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Terms and Conditions

Card Issuance

Traveloka PayLater Card is a co branding credit card issued by PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk in collaboration with PT. Trinusa Travelindo and PT Caturnusa Sejahtera Finance, this card has been licensed by Visa. The card can only be used by the cardholder itself.

Card Usage

The card is non-transferable and must be signed by the person whose name is printed on the card (referred to as the cardholder). All consequences arising from negligence or misuse of the card with or without permission is all under the responsibility of the cardholder.

Card Validity Period

  • The expiry date is printed on the card. Unless it has been canceled or closed by the BRI Card Center or by the cardholder’s request. 
  • Cards that have expired must be immediately destroyed by the cardholder to prevent unauthorized use. 
  • BRI Card Center has the right to extend the validity period of the card if there are no arrears or card closures.

Card Payment

BRI Card Center will issue and send the billing details to the registered email address.

The primary cardholder is responsible to make payments before the due date, in the following conditions:

  • Minimum payment of the month must be paid in full 
  • Full payment of the bills is allowed unless it’s approved by BRI 
  • If payment is made after the due date, or if you pay less than the minimum payment, BRI will charge late fees
  • If there is an excessive use of the credit limit, BRI will charge an over-limit fee.

If you want to close the card, all bills must be paid in full. Bill payment is effective after it is recorded in the BRI Card Center's bookkeepings.

If the cardholder is declared negligent in the use of the card, BRI Card Center has the right to block the card and withdraw all the savings inside the account.

BRI has the right at any time to give power of attorney to third parties to carry out the credit card billing process with applicable laws and regulations.

BRI has the right to charge the card holder with all the billing fees including attorney fees, court fees, and agent fees (if BRI appoints a third party to settle bills from the cardholder).

Card Transaction

  • Transactions are billed in Rupiah, transactions with foreign currencies will be converted into Rupiah according to the BRI Card Center exchange rate at the time the transaction is booked.
  • Transaction billed with the exact amount stated in the sales draft by the merchant and the cardholder is considered to have agreed to the transaction that is billed via billing statement if there is no objection within 15 days after the billing statement is received.
  • BRI Card Center has the right to limit the use of credit or reject transactions temporarily or forever.

Payment Collectability Status

  • "Current", there are no delays in card payments.
  • "Special Mention", the late payment between 1 - 90 calendar days after the due date. In this condition, the BRI Card Center has the right to make temporary blocking so that the card cannot be used until payment is made at the minimum payment amount.
  • "Substandard", late payment of the card between 91-120 calendar days after the due date. In this case the card will be permanently blocked and the card cannot be used.
  • "Doubtful", late payment of cards between 121 - 180 calendar days after the due date. In this case the card will be permanently blocked and cannot be used.
  • "Bad", late payment of the card over 180 days after the due date. In this case the card will be permanently blocked and cannot be used.

Card Loss

  • If the card is lost/stolen, the cardholder must immediately contact the BRI Card Center to prevent unauthorized use of the card.
  • If the card is lost/stolen, the cardholder is responsible for all transactions that occur before the report of the card loss is received by the BRI Card Center.
  • BRI Card Center has the right not to replace a card that is reported lost/stolen if there are still late unpaid bills.
  • Administration fees will be charged for every card replacement that is reported lost/stolen.

Changing The Address

  • BRI Card Center only store the last recorded address and telephone number of the cardholder.
  • Any changes must be reported to the 24 Hours BRI Card Call Center 14017 or 1500 017.

Insurance Membership

  • If the cardholder registers for insurance membership under BRI, BRI will charge the insurance premium to the Cardholder.
  • According to the insurance policy, BRI is appointed as the recipient of the sum assured which will be used to pay off the remaining bills. After that, the rest of the money will be given to the heirs.
  • The cardholder hereby declares that in the event of an insurance claim, the insurance company is the party who is fully responsible. The cardholder frees BRI from all responsibility for the insurance claim.

Card Closure & Cancellation

The cardholder has the right to close his BRI Credit Card at any time by submitting a request to BRI through Contact BRI 14017/1500017

The cardholder must pay all the card payment before closing the card.

If the request for closing the card is approved, the cardholder is required to cut the card into pieces.

Bank can cancel or not renew the card, in the following conditions:

  • The cardholder has violated the BRI Credit Card general terms and conditions.
  • The cardholder's name is listed in the Bank Indonesia or AKKI blacklist.
  • The cardholder is negligent or violates a provision in the credit agreement between the bank and the cardholder.
  • The cardholder hereby frees the bank from any responsibilities and claims. Bank also have the right to put the cardholder’s name and card number in the Bank Indonesia blacklist.

Statement of Guarantee

By signing the request for the card issue or anything related. The cardholder hereby declares, reads, understands and agrees to follow the terms and conditions of being a BRI credit cardholder including any changes by the Bank in the future. The Bank is not responsible for any problems regarding the goods are paid using BRI Credit Cards, and the cardholder is still responsible to pay the bills for the transaction.

When do I receive Loyalty Points for PayLater Card transactions?

You will receive traveloka points from the 15th - 18th of each month. If you make a transaction with a min multiple of Rp. 100,000 this month, then points will be received in the next month period

Contact Us for Assistance

Need more information on PayLater Card? Contact BRI on 14017 or 1500017. Otherwise, open our Help Center below.

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