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Cheap flights to Majalengka (KJT)

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Interesting Places in Majalengka

Majalengka is name of a city in West Java Province. This city is the capital of a district with the same name. Geographically, Majalengka is located on the east side of West Java. The topography is dominated by lowlands in the north, hills in the middle, and mountains in the south.

The majority population of Majalengka comes from Sundanese ethnic, that is why thw city is crowded by residents who talk in Sundanese with Middle Eastern accent. The great culture of the city comes from Sunda and Cirebon, and so the diversity of its arts is a combination of the two backgrounds.

The mobility of the people in Majalengka is mainly supported by the city transportation, buses and trains. Meanwhile, air transportation connecting Majalengka with the surrounding cities and provinces is centered at Kertajati International Airport.

The second largest airport in Indonesia has just been officially operated on May 24, 2018. The airport connects Majalengka City with Bandung, Cirebon, and parts of West Java and Central Java. Although it has not been operated yet, airline tickets to Majalengka are available at Traveloka so that people can get them more easier.

Most Popular Destinations in Majalengka City

Tourism potential in Majalengka has amazed many people. Most tourist destinations in this city offer nature beauty because of its topographical background. The top three names that are on the rise are:

1. Bukit Alam Hejo

Location: Desa Pasirayu, Sindang, Majalengka.

The nature tourism park is famous for provide a complete recreation. Visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of the beautiful and cool Majalengka hills while trying out various existing attractions. Some of the most crowded are swimming pools, horse riding, ATVs, outbound, relaxing hut, campsites, and hawker centers. By seeing from the list above, of course this place is perfect for family vacation events.

2. Curug Cipeteuy

Location: Jalan Dukuh Pasir, Desa Bantar Agung, Sindangwangi, Majalengka.

Curug Cipeteuy offers a special atmosphere in the middle of a pine forest conservation area at the foot of Mount Ciremai. Many people visit this beautiful waterfall to soak in one of the therapeutic pools that have good efficacy for the body. As a tourist destination, Curug Cipeteuy provides complete facilities. Starting from the soaking pool, stone bridges for walkways, relaxing gazebos, toilets, until parking lots.

3. Bukit Sanghyang Dora

Location: Desa Leuwikujang, Kecamatan Leuwimunding, Majalengka.

This hilly area as high as 385 meters above sea level is one of the best spots to get the perfect panorama of Majalengka nature. The panorama at that height seemed to have magical powers that made people fascinated, especially with the touch of the thin mist. Tourists usually enjoy the panorama while taking pictures, picnics, and some are camping.

Most Popular Places to Eat in Majalengka City

Use flight tickets to Majalengka immediately to enjoy a fun culinary experience, especially in the following popular places:

1. Saung Syuro

Location: Jalan Pejuang Nomor 45, Babakan Jawa, Cicurug, Majalengka.

Open every day, 09:00 - 21:00 WIB.

The Sundanese food experience feels perfect here. As the name implies, visitors to Saung Syuro will be invited to enjoy various Sundanese specialties in a hut. While sitting on the floor and enjoy a view of the surrounding rice fields, visitors can indulge their tongue with the Gurami Fish cuisine which is the favourite dish in Saung Syuro. This restaurant is often crowded by family groups because there are playground facilities and swimming pools to pamper childrens.

2. RM Sawah Aki

Location: Jalan Pejuang 45 nomor 93, Sindangkasih, Majalengka.

Open every day, 10:00 - 21:00 WIB.

As the name implies, this restaurant highlights the beauty of rice fields as the main attraction. Along with various Sundanese specialties, the experience of eating surrounded by rice fields feels very memorable, making Majalengka feel like its your own hometown. If you visit here, do not miss the chance to taste the excellent menu of Grilled Ribs and Spicy Etong Fish.

3. Pondok Dahar Mr. H. Djaja

Location: Jalan K.H Abdul Halim, Munjul, Majalengka.

This dining lodge features a blend of Sundanese and Javanese styles. The appearance of the dining place is a Javanese-style house, plus brick-covered huts and sitting-on the-floor areas. The main menu offered is a unique Sundanese flavors with fresh vegetables and various chili sauces. A menu of processed seafood and some popular Indonesian foods are also available here. The choices of food that are very diverse makes people believe that this place is a restaurant with the most menus in Majalengka.

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