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Cheap flights to Jambi (DJB)

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Interesting places in Jambi

Jambi is name of a city in the island of Sumatra. This city is the capital of the same province which is located in the central part of the island. The area of ​​205.38 km2 is similar to the city of Palembang because Jambi was also separated into two regions by a large river, the Batanghari River. In the middle of the river, there is the Aur Duri Bridge that connects the two regions.

The economy of Jambi City is supported by the plantation and forestry industries, with oil palm and rubber as its main commodities. The city also holds the potential of other natural wealth, in the form of oil and gas, coal, and tin.

In addition, Jambi is an area on the east coast of Sumatra that has a natural and cultural tourism charm. People from outside the city can pay a visit through a flight and landed at Sultan Thaha Airport. The international airport serves flights from Garuda Indonesia, Batik Air, Citilink, Lion Air, Sriwijaya Air, Susi Air, and Wings Air.

Most Popular Destinations in Jambi City

Mountains, lakes, tea plantations, and historical sites are some of the leading tourist attractions in Jambi City. The most popular names are:

1. Candi Muaro Jambi

Location: Desa Muara Jambi, Maro Seo, Muaro Jambi.

The temple which inherited from the Sriwijaya the Malay Kingdom is the main temple area in Jambi. The area reaches 3,981 hectares or equivalent to eight times the area of ​​Borobudur Temple. It makes the temple become the largest Hindu-Buddhist temple in Southeast Asia. The main area of this temple displays debris for visitors to explore the wonders of the past. Not only that, visitors can also witness the local culture by tracing the village area that could be seen along the way to reach this cultural preserve.

2. Kersik Tuo

Location: Kecamatan Kayu Aro, Kabupaten Kerinci, Jambi.

Kersik Tuo is popular because of its role as one of the entrance to Mount Kerinci. Tourists who like to climb usually across this village to reach the highest mountain in Sumatra. In addition of being the entrance, residents of Kersik Tuo also manage a homestay that can be used by tourists who want to have a culture tour in this village. When gathered with the residents, tourists will be pampered with views of agriculture, plantations and mountains from close distance. Interestingly, even though they are in Jambi, the majority of the population in this village are Javanese.

3. Gentala Arasy

Location: Tepi Sungai Batanghari, Arab Melayu, Pelayangan, Jambi.

Gentala Arasy is a cultural museum featured Arabic architectural styles. This museum captures various documentation that tells the history of the entry of Islam into Jambi. Gentala Arasy is also connected with a 503-meter pedestrian bridge that stretches over the Batanghari River. Anyone who comes to Jambi should not miss the opportunity to enjoy the scenery while walking across the Batanghari River then continue exploring the religious history in this museum.

The Most Popular Places to Eat in Jambi City

Exploration in Jambi city will be more fun if you taste the culinary in the right place. Buy flight tickets to Jambi now to be able to visit the following three most popular spots.

1. Kei Kopitiam

Location: Jalan Panglima Polim nomor 18, Jambi.

Open every day.

This coffee shop is always crowded with visitors, not only because of the delicious local coffee. Kei Kopitiam is popular because it offers Nasi Gemuk Daging which is mentioned as one of the best in Jambi. While eating the Jambi local food, do not forget to refresh your throat with a glass of original soya bean ice.

2. Pempek Selamat

Location: Jalan Soekarno Hatta nomor 8, Jambi.

Open every day, 07:00 - 22:00 WIB.

Although it is not a speciality food of this city, Pempek is one of the most loved culinary in Jambi. The most popular place to eat Palembang processed special fish food is in a food stall that was founded in 2000. Currently, Pempek Selamat has dozens of outlets in Jambi and various cities in Sumatra and Java. If you are in Jambi, make sure to taste Pempek Cerewet menu which contains dried shrimp and sweet soy sauce.

3. Rumah Makan 71 Seafood & Kwetiau

Location: Jalan Orang Kayo Hitam nomor 34, Sulanjana, Jambi Timur.

Open every Wednesday - Monday, 16:30 - 21:00 WIB.

The dining stall located inside a shop offers a main menu of "Jambi Kwetiau" which is famous for its savory and thick rice noodles. One of the menu that must be eaten here is the Kwetiau Rusa. The menu include tender deer meat and processed like Kwetiau Siram. Complete the deliciousness with a splash of black vinegar sauce.

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