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Eco Green Park Tickets (Jatim Park Group)
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Eco Green Park Tickets (Jatim Park Group)

Batu, Malang
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What Others Are Saying

Love the area especially view of the world's of various parrots of the world, the upside house and many more... You will love it.

Dana B. - Fri, 4 September 2020

It's not crowded, means it safer. Great atmosphere, awesome animals collection, information & education.

Sofia K. L. - Sun, 9 August 2020

Eco Green Park is definitely one of the recommended spots to visit in Batu.

Dennis J. - Sun, 21 March 2021

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Activity Details


Learn more about the eco-friendly lifestyle at Eco Green Park
Find out how you can turn waste into something useful like compost or biofuel
Get up close with exotic and native birds
Enjoy other facilities, such as a 3D cinema and water outbound games
Good for: Nature Enthusiasts, Fun-loving Families


Traveloka and partners are committed to comply with the hygiene and safety protocols to help contain the spread of COVID-19.

Regular cleaning with disinfectant and use of hand sanitizers.

Mandatory temperature check and face masks for all staff and customers.

Physical distancing rules with venue capacity reduction, along with online booking and cashless payment system.

What You’ll Experience

As the world is facing climate change issues, it's high time for more people to learn about eco-friendly lifestyle, and you can start at Eco Green Park! At this edutainment park, you will find out how to contribute in saving the environment in the most fun ways – from turning waste into compost or biofuel to creating adorable and useful everyday items from scraps.

This attraction also houses more than 1,000 birds of different species, such as cassowary, ostrich, flamingo, snowy owl, and more. It is even made complete with other fun facilities, such as a 3D cinema, upside down house, and water outbound games. Grab the tickets now and get ready for a fun edutainment experience, only at Eco Green Park!

Children will love getting closer with nature at Eco Green Park

Meet more than 1,000 beautiful birds from different species

For your safety, you'll undergo a quick temperature check before you enter

Eco Green Park maintains strict disinfecting protocols so you can leave your worries behind when you visit!

Always keep your mask on and maintain a physical distance for a clean and safe experience!


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Eco Green Park, Jl. Oro-Oro Ombo No.9A, Sisir, Kec. Batu, Kota Batu, Jawa Timur 65314, Indonesia
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Eco Green Park Tickets (Jatim Park Group)

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    More about Eco Green Park Tickets (Jatim Park Group)

    Embark on an Epic Adventure in Eco Green Park (Jatim Park Group)

    Eco Green Park (Jatim Park Group)is an adventure and educational tourism centre located in the area of Batu. Its location is close to Jatim Park 2, making it suitable for a short family trip in East Java Province. This tourist attraction offers cool and chilly weather, a perfect vibe to get away from the city’s hustle and bustle. It also provides a wide variety of attractions, facilities, and activities for visitors of all ages. Feel the fun when you learn about various species of fauna and watch the unique animal show. Join environmental conservation classes that you can apply at home. Don’t miss the chance to take the best picture alongside attractive backgrounds and participate in a variety of fun games as well as outbound activities. All in all, here are some interesting things that Eco Green Park (Jatim Park Group)offers.

    Learn about Technology

    This tourist attraction is a perfect destination to introduce the world of technology to your family. Eco Green Park has simulated facilities of steam generator (PLTU) and water generator (PLTA), water pump scheme, laboratory of milk production and pasteurisation, disaster simulation centre, and the replica of the surgery room. All those zones serve as educational media to teach children about industry technology.

    Learn about Animals

    Visit a range of facilities and animal zones to learn about fauna in a fun way. You can take a look at the koi pond, bird conservation, mini farm, and insectariums. The bird conservation is divided into several zones, including owl zone, fowl zone, eagle zone, parrot zone, waterbird zone, and many more. When visiting the animal zones, don’t forget to ask the staff about feeding time. If you’re lucky enough, you can feed the animals—with the assistance of the staff, of course.

    Learn to Preserve the Environment

    Eco Green Park provides several classes that give a lesson about how to preserve the environment. In those classes, you can watch and learn about biogas production, art gallery from recycling things, and hydroponic plant with water medium. All these classes can be applied to your everyday life. Eco Green Park also offers several recycling zones that are worth trying. You can take a look at the recycling centre that turns paper, wood, and metal into more attractive pieces.

    Watch Animal Performances

    Eco Green offers some animal performances. Every day from 12.30 to 3.30 PM, you can watch the performances of fowls, predator birds, water birds, penguins, and some rare species of birds, such as Kalimantan hornbill. Those performances take place at the amphitheatre.

    Be Active with Outbound Activities

    This tourist attraction has a wide selection of games and outbound activities. Its location is perfect for school or company events. You can find an outbound area which is built over the lake. Surrounded by beautiful greeneries, this area features rope ladders, balance crossbar, and many more. 

    Take Unique Photograph

    Taking unique pictures is one of the most favourite things to do in this attraction. The collection of exotic birds should be included in your pictures. Alternatively, you can take photographs in the bird market area, which resembles the atmosphere of the old traditional market. With the staff help, you can also strike a pose with a macaw, white pelican, eagle, and cockatoo on your hand. Another interesting site to visit is the Upside-Down House, an optical illusion museum which happens to be a trend these days. As the name suggests, this zone features a pink-painted house in which the building is designed as if it is upside down. The furniture and perspective on the inside are also made as they are upturned.

    Enrich Your Knowledge in Eco Science Center

    Eco Science Center comprises educational zones, disaster simulation, and forest damage. The outside part of this building resembles Prambanan Temple, along with beautiful statues in the front. This area also features natural stone models, disaster simulation and mitigation, as well as videos about environmental damage and how should we deal with it. 

    Watch 3D Show

    Hanoman 3D Dome Cinema is a small theatre which offers an impressive 3D technology. You can follow along a captivating visual adventure with wonderful image and sound effects.

    Eco Green Park (Jatim Park Group) ticket price is relatively affordable on both weekdays and weekends. It starts from Rp53.350 on the weekdays and Rp72.750 on the weekends. This price applies to children whose height is over 85 centimetres, while children who are lower than 85 centimetres can get in for free. Pay attention to the high season period before you book Eco Green Park (Jatim Park Group) entrance ticket. The high season starts from early June to mid-July, as well as mid-December to early January. Get the best deals with promo Eco Green Park (Jatim Park Group) promos on Traveloka. Then, you can enjoy the beauty of nature and educational journey in Eco Green Park (Jatim Park Group).

    Eco Green Park (Jatim Park Group) Entrance Ticket

    • Weekday Admission Ticket: Rp53.350
    • Weekend & High Season Admission Ticket: Rp72.750