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About Banten

Banten is a province formed from the expansion of West Java in the year of 2000. Despite its new status, the region potential is quite significant and valuable, especially in the tourism sector. There are many tourist attractions in Banten, ranging from nature, culture, and culinary, and shopping tourism. At present, Banten has around 12 million population. It is the largest population in eight cities and regencies, including Tangerang City. This most populous city with a population of 2.6 million is known as an industrial city. Many factories and production centres are standing here. Besides, this city also offers various shopping centres. Banten has several nature reserves and protected areas for conservation purposes. This province does not have a lot of highlands and has more coastal areas, beaches, to seas for the tourism sector instead. In the education sector, Banten already has several public and private universities. With the entire education sector, local students can study in their area without having to go all the way to Bandung or Jakarta.

Top Things to Do in Banten

After becoming a province since the West Java expansion, Banten begins to develop its tourism sector. Tourist attractions in Banten are starting to show up with better facilities and management. Here are some recommendations for Banten tourism worth to visit

Taman Nasional Ujung Kulon (Ujung Kulon National Park)

Taman Nasional Ujung Kulon is one of the most important nature reserves in Indonesia. You can find one protected species of animals which is almost extinct, named Javanese rhino. This rhino lives in the National Park area and is well-monitored. Several types of rhinos are placed in cages so they can interact with visitors. Besides seeing the rare rhino, visitors can also enjoy outdoor activities, such as adventurous paths or a vast camping area. Taman Nasional Ujung Kulon covers several capes and the surrounding islands. The entrance ticket starts from Rp5,000 for local tourists.

Pulau Dua and Pulau Burung (Dua Island and Bird Island)

Pulau Dua and Pulau Burung around the nature reserve are also a favourite destination of many tourists. This attractive place is one of the tourism magnets for two reasons. First, they have beautiful beaches and seas around. The waters are blue and clear, combined with soft white sand. Furthermore, this area is also known as a haven for migrating wild birds. The best time to visit these two islands is from April to August or during summer. Birds from various continents will come here for a while. After that, during the rainy season, the birds will leave. Often visited by bird migration, this island is called Bird Island.

Batavia Splash Water Adventure

Batavia Splash Water Adventure is one of the waterparks in Banten which is always full of visitors. This waterpark is in Perumahan Grand Batavia, Jalan Raya Cadas Kukun, Sindangsari, Pasar Kemis, Tangerang, Banten. The operational hours start at 11.00 to 17.00 every day. The Banten tourist attraction has several rides to use by visitors. There are rides with particular themes, such as si Pitung. You will also find a pool to relax and enjoy other water rides. The entrance fee of Batavia Splash Water Adventure is about Rp17,500. The entrance fees do not cover some rides and facilities.

Upside Down World Alam Sutera

Love photography and want to have interesting photos for social media? You can come to Upside Down World Alam Sutera. This unique tourist attraction offers reverse-themed rooms to take pictures. Tourists can use all the themed rooms to get the best shots. The location of Upside Down World Alam Sutera is on Jl. Alam Sutera Boulevard, Pakulonan, North Serpong, South Tangerang, Banten. The entrance ticket starts at Rp70,000 for all themed rooms. Visit on a weekday, so you don't have to queue when taking pictures and be able to do various styles more relaxed.

Anyer Beach

Anyer Beach is suitable for a vacation destination. This tourist attraction in Banten has soft and clean sand, which is safe to step on with bare feet. Besides, the beach area is also perfect for trying water sports, doing various water games, and enjoying culinary in a quiet atmosphere.

Top Culinary in Banten

It will never complete going on a vacation to Banten without eating its famous local culinary. Here are some culinary recommendations in Banten to visit during the trip


HULUKALI offers a variety of unique culinary delights that are not only filling, but also inexpensive. Besides, there is a variety of drinks, such as coffee and cocktails. HULUKALI also has an attractive place, perfect for hanging out. The location of the restaurant is on Jalan Benteng Raya, Tangerang.

Sate Jawara

Sate Jawara is almost similar to satay in general. However, the unique presentation and delicious taste make it sought after by many people. Sate Jawara is on Jalan Dr Cipto Mangunkusumo, Tangerang.

Jovee's Social Haus

Jovee’s Social Haus is one of the restaurants which offers typical Italian cuisine. This restaurant also serves various pasta and oriental dishes with delicious taste. The restaurant location is on Jalan Kelapa Dua Raya.

Where to Stay in Banten

There are a lot of places to stay in Banten; here are some of the best recommendations while you are on vacation here

Hotel Santika Premiere ICE - BSD City

Located in BSD City, this hotel offers a very modern residence of a four-star hotel. Various modern facilities in the room, including a swimming pool, are provided to add some comfort for the guests.

Horizon Grand Serpong

Besides modern and complete room facilities, Horison Grand Serpong also has meeting rooms, a hall, and other business facilities. Moreover, the hotel restaurant offers the best culinary in oriental and western style. The hotel is on Jalan MH. Thamrin Km. 2.7.

Atria Hotel Gading Serpong

The hotel located on Jalan Boulevard Raya, Gading Serpong is close to several shopping centres, such as Summarecon Mall. With a four-star standard, travellers can enjoy complete and modern facilities.

A vacation to Banten will not be complete without staying overnight and going on culinary tours. Make hotel reservations through Traveloka application. By booking a hotel in advance, your trip will go smoothly without worrying about many things.