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West Jakarta

About West Jakarta

West Jakarta is home to the charming historical quarters of Old Town, one of the city's most popular travel destinations. On the other side of the area, rows of luxurious shopping malls stand, offering numerous restaurants and attractions for all ages. Explore Jakarta's colonial era heritage by visiting the three museums around Fatahillah Square: the Jakarta History Museum, Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics, and Puppet Museum. After a tour through the history of the area, go on to the nearby Chinatown district of Glodok and pay a visit to Petak Sembilan that boasts numerous temples, markets, and peddlers selling delicious dishes. The area com...
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More about West Jakarta

About West Jakarta 

As a part of the Special Region of Jakarta, West Jakarta has a dense population. Almost every corner of this region is filled with housing complexes and office buildings. Nevertheless, this city promotes a special point of interest which can be seen through a variety of tourist attractions in West Jakarta. Different kinds of tourist attractions can be found in this city, from modern tourism such as malls, cafes, or restaurants, to some historic sites which include museums, Kota Tua (Old City) area, and Betawi eateries. That being said, West Jakarta turns into one of the most favorite holiday destinations in the capital city. As a favorite destination on holiday season, West Jakarta offers a wide selection of accommodations, from budget hotels to 5-star suites. Local government also provides broader access to get into the city, including land, sea, and air transportation. 

Top Things to Do in West Jakarta

It is not difficult to find the best tourist attractions in West Jakarta. This city offers various destinations that you can visit during a vacation. Here are some of them

Magic Art 3D Museum

Kota Tua (Old City) area in West Jakarta is known for having many historical museums, from the old-fashioned buildings to the modern ones. One of the newest museums is Magic Art 3D Museum. All paintings displayed in this museum are created by Indonesian and Korean painters. This tourist attraction has several zones: Painting Zone, Animal Zone, Routine Zone, Dinosaurus Zone, Adventure Zone, and Horror Zone. After you buy an admission ticket, you can explore all the paintings and take as many pictures as you want. 

Jakarta Aquarium Indonesia 

Jakarta Aquarium Indonesia is an educational tourist attraction in West Jakarta. This attraction is a collaboration project of Indonesia and Aquarium KLCC in Malaysia. It aims to showcase Indonesian marine life and underwater animals in the form of conservation sites. There are at least 600 species of marine animals that you can find Jakarta Aquarium Indonesia. You can take a closer look at those animals or watch a world-class theater performance entitled Pearl of the South Sea

Miniapolis Lippo Mall

Those who travel with children should visit Miniapolis Lippo Mall. This indoor theme park features a wide playgroundarea filled with various interesting rides for children in the 3 to 7 age group. Besides playing, children can attend study sessions guided by professional teachers from Ismile Preschool. There are many classes available for your children. One of them is Einstein Work in Progress. In this class, your children will be able to do some simple experiments that can improve their cognitive skills.

Fun World

While Miniapolis is specifically designed for children between 3-7 years old, Fun World is suitable for all family members. Visitors of all ages can try and enjoy various fun rides in this attraction. Established in 1983, Fun World has claimed itself as a family recreational center for visitors who seek edutainment experience—education and entertainment.

Apple Bee Playground

Looking for a way to go shopping while entertaining your children? Then you should visit Apple Bee Playground. This attraction is designed to make children happy and comfortable while their parents go shopping in Taman Anggrek Mall. Besides playing, children can learn about many things while spending their time in Apple Bee Playground.

Top Culinary in West Jakarta 

Complete your vacation in West Jakarta by savoring the city’s local delicacies. Here are some recommended dining sites in West Jakarta that you can visit during your vacation

Bakmi Acang

Bakmi Acang has established for more than 30 years. It serves bakmi or noodle with chopped chickens and various toppings or side dishes. Combined with thick, scrumptious gravy, bakmi features a delicious savory taste. You can visit this restaurant in Grogol from 8 AM to 2 PM.

Soto Betawi Bang Ali

Soto Betawi Bang Ali is a must-visit restaurant when you take a trip to Jakarta. While regular soto or soupis made from coconut milk, this restaurant uses milk instead. Therefore, the soup can be safely consumed by anyone, including people with high cholesterol. So, don’t hesitate to delight in a bowl of savory soup which is served with chopped chicken. 

Mie Tori

Located in Kebun Jeruk, Mie Tori is a small eatery that serves noodle-based dishes, such as mi ayam jamur (noodle with chicken and mushroom), boiled kwetiau, mi ayam hijau (green chicken noodle), and bihun ayam jamur (rice noodle with chicken and mushroom). That being said, Mie Tori is considered a heavenly destination for those who like various kinds of noodles. All dishes in this eatery are also sold at a reasonable price. 

Ayam Geprek Gokil

Another tourist attraction in West Jakartathat serves delicious cuisine is Ayam Geprek Gokil. This restaurant offers various chicken-based dishes that will spark your appetite. Because of its wide menu selection, you should definitely visit Ayam Geprek Gokil.

Kedai Nasi Bakar

Several special meals served in Kedai Nasi Bakar are Nasi Bakar Cakalang and Nasi Bakar Bogana. Both of them are equally delicious and low-cost; the price for one rice portion starts from IDR23,000. No wonder this restaurant is always full of visitors, especially during lunchtime.

Where to Stay in West Jakarta

Accommodation is an important element on your vacation. So, here are some recommended hotels and accommodation sites that you can book when traveling to West Jakarta

Twin Plaza Hotel

Situated at the heart of the city, this hotel provides affordable and convenient guest rooms with excellent facilities. Because of its strategic location, you can easily reach various destinations around the hotel.

Hotel Ciputra

Located near Ciputra Mall, this hotel is an excellent option for those who take a vacation in West Jakarta, especially if going shopping is included on your holiday agenda. You can explore the nearest shopping centers without having to worry about getting stuck in the traffic. More importantly, Hotel Ciputra offers great amenities and a pleasant atmosphere for a convenient stay. 

Bamboo Inn

Bamboo Inn is a budget hotel situated in a strategic location. This accommodation is close to several public facilities and tourist attractions. Despite its low rates, Bamboo Inn provides great amenities to make your stay more comfortable. 

Grand Tjokro

Although it lies in the busy area of Petamburan, Grand Tjokro offers a pleasant atmosphere in all of its guest rooms. Excellent amenities and comfortable beds are some of the benefits that you will get when staying in this hotel.

Hotel Santika Premiere

If you prefer more luxurious accommodations, Hotel Santika Premiere is a good option. In addition to outstanding facilities, the hotel’s strategic location will make you easier to explore many tourist attractions in West Jakarta.

Now, are you ready to plan a trip to West Jakarta? Be sure to book hotels, plane tickets, or attraction tickets on Traveloka to make your trip more convenient. Happy holiday!