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How to Reschedule a Flight Booking

To reschedule your flight, follow these steps:

1. Go to your Traveloka App homepage, tap Booking. Choose the flight you want to reschedule. Under the Manage Booking section, tap Reschedule. Tap Policy to read the Traveloka Easy Reschedule policy. Once you have done this, close the window and tap Request Reschedule. Tick the flight and passenger name and tap Continue.

2. Read the Traveloka Easy Reschedule Policy, then tick I agree to the Reschedule Policy. Tap Continue. Your original flight will not be changed until you have completed the payment.

3. Fill in your origin, destination, date of travel, and seat class, then tap Search. Choose a flight that suits your preference.

4. Review your selected new flight, tap Continue. Review the Price under Price Details, then tap Continue.

If the price of your new flight is higher than your original flight, you will be charged the difference. 

If the price of your new flight is lower than your original flight, the surplus will be refunded to you via your original payment method. For example, if you paid by bank transfer, the surplus will be transferred back to your bank account. 

5. Tap Continue to Payment to proceed.

6. You will find your new e-ticket on Booking within 60 minutes after your payment is confirmed.

Things to note:

- In most cases, you can only change the date and time of your flight, subject to availability. Changing your airline is possible only for certain domestic flights.
- In addition to the reschedule fee from the airline, you will be charged additional fee from Traveloka. The details are as follows:
Domestic routes: Fees start at IDR 25.000 / MYR 5 / SGD 2 / THB 80 / VND 25,500 / PHP 60 / AUD 28 / USD 25 / EUR 22.5 / GBP 20 per passenger per route.
International routes: IDR 65.000 / MYR 15 / SGD 6 / THB 150 / VND 85,000 / PHP 180 / AUD 28 / USD 25 / EUR 22.5 / GBP 20 per passenger per route.

- If the reschedule is successful, the reschedule status on your e-ticket will change. Here are the details:
Desktop: A notification under the original e-ticket will say: The flight has been rescheduled. Please check your booking details.-
The status on the original e-ticket will change to Reschedule Completed.
- Once issued, your new e-ticket will be sent to the email address you used to make the booking.
- Reschedule availability is based on the airline's seat availability.
- Each airline has a different rescheduling time limit. To find out more about each airline's policy, please refer to the Terms & Conditions and then choose your airline.
- You can also reschedule your flight by contacting the airline.




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