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18 Dec 2018 - 2 min read

Welcoming the End of Year, Traveloka Shares Tourism Trends 2018

Jakarta, 18 December 2018 - Six years of existence, Traveloka is aware of the high consumer needs for tourism services and lifestyle. For this reason, in 2018, Traveloka answers user needs by introducing various features and services that can complement travel through a single application. Starting from vacation planning, choosing destinations, transportation modes, places to stay, to activities and tourist objects. Traveloka accompanies users to create unforgettable holiday moments - #CreateMoments.

Kurnia Rosyada, Vice President of Marketing, Traveloka during Year End Gathering with Media event

Based on Traveloka’s internal study, these are some tourism trend from Indonesian:

Many Indonesian people are seeking inspiration for travel through online or on social media.
People who travel with family or in groups are usually more planned than those who travel alone.
4 out of 5 users choose to buy transportation tickets before deciding their accommodation.
Majority of users book accommodation 2 - 3 weeks before departure time, to consider the location and instagrammable hotel is also an option.
During the holidays, the most popular types of activities are visiting culinary tours, theme parks, historical sites, nature tourism and shopping.
The 10 most popular domestic destinations this year are Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, Makassar, Jogjakarta, Medan, Balikpapan, Palembang, Semarang and Batam.
The 10 most popular international destinations this year are Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Australia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Timor Leste.
8 out of 10 Indonesians choose to stay connected to the Internet when traveling abroad.

Kurnia Rosyada, Vice President of Marketing for Traveloka, said, "We are committed in continuing to create a seamless booking experience for users. We also support this by launching various new products & features to increasingly complement the needs of users. During 2018, we have introduced new products such as Bus, Culinary and Car Rental. New features that are also complement the user experience, such as PayLater and Flight Status. With the increasing needs of users, we always strive to provide services that can complement vacation moments that can be accessed through one platform. "

This year, Traveloka introduced several products such as bus transportation services that have worked with 85 bus & travel partners to serve more than 4,500 inter-city routes in Indonesia. In addition, Traveloka also provides many choices and culinary guides to users, through Traveloka Culinary Curations in 7 cities and more than 700 restaurant brands in Indonesia. Traveloka also offers car rental that will complement the user's transportation options. This service has been available in 11 major cities throughout Indonesia and has worked with more than 100 trusted providers.

To further facilitate user's travel experience, Traveloka also launched PayLater feature, a payment facility that allows users to delay payments with a low installment fee. In addition, Traveloka also added the 'Flight Status' feature and 'Train Seat Alert' where users can see flight information as well as train tickets if there are passengers who cancel their tickets. This year Traveloka also introduced Go Beyond or Further Exploration which shows 10 priority destinations recommended by the Ministry of Tourism.

"Besides the features and products that we launched this year, we also see that next year's vacation activities will continue to be part of the lifestyle of Indonesian. The needs of the Indonesian for vacation time will continue to increase, and instagrammable places will also remain one of the main considerations for visiting a place. Therefore, we will continue to strive to provide the best and relevant services to our users to improve their holiday experience for the better. "Kurnia concluded.

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