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Bantul, Yogyakarta Province

Apart from its strong cultural ambiance, Yogyakarta Province also has beautiful panoramic views, one of them located in Bantul District. Situated in the South of Yogyakarta City, this area is the most visited place by the locals to relax from their daily activities in the central. Even though Bantul was struck by an earthquake back in 2006, it is now restored and being a comfortable place for the visitors. Not only temples or museums, this area includes some interesting nature attractions such as Mangunan Pine Forest, Mangunan Fruit Farm, Parangtritis Beach, and many more. Since it is located in a higher place, Bantul has plenty of outdoor activities that is perfect for fans of natural attractions or even family vacation, like Pulosari Waterfall and Banyunibo Waterfall with its beautiful scenery and cool weather.

Top Things to Do Around Bantul

Exquisite Tours in Bantul

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More about Bantul

About Bantul

Bantul is one of the most vital districts in the Yogyakarta region. Bantul region has three types of topography areas. In the south, there is a low-lying area, directly adjacent to the coast. Next, there are floor areas in the middle and mountain areas in the west. This diverse typography creates a lot of tourist attractions in Bantul. Besides advanced tourism suitable for a vacation, Bantul is well-known as an area that produces agricultural products and fruits. With varied air, there are various types of fruits and vegetables planted here. Moreover, Bantul also provides a variety of bamboo handicrafts, especially in Imogiri area. The best time to explore exciting places in Bantul is mid-year. When it is raining, the mountains and hills are quite dangerous to pass through, while the southern part of Bantul, especially Kretek, is very prone to flooding. Public transportation in Bantul is scarce and almost non-existent. The best way of exploring Bantul is to rent a vehicle, such as a motorbike while still in the centre of Yogyakarta.

Top Things to Do in Bantul

Bantul, which is on the southern coast of Yogyakarta, has many exciting places. Taking a vacation here will make it easier for tourists to take a trip to many places, ranging from mountains to long and attractive coasts. The following are the recommendations for Bantul attractions to visit

Gumuk Parangkusumo (Parangkusumo Sand Dunes)

Gumuk Parangkusumo is one of the tourist attractions in Bantul, which always attracts many people to visit. Located near Parangkusumo Beach, this place is a vast desert which is similar to the deserts in the Middle East or Egypt. This desert has several attractive facilities and playgrounds. Tourists can use some swings spread all over this area for taking photos and relaxing. Want to enjoy the more exciting game? Try to slide on the high dunes. Gumuk Parangkusumo is in Jalan Pantai Parangkusumo, Kretek, Parangtritis, Bantul.

Parangtritis Beach

Parangtritis Beach is the famous tourism icon of Bantul, even Yogyakarta. This beach is on the south coast and faces Indonesia Ocean. It is known for its three attractions which are always sought after by many tourists from various regions in Indonesia. First, Parangtritis Beach is in a culinary area. Stopping here can make it easy for tourists to enjoy the coastal cuisine, including sea fish. Furthermore, the big waves on this beach are interesting to see from afar. Finally, tourists can enjoy the trip with horse cart around the coastline.

Kebun Buah Mangunan (Mangunan Fruit Garden)

Kebun Buah Mangunan is one of the tourist attractions with the theme of the most extensive fruit garden in Yogyakarta. There are hundreds of fruit trees here, ranging from durian, mango, orange, and guava trees. Every tree is planted and harvested when the time has come. The visitors can take part in the exciting harvesting process. Besides enjoying the harvest of fruits, the tourists can also enjoy the beauty of gardens and the valley area from the top of the hill. The view from above is breathtaking, especially when mist appears. Kebun Buah Mangunan is on Jalan Imogiri-Dlingo, Sukorame, Mangunan, Dlingo, Bantul.

Bukit Panguk Bantul (Panguk Hill)

Bukit Panguk Bantul once made a sensation with various beautiful sunrise photos. This hill has a viewing point jutted toward the cliff to see the sunrise. In the morning, the abyss is stunning, especially since there is the Opak River flow around it. Bukit Panguk is in Kediwulung, Mangunan, Dlingo, Bantul.

Seribu Batu Songgo Langit

The last attractive place suitable for a vacation is Seribu Batu Songgo Langit. Developing pine forest areas, this tourist attraction in Bantul is still relatively new. Currently, this tourist area already has several facilities, such as various stalls, toilets, to benches in the forest to relax. There are many exciting attractions here, ranging from various fascinating parks to wooden houses and statues. The tourists coming here can take photos in several beautiful spots. The location of Seribu Batu Songgo Langit is on Jalan Hutan Pinus Nganjir, Sukorame, Mangunan, Dlingo, Bantul. The entrance ticket is about Rp5,000, while other attractions have additional fees.

Top Culinary in Bantul

As part of Yogyakarta, culinary in Bantul also carries traditional Javanese concepts. When enjoying tourist attractions in Bantul, don't forget to try some of the culinary below

Warung Sate Pak Pong

If you go to Bantul, don't forget to eat sate klatak and tengkleng. Sate klatak is roasted goat meat served without any peanut sauce. You can eat it with white rice and savoury gravy. Warung Sate Pak Pong also serves tengkleng.

Bakmi Mbah Mo

Bakmi Mbah Mo is also a quite viral culinary in Bantul. Bakmi are processed noodles with thick soup. Eat while it is hot to get the best taste of bakmi. Bakmi Mbah Mo is on Jalan Parangtritis, Bantul.

Warung Soto Rejeki

Warung Soto Rejeki offers chicken soto with rich and fresh soup. Soto uses beef, added with the soup and a slice of tomato. This soto is on Jalan Panembahan Senopati, Bantul.

Where to Stay in Bantul

Bantul has many fascinating places. Not only the coastal areas, but the mountain and hill areas are also beautiful. Staying at Bantul is the right choice so you can take a more extended trip. The following are the hotel recommendations near Bantul

Queen of The South Resort

Not far from Parangtritis Beach, this accommodation offers a modern and elegant concept. With a four-star standard, the facilities are quite complete, including for business purposes. This hotel is suitable for a vacation with family or a honeymoon.

Villa Alcheringa Yogyakarta

This accommodation is quite similar to a beachfront villa. There are modern and complete facilities, even an infinity pool. The hotel location is not far from Parangtritis Beach. Taking a leisurely walk for 5 minutes, tourists can enjoy the beauty of the waves on the south coast.

Spacious Room at Adinda Beach Hotel

Located on Jalan Puncak Parangtritis, this budget hotel offers a simple residential concept with complete facilities. The hotel is not far from the nearest beach; the distance is only a 10 to 15-minute walk.

Here are some tourist attractions in Bantul suitable as the vacation destinations. If you want to go to Bantul and are afraid of running out of accommodations, then book a hotel via Traveloka application immediately. In minutes, you will find the best hotel.

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