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PayLater FAQ

What is Traveloka PayLater?

PayLater by Caturnusa Sejahtera Finance is a payment facility that allows you to pay for your Traveloka purchases in a period of 1 to 12 months.

To be able to use PayLater, you will need to apply for it first. However, before applying, make sure that you:

  • Have a valid identification document (KTP)
  • Aged 21 – 70 years old

After your application is approved, you will receive a limit of up to Rp50 million which can be used to purchase all Traveloka products, except Bill & Top-up.

After completing your payment, your paid amount will be returned to your PayLater limit so that you can use it again.

What are the benefits of using PayLater?

One of the most obvious benefits of using PayLater from Traveloka is the enablement to buy Traveloka’s products without having to pay on the same day. Simply put, users can buy any Traveloka products in installments without credit card.

Besides flight ticket, PayLater also enables users to pay for hotel reservations without credit card. Train tickets and recreations & activity tickets can also be purchased with this cashless payment method.

Traveloka PayLater also helps users with limited budget to spend. Compared to other online loans, PayLater provides installment schemes starting from 1 - 12 months. PayLater’s monthly installment fee is quite low and the terms & conditions to register are very simple. Additionally, the credit limit offered by Traveloka PayLater can go up to Rp50.000.000.

How does PayLater work?

PayLater functions as an online payment method that is based on installments without credit card. In simpler term, PayLater’s slogan is to “buy first, pay later”. To enjoy this feature, every user has to first register and make sure to fulfill all the terms and conditions applied.

After your PayLater application is approved, you receive credit limit with the value up to Rp50.000.000. The limit can be used to pay for any products in Traveloka. You can pay for PayLater’s loan in installments.

How do I stop using PayLater?

Traveloka PayLater does not bind users like how other loan and credit provider does. You can stop using PayLater anytime you wish to and there are no additional cost or step required to do this. Simply opt for other payment method whenever you are purchasing from Traveloka. 

If you really have to close your PayLater account, you can follow these steps:

  • Call our Customer Service at: 0804-1500-308 or +62 21-2910-3300
  • Request to close your PayLater account
  • Traveloka team will permanently close your account

Please note that your account will be closed permanently.

What is the monthly installment fee for PayLater?

As a loan provider, Traveloka charges installment fee for users who use PayLater for monthly installment. However, as Traveloka PayLater is an online credit with low installment value, the installment fee is also guaranteed to fit your budget.

PayLater’s interest rate is 2.14%-4.78% per month.

Traveloka provides installment fee cut with terms and conditions applied.

Where can I use PayLater?

You can purchase the following products using PayLater:

  • Flight ticket
  • Hotel booking
  • Train ticket
  • Attraction & activity
  • Bus & shuttle ticket 
  • Car rental
  • Eats
  • Cinema
  • Airport transport
  • Budget rooms
  • Last-minute hotels
  • Airport train

What are the consequences of selling my account?

You should not sell your account. If you sell your account and the new user did not pay back their loans, you and your emergency contacts would be the one our collection team would be reaching out to. (Refer to FAQ point of "What happens if I do not pay at all?")

Can I share my account details to other people? Or, can my friends or relative use my PayLater account?

You are fully responsible for the limit that we have given to you. We do not recommend to share your details to others or to lend your limit to your relatives, because if they do not pay back the loans, you would be responsible for it.

What should I do if a fraudster hacked my PayLater account?

Please contact CS immediately so we can investigate it and help suspend your account to reduce misuse of the limit.

You can reach Traveloka via email at cs@traveloka.com or call center at +6221-2910-3300 / 0804-1500-308

What should I do if I saw indication of fraud ?

Please contact our CS immediately so we can investigate it.

You can contact us here: https://www.traveloka.com/contactus

What would happen if I do not pay and defaulted on my loan?

As much as possible, please avoid making late payment to avoid late fee.

In the case of you're not making payment and late for more than 5 days, we will temporarily block your PayLater account. If you do not make payment for more than 3 months (got default), then we will block your PayLater facility.

Why is my PayLater application rejected?

While PayLater registration is simple, Traveloka still takes many considerations. Hence, your application is not 100% guaranteed to be approved.

If you have completed all the requirements needed and your application is still rejected, this is due to the consideration from Traveloka financial audit team. It is possible that your emergency contact is not reachable during the verification process. Another possible reason is due to your credit history.

If you encounter any problems during the registration process, you can ask for more detailed information through cs@traveloka.com.

Why can't I register for PayLater after my application is rejected?

For those who have applied for PayLater but are still denied, it is possible to re-register. However, there are some conditions that are applied in the banking world regarding this.

Commonly, anyone that has applied a credit to a bank and denied, their data is stored in the database for a certain period of time. These data are only deleted 6 months the application is denied.

This also applies for Traveloka PayLater. If your application is not approved yet and you cannot re-register, you need to wait for six months before re-registering for PayLater.  

How long do I have to wait until my application is approved?

Every credit card or loan application surely go through multiple steps until the application is approved. These steps include data completion check, information verification check, confirmation, eligibility analysis, and approval notification or rejection notification.

Traveloka guarantees all those steps to be done as quickly as possible. PayLater’s verification process only takes around 60 minutes after you complete your registration. This applies if you register during the working hours on weekdays.

To make the registration process faster, make sure you have already fulfilled all terms and conditions applied as true as possible. Additionally, also make sure that your designated emergency contact can be reached for verification call from Traveloka team. 

Can I increase my PayLater limit?

It is possible to upgrade your PayLater’s credit limit without additional cost. Here's how you can increase your PayLater credit limit:

  1. Choose “PayLater” in “TravelokaPay” menu in your app homescreen
  2. In My Account page, click “upgrade limit”
  3. Upload additional required documents such as salary slip or checking account for the last 3 months
  4. Follow the instructions and wait for the verification process during the working hours on weekdays

What are the terms and condition to register as PayLater user?

As Traveloka PayLater is an online credit without collateral, it requires a few documents for application process. The terms and conditions applied to register as PayLater user is used as consideration purpose by Traveloka finance team.

The terms and conditions to register as PayLater user are:

  1. Users must be within 21 - 70 years old
  2. Users have Indonesian identity card that is still valid
  3. Users should provide supporting documents such as driver license, BPJS card, tax identification card, and family card

If you have already fulfilled these three requirements, you can directly apply for PayLater. Follow the instructions shown in the application process in your Traveloka app. 

What will happen to my PayLater limit once I pay my installment?

When you have successfully applied for PayLater, you are entitled to a credit limit up to max Rp50.000.000.

The amount of your credit limit will decrease every time you use PayLater as your payment method. However, once you pay your PayLater’s bill, your credit limit will increase based on the amount that you paid.

If you wish to pay all your PayLater’s billing at once, your credit limit will return to the full amount. 

How to register for PayLater?

These are the steps to register as PayLater user:

  1. Ensure you have downloaded Traveloka app v2.19 or later
  2. Open Traveloka app, and login to your Traveloka account
  3. Click “TravelokaPay”, choose “PayLater”, and click “apply now”
  4. Complete all the required information shown in your screen
  5. Upload required documents, recheck all the information you have filled
  6. Wait for verification process for around 60 minutes. Ensure that your designated emergency contact can be reached by Traveloka team
  7. Once your application is verified, Traveloka will send you a notification email
  8. Activate your account once application process is approved
  9. Enjoy PayLater 

How do I use PayLater to buy a Traveloka product?

Before using PayLater, please be advised that there is a minimum purchase amount of Rp 500.000 for 2 installment and above and Rp 50.000 for pay 1 installment later

Here's how you can buy a Traveloka product with PayLater:

  1. Select the product you want to buy.
  2. In the payment page, select PayLater. (Make sure you have enough credit!)
  3. Decide whether you want to make your payments in installments. (There is a minimum installment amount of Rp100.000 per installment).
  4. Tap Pay With PayLater, enter the verification code, and your transaction is done!

Can I register for PayLater if I live outside Jakarta?

The requirements to apply as PayLater user does not rely on user’s residential area as long as you have Indonesian identity card.

So, if you currently live outisde Jakarta, you are still eligible to register as PayLater user and receive online loan from Traveloka.

After your PayLater application is approved, you can use it to purchase Traveloka products. 

Is salary slip compulsory to apply for PayLater?

Salary slip is not the main requirement that needs to be presented when applying for PayLater. Salary slip is only required when you want to increase the credit limit. Salary slip can also be replaced by presenting your checking account for the last 3 months. So if you are an entrepreneur without monthly salary slip, you still have the chance to enjoy PayLater’s benefits.

With the basic requirement documents such as identity card, driver license, tax identification card, or BPJS, you receive minimum credit limit that is Rp.2.000.000. 

Do I need to top-up for PayLater?

Traveloka PayLater functions just like how a regular credit card does. This means that PayLater does not store any balance that needs to be topped up before. The value shown in your PayLater account page is the credit limit or loan amount from Traveloka.

This online loan service can be used to pay for Traveloka’s products such as flight ticket, hotel reservations, train tickets, and attraction & activity tickets through Traveloka app. 

What documents needed (aside from ID card) to apply for PayLater ?

According to the terms and conditions from Traveloka, you are only required to provide your identity card when applying for PayLater.

There are other supporting documents required when applying for PayLater such as:

  • Driver license
  • BPJS card
  • Tax identification card
  • Family card

If I'm 60 years old, can I still apply for PayLater?

The age requirement for PayLater applicants are within 21 years old - 70 years old. So, it is possible to register for PayLater if you are 60 years old. 

I receive monthly salary less than Rp.5.000.000, can I still register for PayLater?

It is often happened that people with salary less than the standard are denied for credit application. This does not happen in Traveloka PayLater. You are still eligible for application even if you receive less than Rp.5.000.000 monthly. Your salary slip is only required if you wish to upgrade your credit limit in PayLater.

I don't have credit card, can I still apply for PayLater?

In online transaction, payment method often relies on credit cards. There are many alternative cashless payment that you can choose even if you don’t have a credit card.

This happens in PayLater. You do not have to own a credit card to be able to apply for PayLater as it is never the requirements. PayLater is similar to virtual credit card that enables you to pay the bills each month through bank transfer, ATM transfer, or virtual account transfer.  

I live outside Java, can I still apply for PayLater?

The requirements to register for PayLater is very simple. Besides the age range between 21 years old - 70 years old, PayLater can be used by anyone with Indonesian identity card.

Before registering for Paylater, you are only asked to upload a copy of your valid identity card to prove that your age are eligible. You can still apply for PayLater even if you live outside Java.

It does not matter if you are residing in Sumatra, Bali, Borneo, or Papua, as long as you own Indonesian identity card. 

My PayLater Payment Due Dates

Before confirming your purchase with PayLater, you can see your payment due dates by tapping 'View Payment Schedule' on the payment page.

After completing your purchase, you can see the due dates under the 'Payments' section on your 'PayLater' account.

How to Make My PayLater Payments

To make your PayLater payments, you can follow these steps:

  1. Tap PayLater on the Traveloka App homepage.
  2. Go to Payment and tick the purchases you want to pay.
  3. Tap Pay Now, select your preferred payment method, then make the payment.
  4. To avoid the late fee, we recommend that you make your PayLater payments before the due date.

How do I know if my payment has been received by Traveloka PayLater?

Thank you for completing your payment! You may check your email, Traveloka inbox, or PayLater transaction history to check your payment confirmation.

What if I didn’t receive a confirmation after completing my payment?

  1. Ensure you complete all the steps on article “How do I pay for my PayLater purchases?”
  2. Double check your transfer destination and amount to transfer
  3. Opt to upload your payment proof to speed up the verification process
  4. If you haven’t received your payment confirmation, contact CS and keep your payment proof

How do I settle PayLater bill?

Here is how you can pay for PayLater’s billing:

  1. Go to your Traveloka app v2.19 or later
  2. Make sure your are logged in
  3. Click “TravelokaPay” in your Traveloka app home screen
  4. Click “PayLater”
  5. Your account page should show you the remaining credit balance and the amount you need to pay
  6. Click “Make Payment”
  7. You can choose to pay all the billing at once or pay in installments
  8. Choose the desirable payment method to pay for the billing
  9. Make sure you input the exact amount needed to be paid

Can I settle my PayLater payment before the due date?

It is not necessary to wait for the due date to pay for PayLater’s billing. You can pay your bill earlier than the due date. It is also recommended to pay earlier to avoid late payment fee.

To pay your PayLater’s bill earlier, you need to check your billing amount through PayLater My Account page in your app. Your screen will show you all your purchase history and which purchase you wish to pay. 

If I cannot access my PayLater/Traveloka account, how do I pay for my PayLater installments?

Reach out to cs@traveloka.com for help and we'll help you so that you can access it.

Which payment method can I use to settle my PayLater payment?

The loan from Traveloka Paylater surely needs to be paid according to the payment scheme you opt for. The payment methods that you can choose to pay for PayLater’s billing are:

  • Bank transfer
  • Transfer via ATM
  • Transfer via Virtual Account (only for Bank BNI)

Currently, Traveloka joins partnerships with major banks to cater to bank transfer payments. These banks are BCA, BNI, BRI, and Mandiri. Additionally, payments through ATM can be done through ATM with the logo “ATM bersama”, Prima, and Alto. Online transfer payment is available from 01.30 - 21.00 WIB and ATM transfer is available 24 hours. 

What happens to my loan installment if I pass away?

We pass on our condolences. The Paylater loan is registered under your name. The family of deceased can contact Paylater on what'll be the best way to settle the loan. Proofs such as death certificate and other documents will be needed as part of the process

How do I see the amount that needs to be paid?

Traveloka makes it easier for users to see all transaction history, including their financial activities.

Without having to wait for the due date, you can check your billing and pay whenever you feel like, through your mobile phone. Here is how you can check your billing amount:

  1. Make sure you are logged in to your Traveloka account
  2. Go to PayLater’s My Account page
  3. Your screen will show you the amount of remaining credit balance
  4. You can also see all purchases in My Account Page 

Can I change my loan due date?

Currently, we do not have this capability. Your loan due date will be as stated when purchasing and as stated in your loan agreement.

Can I change my loan tenor?

At this point of time, you cannot change your loan tenor. Therefore, make sure you choose the right installment plan that suits your payment capability when purchasing with PayLater.

When is the due date to settle Paylater payment?

Specifically, PayLater payment due date has been stated during your purchase, as well as on your loan agreement. Alternatively, you can also see your payment schedule on your PayLater account page.

If I take 2 or more loans using PayLater, when will I need to settle the payment?

Traveloka PayLater allows the users to manage their own installation schemes according to their needs and ability. Users can pay each purchase through PayLater separately or all at once.

Even if you have two purchases with PayLater or more, the due date for all purchases are the same, which is what's stated during purchase and your loan agreement. Please make sure that you use PayLater based on your budget and financial ability. 

What should I do if I don't have or use a PayLater account, but there is an installment bill from PayLater?

If you never apply for Paylater account and receive billing, please contact our CS at cs@traveloka.com with all the details (screen shot, time of the day, etc)

Can I make my PayLater installments payment to field agent?

You can make Paylater installment payment to our field agent. Please ask the agent to show you the assignment letter and make sure to ask the agent to give you the payment receipt.

If I canceled my flight or my hotel booking that I have purchased using PayLater, do I still need to pay the remaining funds after the refund?

Yes, you still need to pay for the remaining fees that will not be returned by the merchant and any interest fee.

Let's say you cancel your flight booking, and the policy is to only return 50% of the booking. Then you'd still have to pay for the remaining 50% plus any remaining interest. Even if you were returned a full 100%, you would still need to pay for the interest fees.

Refund for Purchases Made Using PayLater

Refund is available for purchases made using PayLater.

However, the amount of refund will depend on the regulations of the product you purchased. Please also note that you will not receive a full refund since installment fees cannot be refunded.

For more information about refund, please see Refund Procedure.

Can I reschedule my booking if I use PayLater?

You can use PayLater to pay for your flight ticket or train ticket. Flight or train reschedule is possible depending on the airline and train regulations.

Rescheduling your flight and train schedule in Traveloka is very easy with the “Easy Reschedule” feature. Here ix how you can reschedule your flight or train:

  1. Open your Traveloka app
  2. Click on “My Booking”
  3. Choose the ticket that you want to reschedule
  4. Click “Reschedule”
  5. Follow the instructions in your screen 

Is it safe to use Traveloka PayLater?

Currently, Traveloka PayLater is one of the most trusted online loan providers in Indonesia. Traveloka also guarantees the security of every transaction made with PayLater.

PayLater is supported by Danamas (PT Pasar Dana Pinjaman) as a fintech with official permission from Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK). Automatically, all transaction activities using Traveloka PayLater are being monitored closely by OJK.

Additionally, Traveloka also protects user’s data privacy by implementing full encryption and authentication. In every transaction, a unique authentication password is required to ensure only you can make any transaction. 

Will there be additional fees or charges if I use PayLater?

There are two additional fees on PayLater:

Late Fee

This fee is charged when due dates are missed. The fee is 5% per month of your total unpaid bills.

Installment Fee

Installment fee is charged when you purchase using PayLater. The fee is 2.14% – 4.78% per installment (flat) up to a maximum of 12 installments. Discounts on installment fee may be available during promotion period.

What is the definition of fraud?

Fraud is a wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain. Fraud by definition is a criminal activity, morally wrong and will result in financial loss to one or more parties.

What is the possible fraud which can happen to my Paylater account ?

PayLater is a payment facility from travelokaPay. Fraud applicable to the payment facility can happen to your PayLater account. Example of such frauds:

  • Someone trying to impersonate you to login into your PayLater account and apply for loan by stealing your username, password and OTP
  • Someone trying to get your personal data (name, address, KTP ID, etc.) to impersonate you on registering for PayLater 

How to prevent fraud to my Paylater account?

Fraudster is tricky and will try to find new way to get access to your PayLater account for misuse though there're several things you can do to reduce potential fraud :

- Make sure you never share your username, password and OTP to someone else

- Try to minimize login into Traveloka from computer or smartphone which do not belong to you. Login into someone else's phone or using someone else's computer will increase the probability of your username/password get stolen

- Safeguard you PII (Personal Identifiable Information) so that it is not getting misused by fraudster. PII covers all the information which can be used to impersonate you in taking loan or credit card from Banks / Financial Institution. Example of PII :

  • full name
  • date of birth
  • KTP ID (all information in KTP)
  • mother's maiden name
  • phone number (including home)
  • email address.

Never give these information to someone else offering you a service to registering paylater on your behalf  

Is there any indication which I can use to see if I'm being targeted by fraudster ?

There're several things you can use to indicate that you're being targeted by fraudster :

  1. Someone calling you to ask an information that belongs to PII category
  2. You receive an SMS contaning OTP or confirmation that you're applying to certain loan while you never applied yourself
  3. You receive an SMS/email indicating a password reset attempt or receiving an information that someone has logged in to your account in Traveloka from an unknown location while you never logged in yourself
  4. You receive an SMS/email/instructions to open an unknown website and to put your Traveloka username/password/OTP into the website
  5. Other indications which you think is out of place (e.g.: receiving an email saying that you've made a hotel/flight purchase using PayLater while you did not remember making such purchase)

What should I do if I saw indication of fraud ?

Please contact our CS immediately so we can investigate it.

You can contact us here: https://www.traveloka.com/contactus

Is Gestun prohibited ?

Gestun practice in general is prohibited by Bank Indonesia and OJK.

Who is the gestuner actors ?

Gestuner is the person whom offer the gestun service. Usually these people come to you offering to cash out the loan taking from Paylater, or even offering you to make new PayLater account and ensuring you can cash out. They'll ask you to give your PII data which might compromise you later on.

What should I do if I'm being offered Gestun service or service for creating new Paylater account?

You should decline the service and you should never give any PII information requested by the gestuner. You might also call CS so we can investigate further.

What can I do to ensure I use my PayLater credit wisely ?

Best practice of using credit is to ensure you're not borrowing more that what you can pay.

How do I calculate my payment capacity in using PayLater product ?

Common guideline of taking credit is to ensure not taking more than 25-30% of your take home pay (eg : net salary) or not taking more than your monthly discretionary income

Discretionary income = net salary - monthly expense (i.e. mortgage payment, insurance, food and transport expense) - savings target

My limit in PayLater is bigger compared to my payment capacity. What should I do ?

You're the best person who knows your financial condition. Please exercise and use your credit wisely to not exceed your payment capacity. PayLater is committed to deliver product that matches your needs. Please ensure you're submitting the accurate data (including your salary) so we can deliver the best experience for you.

Which tenor should I choose when taking PayLater?

The tenor choosen will be dependent on your needs. Longer tenor will give you lower monthly payment with the longer period, whereas shorter tenor will give you faster time to pay off the loan and with higher monthly payment. Common guideline used in choosing the tenor is to calculate whether the monthly payment required still within your discretionary income.

Is there any negative impact from late payment?

As much as possible, please avoid late payment. Payment on time will build a good discipline on payment habit and enable you to better manage your monthly expense by avoiding paying late fee. Moreover, payment on time will result in good credit history and enable you to enjoy the full benefit of using PayLater product.

How to build a good discipline to make payment on time?

Each person will have their own style on building up good discipline to make payment on time. For starter you can do the following :

  1. The due date of payment might come on later day. Spare and put aside the money which you got at hand to pay the loan
  2. Set a reminder on when to make payment (e.g. : use calendar reminder in your phone)
  3. Paylater has the ability to send push notification as reminder on your due payment. You need to make sure your push notification setting is enabled via your Traveloka account settings and allow your smartphone settings too.
  4. Paylater also sends you email reminder before you are due as reminders and a monthly billing email as well.
  5. Do what you deemed fit to be used as reminder (e.g.: have your spouse helping you to keep track of the payment)

I'm currently in financial trouble. Can I still take loan from PayLater ?

If you're currently in financial difficulty, the rule of thumb is to avoid piling up more credit. Taking additional loan will increase your credit burden and missing payment might incur late fee.

If I'm late on making my payment, will I get contacted by debt collector?

If you're late in making payment, you'll get reminders. The reminders can be in the form of SMS, email, notification, and phone calls.

The purpose of reminders is not to pressurized you, but more as a checkpoint to prioritize the payment to avoid additional late fee and bad credit history.

What happens if I do not pay at all?

If you're not paying at all, your payment will be considered late, your PayLater credit facility will be suspended, and you'll have bad credit history. On top of those, you'll also incur late fee. Taking a loan with the intention of not paying at all is generally not a good practice in terms of both moral and financial obligation. We would suggest you to plan ahead and calculate your payment capability before applying for the loan (see the FAQ point on how to calculate your payment capacity)

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