Join Kontes Kreasi and Create Your Own Traveloka Gift Voucher!

Contest Period: 3 – 31 October 2019

We believe that experiences are one of the most valuable things in life, and you can now give it to your loved ones to celebrate their special moments or show appreciation with Traveloka Gift Voucher!

Now, you can also win special experience from us (and a chance to be featured in Traveloka) by sharing your own Gift Voucher creation. Interested? Join Kontes Kreasi Traveloka Gift Voucher now!



Grand Prize

At the end of the contest, 3 winners with the most creative design will receive:

  • Their design featured as an official Traveloka Gift Voucher on our app and on traveloka.com
  • IDR 5,000,000 worth of Traveloka Points
  • Goody bag of exclusive Traveloka merchandise

Weekly Prize

Each week throughout the contest period, 5 favorite winners with the most interesting submissions will each receive:

  • IDR 500,000 worth of Traveloka Points
  • Goody bag of exclusive Traveloka merchandise
How to Join
  1. Choose a special moment that means most to you and create a Traveloka Gift Voucher design for that occasion!
  2. Create your design digitally or manually (and scan afterwards). Make sure your creation has a 4 : 2.5 (or 755 x 480px) ratio and is formatted horizontally.
  3. Upload your submission to Instagram (as a post or a Story), and make sure your account is not locked/on private.
  4. In your post or Story, tag @traveloka and 3 friends you’d send your Gift Voucher creation to, along with the hashtag #HadiahkanPengalaman.
  5. Participants can upload their creations and join the contest from October 3 – 31 at 23:59 WIB.

Confused about what to submit? Here's an example creation to inspire you! There's no limit to what you can create!

Terms and Conditions
  • Program validity period: October 3 – 31, 2019. Submissions uploaded after October 31, 2019 at 23:59 WIB will not be considered.
  • To enter this contest, participants must be at least 18 (eighteen) years of age during the program period, domiciled in Indonesia, and have a valid KTP/SIM as proof of identity of the participant.
  • Submissions are only considered valid if the participant meets all the rules stated in the contest instructions on www.traveloka.com/hadiahmeriah and the official @traveloka Instagram page.
  • Participant is not allowed to submit his/her creation which contains or includes negative or sensitive associations that may offend any race, religion, political groups, and other contents which considered as illegal contents under the prevailing laws and regulations and so forth.
  • Participant is not allowed to use or include usage of any third party’s logos, copyrights, marks and/or brandings on his/her creation being uploaded.
  • Participants may enter this contest multiple times by uploading a different creation in each entry to increase their chances of winning.
  • This contest is closed/not valid for Traveloka employees.
  • The decision of winners made by judges appointed by Traveloka is final and cannot be contested. Winners are selected based on submission completeness, suitability, originality, and creativity in their entry.
  • Winners will be announced according to the schedule published on www.traveloka.com/hadiahmeriah. Each winner will be contacted via Instagram Direct Message. If winners do not respond to Traveloka officials within 3 (three) calendar days of being contacted through Instagram Direct Message, reject the prize, demonstrated invalidity in personal information, or violate the applicable Terms and Conditions, then their prize will be retracted. Names of winners will also be published on www.traveloka.com/hadiahmeriah once validity and checking process for each winner has been made and confirmed.
  • Each winner can only receive 1 (one) weekly prize package and/or 1 (one) grand prize package. If a winner is selected as one of the weekly winners, they still have a chance to win a grand prize package as well.
  • Prizes cannot be exchanged for money.
  • Tax on prizes shall be borne by Traveloka.
  • Details regarding prize pick-up or delivery will be informed upon the winner announcement.
  • By participating in this contest, participants agree to assign all rights of intellectual property rights relating to his/her creation to Traveloka based on these Terms and Conditions, hence Traveloka reserves the right in full of the creation submitted by participants to Traveloka, including but not limited to use of any sound, image, photograph, name, and contest submission or creation for the purposes of publication (in any form of media, including photos and videos, on the Internet and on all websites or official Traveloka social media accounts), as well as in any promotional materials, to make a copy, recreation and/or modification of the creation for an undetermined period of time before and after the contest period, without additional compensation and/or prior notice.
  • Participants hereby release Traveloka from any risks and/or liabilities arising out from any violation of provisions as stipulated in these Terms and Conditions in connection with the creation and Traveloka reserves the right to reject or disqualify any participant(s) who violate the provisions as stipulated in these Terms and Conditions.
  • All personal information collected will be handled in accordance with the Traveloka Privacy Policy.
  • Traveloka reserves the right to at any time change or terminate this program temporarily or permanently, with or without prior notice under reasons beyond control or any force majeure.
Winner Announcements

Congratulations to all the winners who have been announced on the following dates:

Weekly Winners

  • October 9: @tiasiahaans, @dianalawiyah99, @ahenx55, @febi.sw, @bunda_adisti
  • October 16: @silyen_i, @orenji.nek0, @iqbalumam, @nuiysvra, @yogiedo
  • October 23: @debbyhadi103, @hanieaudrey, @leoveshia, @bigdraco13_kawaiiart, @tika.savitri
  • October 30: @reanaqila, @yellowgummies, @drawnbystephanie, @kireiazm, @beauty_uncharted

Grand Prize Winners

  • November 6: @leoveshia, @fajarbilangga, @erl_illustration

Stay tuned for our next contest!

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