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North Sumatra, Indonesia

North Sumatra is the fourth-dense populated province after West java, East Java, and Central Java. Apart from its culture, this area also hosts some natural sightseeing that is very appealing for tourists like Lake Toba, Mount Sinabung, Sipisopiso Waterfall – one of the highest waterfall in Indonesia, Samosir Island, and Nias Island – great for sea activities like surfing and scuba diving. Aside from that, this province is also renowned for its commodities like oil, palm oil, tea and rubber – produced in a substantial quantity, and fine tobaccos. The most unique thing about this province is most of the population here are The Batak which has a very interesting culture. One of it is how the locals put buffaloes’ head at the roof because it represents the common architectural of their houses.

Popular Destinations in North Sumatra

Top Things to Do Around North Sumatra

Tjong A Fie Mansion Tickets
Medan City Center
Considered as one of the city's historical gems, Tjong A Fie Mansion should definitely be included in your itinerary when visiting Medan. Completed in 1900, the two-story mansion was the private residence of Tjong A Fie, a notable Hakka merchant and public figure in Medan who successfully ran plantations, lands, and constructing the Medan-Belawan railway the late 19th and early 20th century. <br /><br />Step into 35 well-preserved rooms, including a ballroom and temple, some of which are still fully furnished such as Tjong A Fie's bedroom that displays his personal belongings. Learn more about Peranakan history and the community's journey in Medan through the mansion's Chinese, Malay, and Art Deco architectural styles, vintage artifacts, paintings and old photographs. Book your tickets now and get ready to dive into the richness of Chinese-Malay culture here at Tjong A Fie Mansion!
Rp 35.000
Rp 30.100

Magic Eye 3D Art Museum Medan Tickets
Batang Kuis
Get ready to be mind-blown in the mind-boggling Magic Eye 3D Art Museum Medan. Strolling through the museum, you will find yourself in awe at the unique artworks created using the Trompe-l'oeil technique that makes them appear 3 dimensional. <br /><br />Explore several different themed-rooms and take lots of fun pictures with your loved ones. Running away from a giant octopus or dinosaur? Trapped inside a bubble? Or taking shelter from the rain with a giant frog? Let your imaginations run wild and strike as many unique and mind-tricking poses as you can in front of these artworks!<br />Save yourself from a giant octopus!What are you going to do if a dinosaur comes near you?Get creative and create mind-tricking photos with your friends
Rp 50.000
Rp 37.000

Top Attractions in North Sumatra


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Why We Love It

Great view, beautiful place, and fun games/arena.

on Mikie Funland (Mikie Holiday) Tickets

Nice, good, senang kesana, banyak binatang yang belum pernah diliat

Oktrin T. S.
on Pematang Siantar Zoo Tickets

Tjong A Fie Mansion was a great place for us to understand deeper about Medan Peranakan conditions. Place was really beautiful too! Grab your camera and learn while posing there is a must!

Aulia F. F.
on Tjong A Fie Mansion Tickets

Fourth time coming and definitely will come back again another time!

on "RAHMAT" International Wildlife Museum & Gallery Tickets

The staff was very kind and friendly. They was took a pic for us. So me and my friends can had a picture together. Good place

Diana S. F. L.
on Magic Eye 3D Art Museum Medan Tickets

More about North Sumatra

About North Sumatera

North Sumatra, with the capital city of Medan, has become one of the favourite tourist destinations because tourist attractions in North Sumatra are diverse and unique. Having an area of around 72,981 square kilometres, North Sumatra is inhabited by more than 13 million people from various ethnic groups. The Batak tribe became the most dominant tribe in North Sumatra, followed by Javanese, Nias, Malay, Chinese, Minangkabau, Banjar, and other tribes. Islam is the majority religion here, and Bahasa Indonesia is used as the official language. Even so, there are many other languages used for daily conversation, such as Malay, Batak, Karo, Nias, and many more.Talking about interesting places and tourist attractions in North Sumatra, there are many destinations that you can visit. Each has a uniqueness that does not exist elsewhere. Not to mention the diversity of cultures and the many places to stay in North Sumatra, your tour here is more comfortable and enjoyable. Of course, booking accommodation for overnight stays will be easier and more practical if it is through Traveloka apps. Not only that, but North Sumatra's cuisine is also extraordinary with a distinctive taste because it uses spices that only exist in this region.

The Tourist Attractions in North Sumatera

The Sipiso-piso Waterfall

Sipiso-piso Waterfall in North Sumatra has been named as the highest waterfall tour in Indonesia, with water levels reaching 800 meters. This North Sumatra tourist destination is located in the village of Tongging, District Brand, Karo Regency. This waterfall emerges from an underground river and flows through a small cave that is on one side of the crater of Lake Toba. Its heavy flow of waterfalls so beautifully downwards. A trickle from the top, it just flows bigger when reaching the mainland, producing a rumbling sound very sharp in the ears. When viewed from a distance, this waterfall is small but amazing, so it is named "Piso", which means small and long.

Toba Lake

Your vacation to North Sumatra will never be complete if you don't stop by and witness the splendour and beauty of the Lake Toba tours. This lake has a length of 100 kilometres with a width of 30 kilometres, stretching just above Bukit Barisan. Located at an altitude of 900 meters above sea levels and surrounded by unspoiled forest makes the air on Lake Toba still fresh and cool. Lake Toba with a depth of about 450 meters is the widest and deepest lake in the world. Lake Toba has allegedly formed as a result of the devastating eruption of Mount Toba 74 thousand years ago. Right in the middle of the lake, you can see the most famous island in North Sumatra, Samosir Island.

Pematang Siantar Zoo

There is no interesting place in North Sumatra that is most suitable for family tourism besides the Pematang Siantar Zoo. Built on an area of 4 (four) hectares, this zoo is indeed the best place to spend time with family and children. Here, you can see various kinds of animal collections, ranging from mammals, birds, to reptiles. You can also see the Sinyulong Crocodile, the oldest crocodile that is more than 76 years old and the liger, a mammal from the hybrid-mating between a tiger and a lion that only exists in this zoo.

Bukit Lawang (Lawang Hill)

Located on the south side of Gunung Leuser National Park, Bukit Lawang is a small village which is the main entrance to enter the forest that is so popular in Sumatra. Not only due to the presence of Mount Leuser waiting to be conquered by climbers, but this tourist spot in North Sumatra is also very famous for being a rehabilitation centre for protected endangered species, the Sumatran orangutan.


Still located around the Gunung Leuser National Park area, there is also Tangkahan which is touted as a hidden paradise. Tangkahan is a tropical rain forest area of 17 thousand hectares and is used as a conservation centre. Here, you can tour the National Park area by riding an elephant while seeing the beauty of the forest filled with a variety of flora and fauna.

The Culinary in North Sumatera

Kue Ombus-Ombus (Ombus-Ombus Cake)

This sweet snack is often served at traditional events and is very delicious to eat with a cup of hot coffee. Omus cake is made from a mixture of rice flour and brown sugar wrapped in banana leaves. It tastes sweet and savoury, wonderful when tasted right after being removed from the steamer.


Arsik is a processed goldfish plus a variety of herbs and spices typical of the Tapanuli region. This dish is processed with the addition of water and oil, left until the water dries completely, and the seasoning has permeated completely. Then added with a plate of white rice, the taste will be so delicious.

Bika Ambon

With its distinctive shape and sweet and savoury taste, bika ambon is never missed by tourists. The colour is yellowish, with small cavities on the inside and skin on the surface. These snacks are widely bought as souvenirs but can still be eaten immediately accompanied by a cup of warm coffee.

Mi Gomak

Want to eat spaghetti? Try the Medanese typical spaghetti, mi gomak. This dish is made from spaghetti and is included in the traditional cuisine in North Sumatra. The way of serving it is easy, boil the spaghetti until it is cooked and mix it with herbs and spices. It tastes unique and guaranteed to make you addicted.

The Lodgings in Sumatera Utara

Hotel Niagara Parapat

This hotel is a place to stay in North Sumatra, which is located not far from Lake Toba. This 4-star accommodation offers luxury through facilities inside and outside the room to support your comfort while resting. Not to mention the location that is flanked by the hills, so the air is always cool and fresh.

Aryaduta Medan

Want to enjoy the glamour of Medan City? Aryaduta Medan is the right choice of accommodation. This 4-star hotel was built into one with the Grand Palladium Mall, one of the favourite shopping centres in North Sumatra. Not only that, but Aryaduta Medan also offers complete and luxurious facilities.

Adimulia Hotel Medan

Located on Jalan Pangeran Diponegoro, Adimulia Hotel Medan is another luxury 4-star hotel that is recommended for those who would like a vacation in Medan. The hotel offers complete and luxurious facilities, ranging from free internet access, air conditioning, to a swimming pool and a restaurant that is ready to spoil your tongue at any time.

Hotel Santika Premiere Dyandra Hotel & Convention

It's never difficult to find accommodation to stay in North Sumatra, because there are many choices you can find, especially if your booking is made through the Traveloka application. Like Hotel Santika Premiere Dyandra Hotel & Convention that located in the heart of Medan, this luxury 4-star accommodation has a very strategic location. It closes to several tourist attractions in North Sumatra, such as Plaza Medan Fair shopping centre, Sun Plaza Medan, and Grand Palladium Mall.

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