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Nida Amalia

20 Dec 2019 • 3 min read

Mother’s Day: Time to Express the Longing Since We’ve Been Distant

There’s this saying “Distance makes the heart grow fonder.” Because distance makes you long for someone. True. I felt this when I was far from my mom. After moving out five years ago, some things that used to make me angry at home became the most things I missed.

I did regret choosing to hang out more with friends that spending some times with mom. As a celebration on this Mother’s Day, I decided to get back home without telling her first. I’ve made some plans about things I’m going to do with her later at home

Cooking for Mom

Source: Pixabay

Nothing beats mom’s cooking. As if she knew our favourites that’s why she always has her best on the table. Vegetables in coconut milk for dad, fried chicken for my sister and of course sausage fried rice that is hard to find anywhere but home. But strangely we never know what her favourite is.

I tried to find out once and my aunt said that she liked mackerel pepes. And special for her, I’ve learned how to cook it using my aunt’s recipe. Hope she’s happy with the new menu on our dining table later, her favourite yet forgotten because she’s busy preparing others’ favourite.

Cleaning up while she’s resting

Source: Pixabay

She always does everything by herself. That’s why we never have a housemaid. House chores like cooking, doing laundry, washing dishes and cleaning up are always done by her without complaining. Hard to imagine how tired she is doing all the house chores.

On this Mother’s Day, I will not let her touch any cleaning tools. House chores is going to be her kids’ responsibility. When we clean up, she’s free to rest, eat snack and watch her favourite TV show.

Buying new plants

Source: Pixabay

I don’t really know when mom started having a lot of plants in our house with many kinds of plants. Every morning and late afternoon, she always waters and feeds the plants. Although others don’t take care of the plants, her hobby makes us and the guests happy. Fresh air and smell of the flowers can reach our living room.

Don’t ask me the name of the flowers she has. She mentioned several names that she hasn’t bought. And I think this will be a great time to take her to buy some flowers she’s been wanting to have. She used to buy me toys when I was a kid, and now it’s my time to buy her what she likes.

Going karaoke

Source: Pixabay

She has never really told me but I know she has this hidden talent, singing. While she’s cooking and taking care of the pants, I often hear her sing. Although it’s not loud but I still can hear it and she definitely has a good voice.

As a special treatment, I’ll take her to a karaoke place. Let’s compete, who’s the best singer. I’m sure she’s the winner.

Taking her to salon

Source: Pixabay

When was the last time she had her ‘me time’ in a salon? I don’t know. Saving might be her best reason or she just doesn’t have a lot of time for herself. She chooses to have this body and face treatment at home. Even though she looks great in her age, I still want to make her look different.

The plan is I’ll take her to get a massage and spa to make her fresh and happy. Hopefully, the scent of herbs and spices and also the nice massage from the therapist can make her feel better. Afterwards, I’ll take her to a beauty salon. By polishing her a bit, she’ll look incredibly beautiful.

Luckily, there’s a special promo on this Mother’s Day from Traveloka Xperience, a discount up to 50% for Beauty and Spa product. I recommend this promo for you who have a hard time looking for a special gift for your mom. Time spent with mom can also be the best moment to fill the missing days when we were too busy growing up. Say Hi to all the great moms near you!