About Singapore

What Singapore lacks in size, this tiny city-state makes up in excitement and seemingly endless activities. Catch a whiff of street food or sight an ornate temple just around the corner — your senses will lead you deeper inside this cultural melting pot. With so much to discover, it's no wonder that the Lion City has become a top destination in Southeast Asia. Also known as the "Merlion City," it is home to a multicultural society living harmoniously, creating a unique cultural landscape.

Singapore has a lot more to offer than its concrete jungle surface suggests. To truly experience the city means to savor food in its many forms, f...

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About Singapore

Singapore has become a favourite travelling destination due to various tourist attractions there. This small country—located on the southernmost peninsula of Malaya is always full of tourists although the holidays have not yet come. Not many people know that Singapore has become the third most advanced financial centre in the world. Its port has become one of the five busiest ports in the world since trades between countries become the daily activities there. No wonder many tourists are interested in exploring this area of ​​722, 5 km2. Many races inhabit Singapore, ranging from Malay, Arabic, Indian, Chinese, Asian, and Caucasian descendants. This region has a real diversity of religions, with Buddhism as the majority, followed by Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and other faiths or beliefs. Besides, this racial diversity will undoubtedly contribute to language diversity. There are four languages ​​used as official daily conversations of Singaporeans; those are Malay, English, Tamil, and Mandarin. This diversity is also present in culinary with a perfect distinctive taste, as the result of the absorption of Chinese, Indian, Malay, British, to Indonesian cultures.

Top Things to Do in Singapore

Despite the small area, Singapore has enchanted the hearts of people visiting there, making them always want to come back again. Here are several interesting places recommendations in Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore

Vacationing in Singapore won’t be completed if you don't take any photos at one of the country’s landmarks, Universal Studios. Carrying the concept of films, Universal Studios Singapore is the first park in the Southeast Asian region. This park offers a wide selection of exciting attractions and a variety of entertainment to enjoy with the family. There are at least seven movie-themed zones with such attractive designs. You can visit Hollywood Zone or enjoy the exciting and thrilling sensation of the hurricane effect made by the hands of a famous actor and producer, Steven Spielberg. Don't forget to enjoy the water and other rides to create an unforgettable vacation experience.

Madame Tussauds Singapore

Dreaming of meeting an idol actor or figure and taking a picture together? It will come true since Madame Tussauds Singapore wax museum exhibits a variety of most famous and influential figures in the world. Despite the candle duplications, the museum masterpiece on display is similar to the original. The statues on display at Madame Tussauds museum are divided into several areas, depending on their professions. For example, you can find the duplication of Cristiano Ronaldo in the Sports sector, the statue of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Film and Television sector, the figure of Queen Elizabeth II in the History and Leaders sector, to the statue of Michael Jackson in the Music sector.

ArtScience Museum

Located at Marina Bay Sands, ArtScience Museum is another of the most visited tourist attractions in Singapore. This building is stunning with the concept of open hands design, meaning to welcome tourists to Singapore. You can find 21 zones throughout the building; each features a unique blend of art and science. This museum also often holds educational-themed shows, such as the show Dinosaur: Dawn to Extinction.

Orchard Road

Singapore is synonymous with shopping. This small country becomes the second shopping enthusiast tourist destination after France. Orchard Road is one of Singapore's must-see destinations. The road is always full of people since it is the biggest shopping and culinary centre in Singapore. Apart from many shops here, Orchard Road has a strategic location. You can easily reach this tourist attraction in Singapore via Changi with the MRT. It will take you to City Hall, then continue your journey to the Somerset area.

Gardens By The Bay

Right behind Marina Bay Sands, there is a 100-hectare park with colourful light poles, Gardens By The Bay. This place is the most sought-after destination to spend a night full of comfort in Singapore. While still being here, don't forget to come to the greenhouse and see a variety of rare plants.

Top Culinary in Singapore

Besides exploring cultural tourism, theme park, and shopping centres, you should not miss culinary tours in Singapore. Enjoy a variety of cuisines from the combination of multiple cultures and races in this country. Here is the culinary list that you must taste


The first one is laksa, a culinary made from a mixture of coconut milk soup with various traditional spices. The spicy taste will dominate the dish, but it will make you addicted and even crave for more. The Singaporean laksa is the blend of local laksa of Katong and Peranakan.


Culinary lovers from India must try biryani, a yellow rice dish with strong spice flavoured. This dish is usually served with curry sauce to strengthen the flavour even more.

Roti Prata

Still from Indian culture, roti prata is another snack you should try. This bread is made from processed flour with abundant oil spread. This snack is typically served with curry sauce to add a savoury taste. However, it can also have a sweet filling.

Chicken Rice

Don't forget to taste chicken rice when you visit Singapore. This culinary is the most sought-after dish, but also the easiest to find in this small country. The rice is Hainan rice, processed rice with additional chicken broth. For the toppings, there are various choices, like boiled or grilled chicken.

Where to Stay in Singapore

A vacation in Singapore does require a lot of time. That’s why you have to book accommodation for a place to stay. However, many tourists may have trouble finding the best hotel. You can use Traveloka application as a solution since you can find all the options here. If you need hotel recommendations, here's the list

Yotel Singapore Orchard Road

From the name, you will know that this four-star accommodation is in the Orchard Road area. Staying here means that you are close to the most famous shopping and culinary centre in Singapore. Moreover, Universal Studios is also not far from this property.

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands is one of the fascinating tourist attractions in Singapore. This area is the marker icon for the tourist arrival to Singapore. Chose this five-star accommodation to make your experience in Singapore more memorable.

Grand Park Orchard

The next recommendation is Grand Park Orchard, a five-star accommodation in Singapore with infinite luxurious nuances. You can reach the famous Orchard Road on foot.