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Agung Mulia Bus

Buying Agung Mulia bus tickets at Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp is as easy as shopping online. From finding bus schedules to booking and paying for your tickets—do it all from the comfort of home.

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Summary: Agung Mulia

Agung Mulia is an intercity and interprovincial (AKAP) bus operator from Central Borneo. Established on 7 June 2017, Agung Mulia provides an executive bus service for the roundtrip route of Banjarmasin – Palangkaraya – Sampit – Pangkalan Bun. Although it has been operating for only less than a year, Agung Mulia has started adding new routes and growing its fleet to meet the demands for modern and safe transportation services in Borneo.

About Agung Mulia

Agung Mulia is a bus company that began its history on 27 August 2010 as a transportation and cargo service provider under CV Agung Mulia. As the business continued to grow, Agung Mulia changed the company's articles of association on 6 February and 29 May 2017. Agung Mulia finally officially operates as a bus company on 7 June 2017 by serving the intercity and interprovincial (AKAP) roundtrip route of Banjarmasin – Palangka Raya – Sampit – Pangkalan Bun. In addition to focusing on providing transportation services, Agung Mulia also provides a document and package delivery service, by taking advantage of its bus’ baggage storage area. Edwin Permana, the owner and CEO of Agung Mulia, stated that the reason he pioneered the business was to make it easier for people to access modern transportation services that prioritize the security and comfort of its passengers. Thanks to this vision, Agung Mulia is now recognized as one of the best bus operators in Central Borneo. All of these achievements, which the company gained in less than a year, were due to the hard work of Edwin and the entire Agung Mulia crew. With the motto "Naik bus serasa naik pesawat terbang” (“When riding a bus feels like flying on an airplane"), Agung Mulia's service is aimed at providing comfort for its passengers. All of Agung Mulia’s crew work with professionalism and friendliness, making the trip become more enjoyable and comfortable for every passenger. This is what allows Agung Mulia to gain loyalty from is customers. With a headquarter located on Jl. Christopel Mihing No. 9A, Palangkaraya, Agung Mulia provides an executive class service using the new Hino R260 bus fleet. With a 2 - 2 seat format, each passenger can enjoy a number of facilities, such as reclining seats equipped with footrests and armrests, all to maximize passenger comfort during a long journey. In addition, the executive bus is equipped with various other facilities such as toilets, LED TVs, DVD players, power outlets, a smoking room, neck pillows, blankets, snacks, and a free intracity pick-up service. In an effort to increase its passenger satisfaction, Agung Mulia also routinely renews and improves all of its services. In March 2018, Agung Mulia introduced a short-distance roundtrip route of Palangkaraya – Banjarmasin. In addition, Agung Mulia has been developing a special plan to expand its coverage area by introducing a new route of Muara Teweh – Buntok and vice versa. Additionally, to answer the high demand of its customers, Agung Mulia also plans to launch its service in AC-economy class and to increase the number of fleets in the near future.

Agung Mulia Bus Type & Class



Super High Deck (Seat Format 2-2)

Agung Mulia Popular Bus Routes & Prices

Route Executive Class
Palangka Raya - Pangkalan BunRp 210.000
Pangkalan Bun - Palangka RayaRp 190.000
Palangka Raya - SampitRp 105.000
Pangkalan Bun - SampitRp 115.000

Agung Mulia Policy

Agung Mulia Terms & Conditions
  1. Children sitting on the parent's lap can ride the bus for free. However, children must buy a full price ticket if they need an individual seat.

  2. Ticket is only valid for the date and time as written in the ticket.

  3. Agung Mulia offers service to pick up passengers directly at their home. Please contact Agung Mulia to learn more about this service.

  4. Maximum baggage is 25 kg. Otherwise, passenger will have to pay an extra charge.

  5. Passengers are advised to carry their valuable items with them at all times. Valuable items, such as jewelry, important documents, cash, wallet, handphone, or laptop, are not allowed in the bus' baggage storage. Agung Mulia will not be responsible for any loss of personal items.

  6. Passengers are not allowed to carry animals, items with strong odor, as well as dangerous or toxic materials (e.g. flammable gas, chemicals, explosives, illegal drugs, liquor).

  7. Passengers are not allowed to consume liquor, carry weapons or other items that may disturb the safety and comfort of other passengers.

  8. Passengers must keep the bus clean and orderly.

  9. Passengers cannot change their seat number after payment is completed.

  10. Departure time, bus type, and bus route can change without prior notice due to operational reasons.

  11. If the bus experiences mechanical failure or disruption during the trip, the passengers will be transferred to another available bus or mode of transportation, with no extra charge.

Agung Mulia Refund Policy
  1. Children sitting on the parent's lap can ride the bus for free. However, children must buy a full price ticket if they need an individual seat.

  2. To cancel your ticket and ask for a refund, call Agung Mulia at 0812 5569 8456 or go to the Agung Mulia agent office at your departure point.

  3. Bring your official identification document (KTP/SIM) and Traveloka e-ticket when canceling your ticket booking.

  4. For cancellation on the day of departure, the refund amount is 0% of the ticket price.

  5. For cancellation 1 day before departure, the refund amount is 80% of the ticket price.

  6. For cancellation 2 day or more before departure, the refund amount is 100% of the ticket price.

  7. Collect your refund at the Agung Mulia agent office at your departure point.

Agung Mulia Reschedule Policy
  1. To reschedule, call Agung Mulia at 0812 5569 8456 or go to the Agung Mulia agent office at your departure point.

  2. Reschedule can only be done at the latest 1 day before departure time.

  3. Bring your official identification document (KTP/SIM) and Traveloka e-ticket when rescheduling.

  4. You may need to pay an extra charge, which must be done directly at the Agung Mulia agent office at your departure point.

  5. Get your new ticket at the Agung Mulia head office.

Agung Mulia Booking & E-ticket

Search and book your Agung Mulia bus tickets online at Traveloka. Find bus schedules, book, and pay your tickets—all from the comfort of home.

How to Book

Here’s how you can book your Agung Mulia ticket online:

  1. Open Traveloka App or Traveloka website on your phone

  2. Fill in your bus details in the bus search box.

  3. See all available bus schedules.

  4. Select the bus you want.

  5. Fill in your contact and passenger details.

  6. Complete your payment within the time limit.

  7. See your Agung Mulia e-ticket via email, SMS, or in My Booking.

How to Pay

You can pay for your Agung Mulia bus tickets via bank transfer (ATM/SMS Banking/e-banking/bank teller), credit card, or with cash at mini markets (Alfamart).
For more info about payment methods, please see How to Pay.

Agung Mulia E-ticket

Your Agung Mulia e-ticket will be sent to you via email and SMS after your payment is confirmed. You can also see your e-ticket via My Booking at the homepage. You need to exchange the e-ticket with a paper ticket from Agung Mulia. Show this e-ticket to the Agung Mulia bus staff at your boarding point to get your paper ticket.

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