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Nida Amalia

02 Apr 2020 - 2 min read

What is Self-Care and How to Make It a Good Habit in 7 Days

A healthy lifestyle is not only good for your body but also mental and emotional. Keeping your health physically, mentally and emotionally can be done with a self-care method.

Self-care has a great advantage to fix life and avoid anxiety. Many ways to start applying self-care but it takes a strong commitment to do consistently. Before you check some tips on how to apply a self-care habit, let’s learn about the types first.


To start this self-care, you need to do a warm-up. Especially when your work makes you sit for too long in front of the computer. Besides working out, physical self-care can be done by eating healthy food, having enough sleep and avoiding exhaustion.


Everyone needs good stress management so they can do their activities without pressure and still feel happy. One of the ways is by prioritizing your emotion. You can choose which one that deserves the most attention first and go with the next one afterwards.


Hanging out with people who give a positive vibe can make you more confident. However, you need to be more careful making friends on social media or cyberspace. These days, social media can give both vibes, positive and negative to each individual.


Spending time to be more spiritual is something you should do. Meditating, doing yoga and spending some time in silence to have a dialogue with God or having other spiritual moments you believe can be very helpful.


You need to know yourself better to build a personal self-care so you’ll find an ideal solution. Accepting and loving yourself is very important to help you understand how precious and worthy you are. You can start this by doing your hobby or buying yourself a special gift.


A relaxing and nice view at home can make you feel great. Do some things you want like make your rooms around you look and feel nicer, make them a perfect place to hide from your routines.


You have to agree with how important finance is in our daily life. A stable financial condition will make you less worried. Things you can start doing is arrange your expenses and invest.


Everyone must work to fulfil their needs. Start from now, change your mindset from work hard to working smart. To work smart, you need good time management, work proportion and rest. Thus, you don’t feel burdened and do it without pressure.

Besides knowing types of self-care, you can slowly apply it in your daily life. How to start? Check this short guide on how to apply self-care in 7 days through this infographic!

So those are some ways to love yourself more in a week. Easy right? You can try to keep doing it for one month. Then, you can see yourself what positive changes you’ve got in your life.