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PDAM Tirta Musi Palembang

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PDAM Tirta Musi Palembang

About Tirta Musi Palembang

Tirta Musi Palembang is a city-owned water operator (PDAM) which manages the clean water and distribution services for people living in Palembang. The company was established on 3 April 1976, with the responsibility to ensure that the water quantity and quality meet the standards for people in Palembang.

PDAM Tirta Musi was established through Regional Regulation Level II No. 1 of 1976. The water service for Palembang, the capital of South Sumatra province, is headquartered at the PDAM Titra Musi Rambutan Palembang Service Unit office, on Jalan Rambutan Ujung No. 1. In Palembang. There are a totals of 9 service unit offices: Rambutan, KM 4, Sako Kenten, Seberang Ulu II, Kalidoni, Karang Anyar, Alang Lebar and Seberang Ulu I (Kertapati) Units.

According to the latest data available, PDAM Tirta Musi is currently serving 131,000 customers or about 85% of people living in Palembang. PDAM Tirta Musi receives about 18,000 new customers every year.

Andi Wijaya is the current President Director of PDAM Tirta Musi. In 2018, the company aims to improve their services, especially in providing a clean and reliable water supply during the upcoming Asian Games 2018. The plan is for PDAM Tirta Musi Palembang to have 40,000 new customers by the end of 2018 and to build the water installation in the Jakabaring Sport City.

Check Your Tirta Musi Palembang Bill on Traveloka

After using the clean water supplied by PDAM Tirta Musi Palembang, there will be a bill to pay, which will be based on the amount of water that the customer has used. Customers will receive the water bill monthly. Usually, the bill will be sent in letter form by PDAM officers to each house.

If for any reasons, customers are not home to receive the bill, they will still be able to check their bill through PDAM Tirta Musi Palembang’s website. Through the official website, you will only need to input your customer number to find out your detailed bill.

There are other ways to check your PDAM Tirta Musi Palembang bill.You can do it on Traveloka by following these easy steps:

1. Visit Traveloka website or open Traveloka App on your smartphone. The Traveloka App has become the most convenient way to check PDAM Tirta Musi Palembang bill since the app is available for free on your phone. Make sure to use the latest version of Traveloka App — the minimum version is 2.19.

2. After you enter the Traveloka website, log in to your account or sign up and register a new account using the designated page. Once you are signed in, choose ‘Bills & Top-up’ on the menu and choose ‘PDAM’.

3. If you are using the Traveloka App, the billing payment menu is available right under your account’s name as ‘PDAM’.

4. Input your customer’s ID number into the designated box, and don’t forget to choose ‘Tirta Musi Palembang’ as the chosen water company on ‘Perusahaan Air’ menu. Continue by clicking ‘Buy Now.

5. Within seconds, you will see your water bill details on the screen.

Pay Your Tirta Musi Palembang Bill on Traveloka

For customers to pay the water bill, PDAM Tirta Musi Palembang operates nine service center units. Those units are available in these areas: Rambutan, KM 4, Ilir, Sako Kenten, Seberang Ulu (2 unit), Kalidoni, Karang Anyar and Alang Lebar.

If customers find it difficult to access these service center units, they are still able to pay the bill using PDAM Tirta Musi’s official payment partners which can be done through ATMs, a few chosen banks and other channels.

Especially for Traveloka users who are also PDAM Tirta Musi’s customers, you can now pay your water bill on Traveloka. With this new feature, customers can pay their bill wherever, whenever, without any hassle.

Follow these steps to pay your PDAM Tirta Musi Palembang bill online using Traveloka:

1. Visit Traveloka.com or open Traveloka App on your mobile.

2. Log in to your Traveloka account.

3. Click on the menu ‘Bills & Top-up, and then click ‘PDAM’

4. Input your customer ID number and choose Tirta Musi Palembang on the column ‘Water Company’, and continue by clicking ‘Buy Now’

5. Check the billing details shown on the page, if you are sure your customer’s details are correct; click ‘Continue’.

6. Process your payment by using one of the many payment methods available. Traveloka receives payment using UANGKU, ATM, bank transfers, credit cards, BCA Klikpay and through Alfamart.

7. Finish your payment within the given time limit. A successful transaction notice will be sent to your account after Traveloka verified the payment.

8. For the service they provide to pay PDAM Tirta Musi bill, Traveloka charges an admin fee for IDR 1,500.