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World of Wonders Tickets

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Rp 130.000

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What Others Are Saying

“A very happy holiday. Suitable for family vacations. Wonderful place to visit. And there you can teach your child about science, and a place to play. If you are going please don't forget to carry some extra clothes for water rides or swim in world of water, still in WOW facilities. This wonders park are suitable for kids 4 years under, so they can enjoy all the facility. There are also many food court so don't worry if you feel hungry. A place that is clean, comfortable and highly recommended. ”

Vitriyah - 17 Nov 2018

“The park is besides the lake, and there are many attractions.”

Alberth - 27 Aug 2018

“Cheap and comfort for kids”

Linda - 29 Jun 2018

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Product Details


  • Visit the World of Wonders Tangerang and travel the world in one day
  • Enjoy various exciting rides with unique themes, such as Mobil Gladiator, Kereta Minoan, Kebat Kebit coaster, and more
  • Take unique pictures in front of famous landmark miniatures
  • Bring your family and friends along for a fun day full of playing and learning
Good for: Free Spirits, Adventure Junkies, Fun-Loving Families

What You’ll Experience

Nestled in Tangerang area, World of Wonders Theme Park will keep your family entertained with their exciting rides. Opt to go on thrilling rides like the Virtual Ride, Techno Fly, or Menara Outbound, or try other fun activities like riding the E-bike, available for rent. This park also offers educational programs for kids like Planetarium, Ruang Fisika, and Insectarium.

This attraction is even more special as it boasts the seven wonders of the world, the main highlight of the park. These replicas are designed resembling the real ones, giving you the chance to see the world's seven wonders without having to travel around the world. So, get your camera ready to take many photos as you treasure the experience of exploring the seven wonders of the world in one visit to this water park!

Find your way out in this glass made maze!

Feel the sensation of riding virtual rollercoaster in VR Ride!

Take the kids to experience the sensation of exploring African inland park!

More than just playing, the kids will also get to learn about various insects
Location Details
Getting There
Perum Citra Raya Blok KH 01 / 01, Sektor 3.1, Kawasan Mardigrass Citra Raya, Cikupa, Mekar Bakti, Panongan, Tangerang, Banten 15710, Indonesia
How to Redeem
Cancellation Policy
Terms & Conditions
More Things You Should Know
- Show or scan the Traveloka voucher on your phone at the ticket office to receive a physical ticket. Please adjust the brightness of your mobile phone screen before scanning the QR code on your voucher.
- Only your Traveloka voucher is valid. Your payment receipt or proof of payment may not be used to enter.
- Redeem your voucher at least 90 minutes before closing time.
- Opening hours may vary. Check the latest opening hours, event schedules, and FAQs at


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Opening Hours : Mon,10:00-18:00
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More about World of Wonders Tickets

World of Wonders

Exploring the world is now no longer a dream because you can have it in the World of Wonders. It is a unique tourist destination located in the housing complex of Perumahan Citra Raya, Tangerang Regency, Cikupa. This tourist destination that is commonly abbreviated as WOW is divided into seven areas, each of which represents the icon of a country. That is why this place will make you feel like you are travelling the world. Here are some of the fun activities you can do in the World of Wonders.

Exploring the Replica of Seven Wonders of the World

The main purpose of this tourist destination is as a place of education. That is one of the reasons this place offers the replica of Seven Wonders of the World, including the replica of Borobudur temple from Indonesia. Amazingly, the replica doesn’t only showcase the temple, but also the statues that guard the temple. You can also find the Prambanan temple replica which also comes from Indonesia. Other amazing replicas you will find here are Pisa Tower from Italia, Great Wall of China, Pyramid and Sphinx from Egypt, and Colosseum from Roma, Italia. They also have the replica of Stonehenge here with its distinctive nuances. 

Trying Various Fun Rides

In addition to the replica of the Seven Wonders of the World, the WOW also offers various fun and exciting rides to try. There are at least 17 rides you can try here such as the Liberty Boat, Alexandria Spinning Top, Emperor’s Swing, Minoan Train, and Gladiator Car. Each ride brings the concept of historical stories around the world. If you like taking silly or unique pictures, you are going to love the Illusion Gallery they have. It is among one of the most favourited rides in the World of Wonders. You can play with illusion and take a photograph or record yourself in a video. It is certainly going to be a nice and unique addition to your Instagram feed! Additionally, it also has exciting water world called the Citra Raya Water World. This area is also completed with various excellent facilities that will make you want to stay longer in the water surrounded by magnificent icons from all over the world.  The full facilities that the WOW emphasise the concept of playing while learning. It is an important step to enhance children curiosity and knowledge when they are in a period of ongoing growth and development. 

As part of their educational rides, they have Human Body Galleries that show you pictures and replicas of the human body. You can also find planetarium that shows you various planets and other space objects. These galleries make the World of Wonders as one of the right places to visit if you have young children with you, or if you want to take pictures of the great replica presented here. While it is a great way to save some money by bringing your own meal and drinks, but unfortunately, you will not be able to do so in this tourist destination. However, you don’t have to worry since the World of Wonders provide food court area that offers various food and drinks you can try. You can rest for a while after the long adventure in this theme park, enjoying the meal provided here in their food court.

Also, don’t forget to bring your umbrella or a hat when you are visiting the World of Wonders, especially if it is hot outside.  This place is an open tourist destination so that means the sun’s heat may affect your health. You don’t want to get sunburned during your visit, do you? The World of Wonders is open daily from 10.00 to 18.00 WIB. The entrance ticket is Rp65.000 on weekdays and Rp75.000 on weekends or national holiday, and Rp85.000 on high season. These ticket prices are valid for one person and include free ride facility for 30 rides. You can try each ride 2 times maximum. You may have to wait on a long line to get your ticket during the weekend or high season. But don’t worry, you can get your ticket through the Traveloka application to avoid the long line. They have an interesting promo for World of Wonders ticket for you!  So, what are you waiting for? Schedule your visit to the World of Wonders with your whole family!

Entrance Ticket

Weekdays Entrance ticket: Rp65.000

Weekends/National Holidays Entrance ticket: Rp75.000

High Season Entrance ticket: Rp85.000

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