flight details, tap Create Price Alert and your alert will be set up. You can also immediately see our analysis of the price, such as the fluctuation of price for the past month, or whether the price now is categorized as low, average, or high.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I get notified?
You will get notified via push notifications and email. Therefore, please allow Traveloka to send you notifications so that you can receive the alert. You can configure this through your phone’s settings.
How does Traveloka know when the price is low, average, or high?
We utilize our extensive collection of historical data from our various flight ticket inventories to determine a price as low, average or high.
Can I create a Price Alert without logging in?
No, you have to log in before you create a Price Alert so that we can know how to reach out to you.