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Nida Amalia

15 Apr 2020 - 5 min read

14 Recommended Activities in Quarantine to Get Rid of Boredom

COVID-19 pandemic has spread almost around the world. Social distancing is one of the ways to cut the chain of transmission. That’s why WHO suggests that we should be in a 14-day quarantine to ensure that the virus dies by itself and doesn’t transmit to others.

While in a 14-day quarantine at home and avoiding some interactions with others, it’s normal to feel bored. However, you can try to do these 14 recommended activities from Traveloka Xperience. Let’s check them now!

1. Cooking

Eating out nowadays is something that we certainly miss. Although you still can buy it online, you can also try the recipe at home. It surely is more efficient and has something special you can’t find in other places.

2. Gardening

Besides making your house pretty with a fresh greenery view, gardening also has other benefits. Agnes E. Van Den Berg, a scientist from Netherland says that gardening relieves stress. In her study, she asked a number of participants to the garden for 30 minutes and had a medical test after. It was interesting because the participants showed a low cortisol hormone, a hormone that causes stress.

3. Yoga

Having less activity during quarantine can make your body easily tired and stiff. By doing some yoga poses, you can get your flexibility back. Without a Yoga instructor, you can do it yourself by watching a video. But remember, make sure you choose the right pose since you’re doing it alone.

4. Starting photography

Outdoor photography is nice and you might have done it before. But now is the time to travel around your own house. Test your photography skill by finding beauty from regular objects around you. Start with your phone camera. To make it more fun, upload the result on your social media.

5. Having a picnic

Having a picnic to spend your weekend with family is precious. You don’t have to travel far to do it, go to the backyard. Prepare yourself with a mat and a basket full of snacks then all set! Don’t forget the guitar to sing along.

6. Watching movies

Watching a movie in the cinema can be something you really miss right now. Although you might skip some movies there you still can watch them at home. Need not feel guilty to binge-watch. You deserve whatever it is to keep your mood.

7. Online learning

Learning a new thing now can’t be stopped. With the sophisticated technology, you can start joining online classes and courses. There are many online classes provided with various topics and levels. Choose the one you like and start!

8. Making handcrafts

Making your hands and brain busy keeps you away from boredom. Many handcrafts you can make yourself by watching a DIY tutorial video on YouTube. Besides keeping your hands and brain busy also coordinating well, your handcrafts can be another collection at home.

9. Writing journal

There are many things you think of and experience while in quarantine. Keep the moment in a journal and make it a memory. Start writing what you feel or ideas you have. Add some drawings or colors to make it interesting.

10. Reading books

If you had busy days and didn’t have enough time to finish a book, now it’s our time. Get your book if you think you were not able to finish reading it. Now, you have no more excuses.

11. Learning new languages

It’s definitely impressive looking at people who master more than a language. You can catch them up by learning a new language now. Learning a new language can be done in many easy ways, from watching a YouTube video to installing an application on a smartphone.

12. Video call

Was the last time you called an old friend or long lost family? This quarantine time makes us realise that communicating with friends and family is really needed to stay sane. Use this moment to contact them by having a video call so your interaction feels real by looking at each other.

13. Karaoke

Missing a karaoke moment with friends after work or school? Make your own karaoke at home. Start by making some song list and searching for a karaoke video and you can start singing! Don’t forget to use a microphone. Sing it as you mean it!

14. Playing instruments

Another activity you should try is playing instruments. You can start by practising easy instruments like the guitar and keyboard. If you don’t have a teacher, watch a tutorial video. In several weeks you might be able to play them yourself, well who knows!

Those are 14 recommended activities from Traveloka Experience to get rid of your boredom while in quarantine. Stick with self-quarantine rules and keep your distance to end this pandemic soon. After the pandemic is over, you can do your normal activities and plan something fun with Traveloka Xperience!