About Malang

Malang is the second-biggest city in East Java that has a lot of charms. Famously known for its apple harvest, this district offers a picturesque view and a wondrous atmosphere around the city. Located near Semeru Mountain and Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park, this place has cool and fresh air. Aside from its beautiful scenic views, Malang is also home to some unique areas, like Jalan Ijen that is filled with beautiful Dutch-colonial style houses or Kampung Wisata Jodipan – also known as Kampung Warna Warni – with its colorful walls along the riverside. To complete your journey, spend some time to visit their magnificent waterfalls like Ma...
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About Malang

Malang has become one of the destinations targeted by tourists during vacation because the diversity of tourist attractions in Malang is still unbeatable. Located in East Java Province, Malang is the second-largest city in the region after Surabaya, the provincial capital. History recorded that Malang has existed since the days of the Kanjuruhan Kingdom, with the initial location was in the highlands. Furthermore, precisely 1,000 years after AD, the Singosari Kingdom was established. In 1400, Islam made the Majapahit Kingdom surrender, and Mahapatih Gajahmada retreated and hid in the Malang region. Malang City has an area of ​​145,28 square kilometers. This region is bordered by Karangploso District and Singosari District in the north, Tumpang District and Pakis District in the east, Dau District and Wagir District in the west, and Pakisaji District and T crafts District in the south. Not only rich with historical stories, but Malang also has many exciting places that are child-friendly and suitable for travel with family. This is why Malang becomes the right destination when the holiday season arrives. From historical, natural, cultural, to culinary, you can easily find every aspect of tourism in this famous city of East Java Province.

Top Things to Do in Malang

Are you interested in visiting and revealing the beauty of Malang when vacationing with family? Already know where to go? If not, here are recommendations for attractions you can go to

Museum Angkut

Museum Angkut became one of the favorite tourist attractions among both domestic and foreign tourists. Here, you can find lots of transportation from every generation. There are classic cars with an extraordinarily high sale value. The museum also displays vehicles once used frequently by the first President of the Republic of Indonesia, Ir. Soekarno. Each mode of transportation is grouped by zone, so you won't have any difficulties in explaining them to your children.

Jatim Park

Your visit to Malang won’t be complete without visiting Jatim Park. At first glance, this vast park is similar to Dunia Fantasi in Jakarta, but the excitement you’ll get is definitely different. The park is divided into two broad groups: Jatim Park 1 and Jatim Park 2. You can find water games in ​​Jatim Park 1, while the lives of animals in the wild are merged into one in Jatim Park 2. If your children want to see the enormous dinosaurs and their habitat, you can take them to Jatim Park 3.

Mata Air Sumber Sira

After you’re satisfied with all the playing, it's time to calm the mind down while refreshing your body at Sira Spring. The water in this pool is so clear, and you can see the sea algae ecosystem directly without having to dive first. 

Singosari Temple

The next Malang destination you can visit is Singosari Temple. Its structure is rich with nuances and historical stories that tell the glory of the Singosari Kingdom, one of the Hindu-Buddhist style kingdoms that once entered Indonesia. Different from other Hindu-style temples in Indonesia (such as Prambanan Temple), Singosari Temple has a reasonably unique building architecture that consists of two levels. Not far from the temple’s location, there’s a bath believed to have been used by Ken Dedes the first queen of Singosari for bathing.

Batu Night Spectacular 

When night falls, most tourist attractions will have been closed already. The Batu Night Spectacular, however, starts to open from late afternoon until midnight instead. This tourist attraction is still under the operation of Jatim Park, synonymous with a variety of exciting rides you can try with your family and children. There are 25 areas equipped with various exciting rides, at least. Some of which challenge your adrenaline, such as trampolines and haunted houses. The lights beautifully set in the night sky can be the best objects for your camera lens.

Top Culinary in Malang

After traveling around and enjoying the beauty of the tourist attractions in Malang, you might feel hungry afterwards. Don't worry; Malang is also ready to welcome you with a variety of culinary that is famous for its deliciousness. This is the list for you.

Sego Resek

If you visit Malang, don't forget to taste the sego resek or the sego “sampah.” When translated literally to English, it becomes sego “trash,” and the name probably sounds off-putting. But the food is far from this meaning, and you can't doubt its excellent taste. Sego resek is processed using a special mixture of spices and additional traditional spices. You can eat it with various side dishes.

Bakso Malang 

Bakso Malang (Malang Meatballs) is a typical food of Malang. Unlike other Indonesian meatballs in general, Bakso Malang have several types of meatballs, tofu, and dumplings that can be both fried and boiled.


Orem-orem used only to be presented only when there were certain ceremonies or significant events, such as celebrations or weddings. Now, you can find this typical food of Malang everywhere. Orem-orem is a mixture of sliced ​​tempeh and fried chicken mixed with thick coconut milk sauce. Coupled with sliced ​​diamonds and sprinkles of bean sprouts, orem-orem sometimes tastes a little similar to another Javanese vegetable stew, lodeh.


Also exclusive from Malang, rawon is a dish consisting of spices plus beef cuts. The sauce is black because it uses Kluwek (fermented fruits from pangium edule tree). This soup is so tasty and appealing, especially if you eat it together with a plate of white rice and a glass of warm tea.

Where to Stay in Malang

Indeed, it won't be enough for you to spend one day visiting various exciting tourist destinations in Malang. Therefore, make sure you have booked accommodation to stay and rest. To make your search and order easier, you can use the Traveloka application. There are many choices of places to stay in Malang, and here is the list

Kusuma Agrowisata Resort and Convention Hotel

The first accommodation recommended for you and your family is Kusuma Agrowisata Resort and Convention Hotel. Located on Jl. Abdul Gani Atas, Batu, Malang, this 4-star accommodation is not far from Malang tourist attractions such as Jatim Park and Alun-Alun.

Atria Hotel Malang

Next is Atria Hotel Malang, a 4-star accommodation located on Jl. Letjen S. Parman, Malang. From the accommodation, tourist destinations such as Batu City Square and Jatim Park 1 and 2 can be reached by car for about 20 minutes.

Swiss-Belinn Malang

Finally, Swiss-Belinn is highly recommended for those who want to shop at Malang Town Square. This 3-star accommodation is suitable for a resting place wrapped in typical Malang luxury. It’s also close to tourist attractions in Malang such as Jatim Park 1 and 2.