JUNO by Traveloka Eats

Marketing Solution for Your Restaurant

Juno gives your restaurant a voice with an affordable, trackable, and customizable marketing assistant to help you engage with customers.

Why choose JUNO?

High value customers

Average spending per transaction in Traveloka Eats is

Rp 300.000,-

Increase your marketing reach

1.2+ Million monthly active user

is ready to be reached by your brand.

Make your own deals

We provide you flexibility to create your own deals that match with your business needs.

Pay per transaction

No need to pay when you don’t get transaction coming to your restaurant.

Easy to monitor your sales performance

Optimize your restaurant performance by analizing the data provided by JUNO to create better promotion.

How JUNO can help to increase your restaurant business

Make your promotion

Make your own lucrative promotion to attract customers.

Your promotion will show up in Traveloka Eats

Traveloka users can find your promotion based on restaurant name, location or type of cuisine.

Customer come to your restaurant and transact using Traveloka Eats

Traveloka user come to your restaurant to dine-in using Traveloka Apps as a platform for transaction.

Payment made by Traveloka

Fast and automate payment made by Traveloka system to your restaurant.

Trusted by 1000+ favorite restaurants and we are still growing every day.

Currently JUNO only available for Jabodetabek area.We are still expanding and we will coming soon to your city.


Juno Blog - a place for you to learn about what restaurant needs to know around market trends, customers and digital marketing.

Example of the deals that you can create

See our partner success stories

Sebagai salah satu merchant dari Traveloka Treats, Boga group sangat terbantu dari sisi penjualan, karena Treats menambahkan pengalaman makan di resto-resto Boga Group menjadi seamless dan mudah, terlebih di masa new normal nanti, di mana semua serba contactless, payment method dengan Treats akan sangat membantu. Dengan promo-promo dan exposure yang besar, menjadikan Treats sebagai pilihan partner yang tepat.

Bekerjasama dengan Traveloka Treats sangat membantu merchant di situasi pandemi covid-19 ini, transaksi tidak perlu contact langsung dengan customers. Pada saat exposure / marketing campaign dijalankan oleh Traveloka di aplikasi & sosial media, kami selalu mengalami kenaikan sales. Pembayaran dari Traveloka ke kami pihak merchant sangat cepat dengan summary sales setiap outlet selalu dilampirkan.

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