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Plan A Stay Now, Choose the Date Later!

Want to plan a stay for later, but no specific date in mind yet? We got you! You can still enjoy various Hotel promotions from now and stay later with Buy Now Stay Later Hotel voucher! Buy the voucher now, choose any staying date later. A broad selection of 3 to 5-Star Hotels available, starting from Rp350.000 only!

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Plan your next vacation or traveling more efficiently by book the hotel way before the staying date with Buy Now Stay Later promo! A lot of hotel options start from 3 stars to 5 stars hotels can be booked with a special price start from 350.000 IDR* / night with stay period for anytime! Planning your end of year vacation? New year’s eve? School break vacation? Or just a simple yet refreshing staycation to spend the long weekend with a beloved family? For any needs, you can use Buy Now Stay Later from Traveloka to plan it from now with a better budget.

Buy Now Stay Later Promo for Best Destinations Recommendation

Use Buy Now Stay Later promo to explore the beautiful Indonesia. With Buy Now Stay Later promo, you can travels to the best domestic destinations for your next holiday.

1. Jakarta

As a metropolitan city, Jakarta offers its own charms, especially for those who plan a modern style staycation. A variety of hotels and accommodations, from the instagenic one to the luxurious one with the best city view can be found in Jakarta. Book those hotels with the best prices through Traveloka App and Buy Now Stay Later promo.

2. Bandung

Stay aside from the busy days in the city by spending your quality time in Bandung. Best known for its fresh air, Bandung also a recommended place for culinary lovers. Bandung offers a refreshing natural scenery and a very wide range of taste of its culinary delights. Besides hotels, villas in Bandung also provided for you to create more intimate and memorable experiences while you are here.

3. Bali

For you who doesn’t have any idea where to spend your end of year vacation and the best place to enjoy new year’s eve, Bali can be a perfect destination for you! You can enjoy the festive of new year’s eve with the party over the beach or find more calm experiences in the middle of the forest and paddy fields while spending your vacation in Bali. Don’t need to wait till the last minute because you can use Buy Now Stay Later promo to get the best prices now!

4. Padang

Not only famous for its foods, Pandang also considered as one of the best travel destinations because of the beautiful natural scenery that you can explore while visiting the capital city of West Sumatra. With Buy Now Stay Later promo, you can choose Padang as your next travel destination.

5. Yogyakarta

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your next vacation now with Buy Now Stay Later promo for the best prices to make your dream vacation come true!

Jadi, tunggu apa lagi? Segera rencanakan liburan jauh-jauh hari dengan promo Buy Now Stay Later untuk dapatkan penawaran harga terbaik wujudkan liburan impian dengan harga ramah di kantong.